Video: Danny MacAskill's Driveway

Dec 27, 2021
by Duncan Shaw  

bigquotesLike so many others, back in Spring of 2020, due to government restrictions I found myself stuck at home with a lot of time on my hands.

When I was younger, Pallets were always the go to obstacles for honing my skills on the trials Bike, so it was only fitting to get 30 of them delivered to the house, turning the driveway into a wee trials park to keep us amused over the Summer!

The tricks in this video were all just shot on my phone and were intended mostly for being shared on social media but as they have been some of my best received posts, myself and the team thought it’d be good to pull them all together as a wee Christmas gift for you all to enjoy with your Turkey :-)
Danny MacAskill

A Drop and Roll Production
Edited by: Paul Macdonald
Filmed by: Rory Semple

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 Danny has quite the palette for unique tricks. I never get board of watching him. Thanks Danny.
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 Seems like those tricks are piling up higher and higher
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 @pioterski: light the match?
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 Amazing skill but almost as amazing the dude is indestructible! Durability of guys like Danny and some of the BMX guys is impressive, he's like a cat, seem to land on feet or can wriggle his way out of a botched trick and land reasonably safe. Based on the years and years we've seen him ride, very few big injuries you'd kind of expect.
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 Somewhere out there you can find things with Danny talking about the period after he got famous and his body was falling apart and he was burdened with injuries and pain because he was riding way over his body's ability. It took a lot of stepping back, riding less, and preparing his body for what it was going to do on a bike.
So there's no "seems to" about it. Everything that looks really impressive is just the end product of really hard work. The difference between the top athletes and the top, top athletes is the functional strength and the amount of work they put into preparing for what they do.
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 Love it! Perfect match with the Dire Straits soundtrack. From the videos dropping this past week, seems like riders from the UK can have a blast on a bike in any situation.
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 government: "its not safe. please stay at home"
Danny: falls off a 10 foot tall stack of pallets>
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 Yeah, I hope those pallets weren't hurt......when Danny laughed at them.
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 Most impressed by how sturdy those pallets are
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 Yeah, I wonder how he locks them together?
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 @loam33: I’m betting fasteners, like maybe wood screws, are involved.
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 Over time Danny made some crazy good pro videos. Not the same production level here but wow, what good riding and so entertaining! Crazy how you can make good stuff out of such simple playground and material, I admire your creativity!
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 Danny ALWAYS delivers! It sure would be interesting to see the results of an Ancestry DNA test though. But I expect somewhere in the past, there were either Ninjas or Felix the Cat in his family tree ! lol
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 Show off
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 Another banger. Just wow! That reverse endo is insane balance, does he ever wobble?
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 The best thing about Danny is he always smile. Such a great personality!
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 This is the content I come here for
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 Awesome bike handling skills from Danny,love the honest out-takes where he shows how much training and practice he puts in and that not every trick works 1st try! Wish I had that level of skill + dedication but trying half of these crazy moves would end in a trip to A&E dept, happy just to watch
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 Super-Human. Thanks for the video, as always.
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 being one of the greatest cyclists of all time looks to be lucrative. quite the homestead Danny's got himself.
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 not denying Danny has made an excellent living from riding bikes (I would know, I was his house mate) but this house was a rented AirB&B...I've no doubt Danny will have the dream house/playground once he finds the right place though Smile
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 wow... i'd be in the hospital trying any one of those.
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 Danny has such a broad pallet of tricks
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 Danny has always been one of my favorite athletes. Just does his own thing and does it at the highest level I know. And no matter what, he's always laughing, smiling, enjoying life. What a legend.
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 Reminds me of 20 years ago, 15 years old building cool shit in my yard. (No where near this skill level of course haha) The creativity with this man continues to be incredible!
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 So I wonder if he mows his own yard and what kinda shenanigans are afoot if he does. Crazy manuals and stoppies,gapping the flower beds
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 Made a comment regarding Akrigg being less risky but more entertaining to watch than Danny. I still stand with that but that was some insane trials stunts that deserve an applaud. Amazing !
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 That's one way to stay sharp during lockdown. Damn. I wonder how many acl reconstructions he's had?
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 I broke my ankle seven times just watching that.
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 I expect a lot when he's on his trials bike but that e-bike jibbing was extra impressive.
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 Im starting to believe he found a Genie and made a wish to be super-human...
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 Danny keep makin stuff and ill keep watching it
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 Around the 00:32 apparently wall rides are to be ridden over instead of ridden across.
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 Bro my god what a piece o’ work
I could watch Danny go all day
Purdy slick Sir, Purrr D slick
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 WTF PG 18 in germany? Anybody else who cant watch it?
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 I had to verify my age on Youtube via credit card, very weird. Wonder where that verification came from. Maybe something silly like the song lyrics.
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 @hrafnagaldr: You don’t usually have to do that, odd.
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 No need for fancy edits, great mash up.
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 Who videoed it though if he was at home in lockdown?
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 I need a knee reco after that.
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 Sweet pad.
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