Video: Danny MacAskill Explains the Struggles Behind the Drop and Roll Knee Slide

Jul 15, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesIn that night I definitely went through a lot of different emotions. After a few hundred goes I was starting to doubt whether or not it was possible for me to land it, but you just have to persevere. The key is believing that the next time it’s the one that you gonna land.Danny Macaskill

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 When people say things like "must be nice to get paid to ride" they really don't realize these guys are in a different mental space. To try a trick 250 times and not have a mental breakdown is definitely something I'm not capable of even ignoring the massive skill gap.
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 I'd try a trick 250 times too, if it were my job. I don't think people with the "must be nice" attitude are shuttered by the fact it takes several attempts to land a trick.
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 @OFF2theGYM: Doesn't mean its any less mentally exhausting to do something for days on end and be unable to get it right just because its your job. Growing up riding street, I think I've seen more thrown bikes, smashed boards, and broken bones than legitimately tough tricks landed, to include people who get paid to ride or skate. Doing something hundreds of times to land it once is the name of the game but Danny's composure is the real deal.
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 Agree and to add to that most people don't have the fitness nor athleticism to do it consistently that many times...
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 @OFF2theGYM: it's only their job because they were already putting the effort in and trying hundreds of times to progress way before it was their job
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 @PilchardTV: nail on the head!
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 His work ethic and attitude is so cool. I hope his sponsors are supporting him well
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 Yeah. I hope they're paying him GOOD!
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 He an awesome dude for sure!
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 doctors: you should take it easy because of the knee injuries and stuff
danny: KNEE SLIDE X 250
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 Incredible level of determination to achieve his objective. Inspirational.
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 As always, mind blowing.
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 T H E M A N enough said !!!

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