Video: Darren Berrecloth Gets Roasted By Fellow Freeriders

Nov 13, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesWe all went up to Retallack for some freeriding and shredding trails. Little did I know it was my time to get roasted from the boys, so here it is, my roast while shredding Retallack's epic single track in my home province of B.C.Darren Berrecloth


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 Wow, enjoyed the vid but seeing all these guys ride with cameras in the sky and attached all over them makes me glad that I am not a sponsored cyclist. Imagine not being able to go riding without having to turn it into a media moment. Would tarnish many of the aspects I love about the sport.
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 Imagine doing what you just described as your day job and going riding for yourself on off days.
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 I'd wear the cameras for a free heli shuttle, but yeah, riding for a living would take the fun outta riding.

Not to mention, having a career that could be ended with a "work related" injury or failure to maintain "fame", yeah, I'll keep my day job.
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 "Wow...glad that I am not a sponsored cyclist." = "OhGogIwishIwishIwishIwasasponsoredcyclistohshit!..."
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 @colincolin: you ever turned a hobby into a job? it never works like that
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 Except these guys love making biking movies, filming is really fun.
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 @nurseben: Nothing is free...
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 @curendero: Injuries these days too...
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 Vin hesitation from Zink.......hahahahaha
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 "I don't know how to weld." Tippie. "Google it!!" The Claw. Haha.
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 Ya call that a roast?!!! should meet the group of a@@holes and jerkoffs I call "friends".

All joking aside, great vid....thx ya'll
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 Claw is the law!
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 Who doesn't get pissed at the guy who jumps in front of everyone and starts bossing them around about where they're gonna ride that day?
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 "I don't even have to do tables anymore, I can just... ride my bike and... it'll be sick"
Wiser words have never been said in my book!
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 His booter in green river gave me the chills 6ft run out landing, on a 25ish ft drop. Regardless of style it took skill and balls to even to walk IMO. You gotta love the intensity of the man.
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 At least say his breath stinks or he pisses the bed once and awhile, not a very roasty roast.
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 "he's a good guy - so far..."
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 So funny. Laughed my way through this vid. Gave me some ideas for a vid for my riding crew. EVERYONE is getting roasted... should be fun.
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 I got a roast. Always looks like his bike is 2 sizes to big. And his muscles are bigger than his cranium Lol Always been a big fan go claw!!!!
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 Claw 99 mode is the best Claw! #ClawisLaw
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 i'm a big fan of Darren since kranked 5
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 ClawDawg da mahin.
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 whos next? Smile
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 —Derren berrecloth

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