Video: Darren Berrecloth Previews Riders' Lines at Rampage

Oct 24, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesWhen the GoPro Course Preview drops you know it's almost go-time... Claw gives us a first-hand look at some of the lines in the official GoPro Course Preview for Red Bull Rampage 2019.Red Bull Bike


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 This preview was the biggest let down I’ve had since my birthday that everyone forgot...
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 Mabey you'd like to send it off those massive drops? Brappy birthday.
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 Even back then, they knew you were a Berrecloth down-propper. That's why no one showed up.
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 Preview? I blinked and missed it.
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 You know it's massive when the Claw walks around some of the hits!!!
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 Or that he broke his back 4 times and the doctor told him another big crash could mean being paralyzed. There is that too.
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 And he just saw and good friend die in front of him after a bike crash. There are so many lines how can he ride everyone's gnarlist feathers?
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 ...and he still does stuff that I'd (and probably most everyone else) would sh*t their pants attempting.
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 On the flipside, his voices shows no sign of distress as he hits things that would make the rest of us pee our pants.
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 Reminds me the day Claudio decided it was a good idea to run a rampage course preview, 4 years later my palms are still sweating.
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 Who sponsors this event?
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 Teenage parents pocket money.
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 It is just me, or is it starting to look like a Joyride course? Personally, I like lines that are more raw and natural at Rampage. It’s what made it special, and different from the Slopestyle events all these years. Sigh.
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 The Clas? You probably meant the Claw
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 pure clas act
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 His doctors call him the Clap
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 i love the clas such a classic rider
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 Spent no time digging, hit all the lines (he want). What a time to be retired !
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 Whatever happened to no dig no ride? People are so entitled these days.

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 Man you don't realize how blind some of those drops are. Looks like youre launching into nothing.
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 dwayne johnson!
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 I hope one day when Im retired I can ride big mountain lines while doing commentary for the all the armchair & 9-5 riders...Great work Darren
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 Does anyone know where Darren got that RoughAF sticker on his top tube from? The little teddy bear one?
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 Ifht/mahalo my dude has them
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 I assume the YT guys gave it to a lot of the riders in memory of Jordie Lunn. Based on the articles written about Jordie's passing, it seems like the Claw was there during the accident that took his life.
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 Not sure where he got that one... but Endur Apparel, in collaboration with the Lunn family, is selling the official Jordie Lunn Memorial Collection with 100% proceeds being donated to the Jordie Lunn Fund to assist with youth cycling opportunities, coaching and riding facility development, and other initiatives relating to brain health and injury prevention

Just bought a shirt, pair of socks and sticker...
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 You know a hit is big when even with the gopro effect; it still looks sketch.
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 Wind report looking good, but Sunday weather bad?
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 heads up its on friday! broadcast starts 5pm uk.
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 Much more composed than Claudio
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 Wtf, Darren???? Full trails)
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 More, more trails need looks people)))
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 Looks awesome!
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 I’m pretty sure he said rampage 2018
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 Hah! I thought he did as well. Had to double check
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 Preview of the preview?
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