Video: David Lieb, Garret Mechem & Matt Ray Session Jumps in 'Santa Cruz’n'

Jul 29, 2021
by GT Bicycles  

Good spots, good food, and good friends. David is in Santa Cruz, CA for 48 hours to fit in as much riding as possible. After a little warm-up at the Cliff Jumps with photographer Chris Wellhausen, David meets up with Garret Mechem, and BMX pro, Matt Ray for a slopestyle session followed by some DH laps to end the day. Hop in the Van, it’s episode two of Nomad Days!

Chris Wellhausen Photography

Chris Wellhausen Photography

Chris Wellhausen Photography
Chris Wellhausen Photography

Chris Wellhausen Photography

Chris Wellhausen Photography

Chris Wellhausen Photography

Filmed by Elevated Perspective
Photography by Chris Wellhausen

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 Incredible riding, but the most important thing I learned from this video is that the only way to make asparagus taste good is to wrap it in bacon.
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 Pro tip: lightly grease the pan before cooking asparagus to make it easier to slide into the garbage can.
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 What gets me is as little as 10 minutes after eating it your wee smells like it. It's as if your body reaaaally wants rid of it. But yeah awesome riding, nice to see some jumps in a video on here that actually look doable rather then the epic 60 foot doubles they steeze over. What a place though, reckon I was born 15 years too early on the wrong continent.
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 Why do they eat them green?
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 wouldn't be a santa cruz video without a conversation with a crazy homeless lady! Yeehaw! don't let your bike out of your sight...
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 I don't think she was homeless, just totally Cali. I assumed that was a yoga mat, but to your point it also could have been her bed.
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 @jaytdubs: there's literally no reason for a random yogi(it actually looked to big for that. something closer to a massage table, but I digress...) to be down at the cliff jumps. what there is, is a large homeless encampment.

to be fair, she didn't see particularly crazy(not by SC standards anywho), just bored and lonely.
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 @conoat: having been born and raised in santa cruz, you have no idea how the unexpected is normal here... when I thought I've seen it all, my mind is blown yet again...
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 @diggerandrider: I lived there for 5 years before moving the UK last year. OH......I f*cking know.
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 @jaytdubs: yeah people do yoga out there on the cliffs pretty regularly. How she's never seen those jumps is beyond me though. HA!
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 Chris Wellhausen! Snowboard Photo Legend, Tahoe stoked to see you still catching the goods. Awesome attitude and style Lieb!
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 Yeah pretty rad to see him out there still crushing it.
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 capitola Ain't santa cruz. FYI
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 Santa Cruz County. Ain't nobody outside of Santa Cruz know wtf Capitola is. Like trying to tell people where Corralitos is.
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 By that standard there is barely any riding in "Santa Cruz"...

Upper Campus/HW9: Santa Cruz County
Demo: Santa Cruz County
Nisene: Aptos/Santa Cruz County

But I guess you can go have fun on UCon and Star Wars all day...maybe hit the pump tracks on your way home...
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 @scferg: Aptos! Soquel! Cabrillo CC
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 Is it a video or is it a vlog, I just cant tell!
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 Love that….Good days!

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