Video: Dean Lucas Ripping at Home on Local DH Tracks

May 21, 2020
by SCOTT Sports  

Dean Lucas finished his first year with Scott in 10th overall in the World Cup. Here is Dean a few months back preparing to back up that result on some of his tracks in Australia.


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 “Ride fast Eat ass” - Abraham Lincoln 2012
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 Those forks look buttery smooth!
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 Just awesome, gambler looks good , I’ll be happy with 1/5 of Dean’s speed and a visit to a plastic surgeon to get bigger balls.
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 Now that was a proper edit, solid riding, solid tune, DH bike, yeah, sick!
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 Sweet video.
I would want my Enduro bike for that trail, looked like a long old push back to the top.
Pop the saddle up, down a few gears and tootle back on up, lap it all day (well after raking those leaves off, gotta go full bike park).
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 it 5 min track and on parts u hit 70kph when u going hard, dh bikes make it way easier as its just really chattery
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 If you're in bad enough shape, you can't lap it all day and need to walk up the hill so the DH bike is the right choice. 200 IQ/KG play right there.
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 @betsie : i would assume they shuttle it, I doubt they push back up
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 (His camera crew likely drove him back up)
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 For flow / carrying speed on DH bike this makes good sense as a training track.
Great vid, looking forward to seeing Deano back in action in the WC later this year.
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 Good luck riding back up that! The shuttle road takes 10 mins in a vehicle and the track is too steep to pedal up. You can see it here
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 I guess as we have no choice but to pedal or push, pedalling just becomes the normal here. So long as its not over 16C coz we melt like snowmen once its too hot.
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 Let's make white lowers popular again.
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 MWLPA - doesnt quite roll off the tongue, but i agree!
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 Excellent vid, riding and soundtrack. Really enjoyed that!
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 More excellent videos without any obnoxious freehub buzzing added in post! Thank you Scott!
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 This is nice. But it needs more drifting and more 'Be my lower'.
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 Aweee Yeahhh brappp!
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 what is the song? Its class...
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 jersey + fork = nice combo...!!!

i don't know about the pants...?!?!?!
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 You'd prefer him to ride with no pants on?
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no bad, no bad, now you...
the guy who seets besides you...!

( I was just saying that the black pants don't mach)

OK troll-eys ?!

Now get a life .-
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 Aussie Aussie Aussie!
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 Can confirm, that’s Narby!
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 Yup. Take your helmet off Bob
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 Can't be narby - it's not wet enough!
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 Last time I was at narby was after the fires when the whole place was black soot, just a few tiny green plants coming back. I forget how long ago that was!
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 @padams10003: Bad! High speed section always gets me in the wet haha

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