Video: Developing and Testing TRP's DH-R EVO Brakes with Aaron Gwin, Luca Cometti and Bruce Klein

Jul 23, 2020
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Words: TRP

Breaking Limits - The Story

When it comes to braking, I have always wanted performance over everything. I do not care about weight, I just want my brakes to have the absolute best power, feel, and consistency that we can get. The bigger wheels on the 29er downhill bike now make them even harder to slow down. We’ve got a brake now that is extremely powerful while maintaining the feel and modulation that make them easy to control.” – Aaron Gwin

Back in the summer of 2018, as riders were starting to race primarily on 29’ wheels, TRP athlete Neko Mulally caught wind of a special E-MTB disc brake project boasting 223 mm, large 2.3 mm thick rotors. Soon after his testing’s, Aaron Gwin was racing those E-MTB brakes with bigger and stronger rotors at the World Championships in Lenzerheide, Switzerland.

This video tells the story of how the TRP R&D team came upon the changes made to the previous DH-R system to tailor it to the needs of new E-MTB bikes, how open-minded downhill racers embraced this opportunity and how one season of creative race development made a lasting difference.

Spanning the 2018 and 2019 race seasons, bikes evolved with larger 29-inch wheels, new frame designs and new suspension kinematics allowing riders to push the limits of speed further than ever before. All the sudden, good brakes were not good enough.

By 2019, all major TRP sponsored downhill teams were racing on the 223/2.3 mm thick rotors and our G-Spec DH-R Brakes. Higher speeds and more traction opened up room for improvement. TRP R&D teams traveled to many races, listened to riders and their mechanics feedback, and quickly adapted the brake to match the new standard of World Cup racing.

Heat testing with TRP Race Engineer Colin Esquibel

No stone was left untouched. What started with bigger and stronger 223/2.3 mm rotors, led to a completely re-designed brake system at the end of the 2019 season: the all-new DH-R EVO.

The all-new DH-R EVO Brake with 223/2.3 mm rotors

New ergonomic lever-blade, newly formulated brake pad compounds, new high-performance hydraulic oil, new 5 mm brake hose-system, newly designed and CNC-machined adapters, new selection of 2.3 rotors, newly designed oil flow inside the calipers, new hydraulic leverage ratio, and a smaller size master cylinder piston lift the overall performance of the DH-R EVO to this new standard of racing.

New TRP mineral oil and stiffer hose

New TRP Performance Resin pads and an assortment of 2.3 mm thick rotors

To check out the DH-R EVO for yourself, CLICK HERE!

Video: Knowmad Development
Photos: Jake VanHeel


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 I have the G-Specs (not quadiem) and they're very good. The stock pads are a bit blah, but I swapped for Shimano sintered and power seems better (and louder!) now. My only beef I suppose is that the pads don't top load - perhaps there's a design reason for that. Oh - and they look a bit chunky if that's not your bag.
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 Those new TRP pads pictured here are a huge improvement. Way more initial bite and stopping force.
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How are the new pads in the wet? And how do they compare to the stock pads, and shimano full metallic?

I’m on the stock TRP semi-metallic pads with my quadiems right now, and they are ok, but they’re about worn and I’m shopping for a replacement set.

Been trying to decide if I should get shimano metallic, or try the new TRP power organic.

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 @ocnlogan: The few times I have ridden them in the wet they seemed to have performed very well. As for a back to back comparison to the stock pads it is night and day. The new pads are far better in my opinion as far as pure bite and stopping power are concerned. I cannot directly compare to the shimano metallic because I have not run them in my quadiems but I did run them exclusively when I ran shimano brakes in the past and I would say the new "blue" trp pads have that feel to them more than the older stock pads. I would definitely give them a shot.
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 I've been on the DHR Evo's for three weeks now and so far they're the best brake I've ever used. Light lever feel, rotors that always stay dead straight and the resin pads are completely silent with great bite. My other bike has Code RSC's yet I'll take the Evo's over those every time (and I've always been impressed by the RSC's).
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 Ive been on these brakes for a while now and HOLY SMOKES. they are amazing. One thing not mentioned in the video that is under rated is the new slim lever.
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 If I was in the market for a new set of brakes right now, these would be at the top of my list.

My quadiems have been incredibly consistent performers. And the new thicker rotor seems like a good idea for me (I’m close to 200lbs with gear on, and like to ride longer descents when possible).

I’m actually a big fan of the original lever though. Do we know if they’re backwards compatible?

I’m sure I’d get used to the new lever if needed, but would be nice to stick with what I like if I could.
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 "It Never Stops" is not what I want to hear in a braking ad. Haha
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 So I haven't really put mine to the test yet ... but, just doing manuals down a big hit near my house on a DH bike, they stop when you need them to, but its a super progressive build up so modulation is really good. I run Saints and 4 pot XTs on all my other bikes and these are way less on and off with plenty of power. Just throwing that in there. Also, the lever is slightly larger then the Shimano stuff, but no where as chunky as the previous TRP stuff. Stoked on the brakes!
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 I like my Dominion A4s..... a lot. Anyone ridden these back to back with those?
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 Not exactly, but I swapped my quadiems out for a4s. The dominions I prefer in every way, the lever is so much lighter with a strong bite
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 Glad to see they changed the brake lines out. I swapped the lines of my quadiems with shimano..and shimano fluid. That helped... ALOT.
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 What was the issue you had?
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 @splsce: very dead feel at the end of a long descent. Bleed after bleed.. just could not get the brakes to stay on top for the duration of a ride. Changing to the shimano line made the brakes much firmer feeling and it stays that way through the ride.
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 I love how this video basically is the AG Show and in the last frame it just shows at YT bike Big Grin
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 The typo in the video thumbnail is a bit of a faux pas...
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 And the same frame in the video.
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 Not to mention Bruce Klien putting in an appearance at 0:16 only to be replaced with Bruce Klein for the rest of the video with no explanation.
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 since we're nitpicking... "No stone was left untouched."
did we turn the stones? I hope we at least picked them up?
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 @shredddr: removed from the trail, it was too hard to ride.
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 Testing brakes with people that dont use brakes!
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 Wah?! 223mm = 8” 77953/100,000

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