Video: 7 Pro DH Bike Checks from Crankworx Rotorua 2021

Nov 6, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  

Tom Bradshaw catches up with some of the Crankworx riders to check out their downhill race bikes.

Brook Macdonald's Mondraker

Matt Walker's Pivot

Vaea Verbeeck's Rocky Mountain

Sam Blenkinsop's Norco

Katy Winton's Nukeproof

Bas van Steenbergen's Hyper

George Brannigan's Propain

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 That norco looks sick!
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flag Snowytrail (Nov 5, 2021 at 16:00) (Below Threshold)
 I know it's a DH bike but I can't get past the saddle angle. Nuke, Hype, Rocky, Pivot all look more normal.
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 @Snowytrail: the bike is on an incline
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 @Snowytrail: That isn't the DH bike of Norco. It is the Norco Range with a dual crown fork.
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 @Snowytrail: I run my enduro bike like that
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It’s not a range, there’s different linkages on that bike that change the geometry and travel. Look it up.
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 @DirtyHal: it's a Norco Range, Tom even says it at @9:27.

I know they change the linkage setup. But it's still a Range frame...
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 how much longer is rocky gonna use that same frame??
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 I suspect it’s rider choice - they haven’t had the maiden (or a DH bike) in their lineup for a few years now. Other option would be a slayer with a dual crown - I suspect it’s up to what the riders feel comfortable on.

I see the maiden making sense for rampage, but question it a bit over a new slayer for DH.
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 they dont... it's rider choice. the maiden hasn't been in their lineup for years and years now. the slayer took its place. carson storch and many other riders still prefer the maiden though
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 If it ain't broke don't fix it
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 Just like when I go home to the south, Tom's accent is really shining back home in NZ
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 For sure bro, totally sweet as and no worries cuz.
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 I don't know how he can understand a thing Katy says. Wink
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 @rrolly: wotchu talkin' aboot?
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 Propain paint job is fire
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 I wish I could get that hyper at Walmart today
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 Does anyone know if Rocky still makes maiden frames for the team riders or do they just repaint old ones?
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 No idea. They were outdated when they came out.
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 @makripper: I guess if they're outdated right now that means they are also ahead of the game for when we come full circle in the future tup
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 @jubs17: noo to short and bb too high. Would have to redesign. Suspension layout also meh
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 I'd love to hear Tom ask someone about their Mondraker, that's chock full of Bontrager parts
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 Matty ice on the firebird
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 Every time I see Sams Norco I swear it gets slacker
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 Is that the range frame?
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 They put a different link, dropouts and shock on for the DH configuration. I've got a Range on the way and I am hoping they release a DH kit for it soon so I can chop and change it for bike park trips!
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 Penny Farthing championship!
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 I laughed lol
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 Rocky maiden?
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 Keep your hands to yourself

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