Video: Setting Up In Leogang for the First DH World Cup of the Season in 'Dialed'

Jun 9, 2021
by FOX Factory  

Season 3, Episode 1: The gang encounters challenges as they travel to Leogang to prep for the upcoming race week!

bigquotesIt all started with a cryptic message from Jordi saying the Austria entry forms weren't working. I was pretty nervous when we were getting ready to head out here but then I remembered I'm quite a bit luckier than Jordi. -Shaffer

Season 3, Episode 2: Getting things set up is a full team effort. The race teams assemble their tent areas as Eddie Masters and the Pivot Cycles team try to take the crown for the fastest setup in town, while others are slightly less ambitious.

bigquotesIt's nice! It's good to be out and about and in the mountains and with people again so I'm stoked, yeah...even if I have to set up a tent. 

Tune in tomorrow for more Dialed action as the race teams head up the mountain for track walk day. Who's ready for the return of World Cup racing this weekend in Leogang?!

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 My team has encountered challenges for this race as well. Mostly, I don't have a team, because DH fantasy isn't up.
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 Comment of the year
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 IT'S HERE!!!! :O
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 What would last longer for riding, a new pair of five tens or Jordie's knitted nikes?
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 It's a toss-up, really
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 I want a pair of those knitted Nike AF1s! They are !!
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 thoughts and prayers for the unfortunate souls that have to go from WC to WC with such extravagant support, hope it gets easier for you soon
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 Nailed it!
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 So, um, Jordie can you help Loris puzzle his Boxxer just once for old time sakes?
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 3'10" = salvation moment = you've got a bottle of wine = Ok: it rained and it rained and it rained.........BUT... we've got a bottle of wine.

Simple pleasures, aren't they?
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 I realy wonder why SRAM/Rockshox is not anywhere near as visible as Fox. Seems like a big miss marketingvise
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 Are this year's races being shown on Red bull tv?
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 @paulskibum: thank you
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 I can't wait for the track walk - and don't tell me it doesn't count!
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 Talk more to Ed masters

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