Video: Conquering the Night of the Jumps

Nov 19, 2014
by Fabio Schäfer  
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Diamondback Team Riders: Antoni Villoni and Patrick Schweika.

Video: Jim Hofacker

Mentions: @diamondbackbikes


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 Let's stick to nitro circus
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 or M.O.D \m/
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 Pretty dramatic music.... a little bit over the top?

Nice riding though
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 MaybeSheWill - "He films the clouds - part 2". Watched it live 2 weeks ago, one of my fave tunes ever Smile
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 NC and MOD are huge shows based on the exibition of differents sports like bmx, snowmobile, fmx, dirt… whereas NOTJ is an FMX competition (it’s the FMX world championship), MTB riders are here to entertain the crowd during the break before the finals for 15 minutes, not much. By the way you can watch the live stream on NOTJ's youtube channel this saturday for one of the last stops of the season, battle between Libor Podmol and Maikel Melero !
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 Haha I would say these comments are lame. Curious to know how using a winch to do a flip cliff hanger is pointless? These boys are getting paid to shred and everyone else is judging from their basements. Weak. Bike community should focus on progression.
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 strippers!! I meen dancers
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 not to be weird, but what the heck was the point, i mean they were using winches and the music stunk. now if you guys would excuse me, I'm going to go brainwash myself.
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 ok,it is not as masive as MOD so far,but even now it looks great with a big potential,good work guys !
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 never new downhill domination could be done in real life #cliffhangerz
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 That was a rather lame version of MOD and Nitro Circus! #justsaying
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 i didnt think it was anywhere near as good tbh
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 whats that song in the video
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 whats the song in the video called
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 Low level in comparaison with ... Now
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 why is everything euro so insanely corny?
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 david hasselhoff

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