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Video: Digging, Testing & Ticking Off the Biggest Sends at Red Bull Formation

Nov 24, 2021
by Sarah Moore  
At the end of May, Camila Nogueira, Casey Brown, Chelsea Kimball, Hannah Bergemann, Jess Blewitt, Samantha Soriano, Vaea Verbeeck, Vinny Armstrong gathered in the Utah desert alongside a selection of industry mentors, diggers and other professional athletes for Red Bull Formation, a progression session for women’s freeride mountain biking.

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 unpopular opinion: formation is much fresher than bro'page
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 Props to all the ladies out there going big and sending it!
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 Sick to see PEOPLE on bikes, I don’t know why a lot of people care about gender so much. It’s sick to see anyone shredding having a good time.
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 I get your point and I would agree if we lived in an ideal world. But in the real world where women athletes get a tiny fraction of the support and the exposure the men do, I think stuff like this is the very least we can do. I even wish for a lot more of that kind of stuff until the day it won’t be needed anymore.
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flag BikesNRussets (Nov 24, 2021 at 21:06) (Below Threshold)
 @t1000: I don't know man, because we are on a website for mtb I will only be talking about mtb not the wnba or something like that. I honestly think that In mtb women often receive more recognition than men, this is less true in the gravity world but in xc I have seen more talk about women than men. I just think that people are people and riders are riders, but in our identity crazy world people think otherwise.
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 @t1000: not that the recognition is a bad thing, I just think that judging people by identify is stupid.
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 We all grew so accustomed to seeing the guys compete at rampage and doing superhuman stuff that it takes a while to actually appreciate what these girls are doing.
If you distance yourself from what you've seen some guys do and actually take a measured look at some of the hits in these videos, they really are riding some pretty heavy stuff =D
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 Hannah is killing it. So cool to see the women pushing their limits and progressing. Glad to see the industry stepping up and supporting.
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 I don't wish to offend anyone, but there isn't a freeride contest for women, only this progression stuff, which is cool I suppose to progress the sport, but doesnt everyone deserve the chance to compete
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 If they are good enough then I can’t see why not.
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 Its a start.
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 Don't let perfect be the enemy of better!
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 That canyon gap on Chelsea's run was dope.
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 Watching the this just gave me exactly the same feeling I get watching Rampage - the buzz from seeing people pushing the envelope of their sport. Massive respect, this was an inspirational event.
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 How do they ride with such massive ..... ah, heart?
Truly inspiring, keep pushing ladies! Just what the sport needs.
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flag spaztronaut (Nov 24, 2021 at 16:45) (Below Threshold)
 I also loves boobs
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 i guess we praise the massive balls of rampage riders so why not?
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 Killing it ladies! Fun to watch!
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 Outstanding! I wish I could ride like them!
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 So great to watch! Y’all are killing it! Can’t wait to see next years Formation!
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 Love seeing more and more ladies out there killing it. More of this please!
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 Any news on how well Jess is recovering from her DH race injury?
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 Absolutely incredible sends. These women are killing it!
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 Some heavy crashes in that second vid; tough peeps shrugging those off
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 That was great!

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