Video: Getting To Know The Next Big Thing In 'Discovering Ryan McNulty'

Jan 19, 2023
by Canyon  

“From day one, the second I saw [Ryan McNulty] come down the skills park at Mt. Bachelor, [I thought] ‘that kid is different,’ ” says Kyle Jameson, Red Bull Rampage judge and trail builder.

“The moment I realized Ryan McNulty has that full package, the ‘X Factor,’ the staying power to make it somewhere in this sport was when he showed up to Proving Grounds [2021] on a borrowed bike,” says freeride icon Cameron McCaul, “And no guarantee that he was going to be allowed into the competition.”

“Ryan maybe had a week of riding on that [borrowed] bike,” says Jameson.

“When he was put into [Proving Grounds 2021], everyone was like ‘okay, this is a little bit of a dice roll,’ ” says McCaul.

bigquotesHe performed under pressure—those are the moments you know somebody has ‘it.Cam McCaul


“Everybody is talking about [Ryan McNulty], he is impressing people everywhere he goes,” says McCaul, “And that’s taking him one step closer to where he wants to end up.”

Most recently, McNulty earned Volcom’s Best Whip award at the Todo O Nada freeride event in Chile (Jan. 8-14) topping some of MTB’s best—among Brandon Semenuk, Ryan “R-Dogg” Howard, Andreu Lacondeguy and others.


“The other thing with Ryan: He has a work ethic,” says Jameson. “He had a [regular] job before this whole thing [with mountain biking]. He knows what it takes to have to work, so I also feel that plays a lot to what Ryan’s doing and his whole path [to success].”

bigquotesHe has to earn it and he knows it.Kyle Jameson

Canyon Torque
Frame: Canyon Torque
Fork: RockShox Boxxer Ultimate
Shock: RockShox Super Deluxe
Wheels: Stans MK3, 27.5”
Tires: Versus AM Gravity, 27.5” x 2.4”
Handlebar: Title AH1
Grips: Sensus Swayze Single-ply
Stem: Title DM1
Seatpost: Title CP1
Saddle: Title JS1

“I think a pro mountain biker is just someone who puts all their effort into their passion,” says Ryan McNulty, “And wants to be fully-involved in that scene.”

bigquotes[One] contest I’d like to be a part of is definitely Rampage.Ryan McNulty

Last year, McNulty was an alternate rider for Rampage—while unable to dig his own line in 2022, he eagerly joined the dig team for current competitor Ethan Nell. “[The digging and camaraderie] is just as good as riding your bike,” says McNulty, “That’s why we all gather anyways—so just being part of any of those events where it’s all about having fun [is what] I’m all about.”


“[Rampage] is my number one goal—not even to be competitive with it, just that I want to be a part of it, part of the digging, and it’s something I want to [continue] to experience.”

“I’m personally proud of Ryan for opening those doors,” says Jameson. “He’s motivated to ride, he’s going to put himself in situations to ride with the right people in the right places.”

bigquotesHe’s definitely going to be riding Rampage one year, that’s for sure going to happen.Kyle Jameson

Rider: Ryan McNulty
Produced by: Take Shelter Productions
Additional videography by: Caleb Ely
Photography by: Alexa Christensen
With support from: Canyon

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 Showed up to Proving Grounds on a borrowed bike.

"Hey buddy, do you mind if I borrow your bike for a week? Nah, nothing too crazy."
  • 10 0
 Hope to see him in Rampage this year!
  • 9 0
 He's definitely got some crazy skills. Enjoyed the sneak peak into the life of an ascending Pro.
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 Dude has amazing moto whips, too. Such a killer rider
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 Hell yeah!! Ryan is a badass! Whips for days, badass riding & is down to help out however. Can't wait to see what he does in '23 & beyond!
  • 3 0
 McNulty ... i must think immediately about Jimmy McNulty from The Wire
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 If it's the one I think it is, that truck refuses to die.
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 Hopefully Ryan realizes the 9-10 comments on this article so far are not a reflection of how deep he shreds...
  • 1 0
 seems like a great kid and man does he shred. one of my favorite Utah segments in a while
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 Them whips though!!!!
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 McNulty is rad!
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 love his styel\

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