Video: DJ Brandt's Inspiration & Unique Perspective on Rampage's Desert Terrain

Nov 4, 2019
by Five Ten  

Words: Five Ten

Originating from the skateparks of Colorado, DJ Brandt is a unique athlete who has found his own path through the mountain bike industry. Now commonly known for his downhill bike skills in the hills of Utah, DJ has a special eye for the desert terrain. Able to combine his technical skatepark ability and big mountain vision, the 25-year-old is able to put together lines that few others would consider.

Steep chutes in Virgin to prepare for Rampage 2019.

Spin to win.

It will be exciting to see how DJ to apply his skill set to the desert in the coming years.


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 Not only has Five Ten's quality went down since Adidas bought them out, but now they don't know the difference between shoots and chutes.
  • 34 1
 I don't know the difference between garbage and food but I can tell you that the quality of the garbage went down when my owner started composting several years ago.
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 We don't agree with that, we have been selling Five Ten for the last 7 year's, and the Five ten shoes never been so good as they are now. They used to fell apart after one year of using them. But not any more, they are now solid and very well manufactured.
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 One of the hardest working dude's in the game. I hope he's seeing some of that Adidas money.
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 What ever happened to Kyle Rosenkrantz - his skatepark partner in crime that was in all his early videos? DJ probably wouldn’t have gotten so good , so fast without someone equally skilled as him to ride those skateparks with. His early vids were classics as those two were mtb hoodlums at the skatepark Emo
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 He dead.
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 Remember watching him destroy Valmont and the Scott Carpenter park growing up. So sick to see him shredding on the big stage
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 "i think it shows in my riding that its pretty creative and unique"

..probably shouldn't have let the editor use the most common bike trick on earth as the next shot.
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 Or allowing the person to use dime-a-dozen slo-mo shots/angles on the jumps. I feel like the banger was the one shot towards the end with the flat drop 360. I don't care how many times its shown, that rear tire spinning in the air, a couple inches above the ground before getting over the edge is still the coolest shot in MTBing.

Oh and Adidas/5.10!!! DJ Brandt getting hooked up!! That's the coolest part of this post. That's so sick.
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 noticed that as well. Oh Well.
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 "....DJ Brandt's background in skateboarding gives him a unique perspective on Rampage's desert terrain."

So much skate influence, so much.
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 As a lifelong skateboarder it's always been interesting to me to see how it influences other disciplines. So much skateboard terminology is applied to biking and even (god forbid) scooting, and "skatepark" is just a general term these days.
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 Mountain bikers are always trying to pull off one-wheelers above the deathbox.
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 Spotted at 2:20 the new Commençal moto-cross that even Amaury Pierron doesn`t have yet!

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