Video: Double Rainbow Ride with World Champs Vali Höll & Myriam Nicole

Feb 11, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

The two World Champions ride the rocky Peille DH track in France.

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 If Vali rides at 90% and aims "just get through clean" she'll podium every round. 2021 she'll put 10secs on the 2nd.
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 My teeth hurt.
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 Well it is Toothsday! (Tuesday)
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 That "trail" is so rocky even the goats are looking for another way down.
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 GREAT riding!!! But.. man the new GoPro tech makes my eyes hurt. Am I the only who thinks this looks like shit? Choppy and synthesized.

Just a talking point, cheers!
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 Nah I think its a nightmare too. My main beef is you dont get to see enough. I got a GoPro Hero 7 thinking I could drop the gimbal but in order to get stabilisation they have to cut the frame so basically you dont see as much and are constantly craning up. We are just staring at dirt here.
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 @stoo61: That a product of the high angle from a helmet mount. Hypersmooth does cut down the field of view a bit, but IMO the angle is the real issue. If you're seeing the front wheel and handlebars in a helmet mounted viewpoint the angle is simply too steep and does the viewer no favors.
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 @Dudeclimbsrocks: True. In this case thats the main issue but generally when I took footage with the Hero 7 alone it was just worse than with the gimbal. I know a lot of people don't want to carry the gimbal about and think its cumbersome but I have used it A LOT and I don't mind it at all for those times you want a wee souvenir video.
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 @Dudeclimbsrocks: Yeah I’m more partial to the chest mount angle myself. I still think a 4K option with a gimbal looks way less exaggerated and much smoother.

My 2¢. Thanks for your take!
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 @leviatanouroboro: Agreed with both of you! For sure the gimbal will always look the best, if only they could figure out how to make the gimbal anticipate berms and not lag behind!
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 yeah! that makes me wanna ride.
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flag rrolly (Feb 12, 2020 at 6:41) (Below Threshold)
 THAT makes you want to ride?? I've obviously been spoiled. That trail looks awful.
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 @rrolly: i like me some BC type trails, but i also like rocky goodness. my local trails suck.
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 @rrolly: It certainly makes me appreciate their superior abilities and equipment.
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 @savagelake: Ya don't know what ya got t'ill its gone... stationed out in Kansas on military orders and there are NO hills here. Gotta drive a minimum 2.5 hrs just to get to a small hill with 400' elevation that I can build on XD Coming from California I'm definitely experiencing withdrawals haha
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 Looks amazing!
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 yeah ... pretty loammmiee eh ?
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 @barbarosza: yeah! Just the good stuff!
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 I'm not sure how much to read into the moment when Vali looks back at the bottom and Pom Pom is the same distance behind her as she was behind Pom Pom up top. I know they are not at race speed but I think Vali could win some races this year.
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 Nicole’s casual wall ride at 3:08!

Also Double Down casings and Cush Core together must be real deal because there’s no way neither of them got a flat on that trail otherwise.
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 No,way they’re on double down, they’ve got to be on full DH casings and probably with inserts to boot. Also, on a technicality, because Myriam is a Schwalbe rider so she wouldn’t be on DD by default.
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 that's vali wall riding....
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 I'm coming off a injury that has taken me much longer to recover from than I imagined, it being severe and me being old so my perspective is a bit skewed. But damn the commitment, skill and speed that Vali and Nicole are showcasing is truly impressive!
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 Gonna be a Great year for womens DH!
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 What odds on those positions being reversed at some point and Miriam is looking at Holli's back wheel ???
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 Wow. That trail is crusty with rocks. But for the extra thousand or so feet of vertical drop, it could almost be in Texas
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 Home of the alien -there is a still brilliant nwd segment with nico shredding peille one of the best vids of all time
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 Yep all good, that run.
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 go to bed
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 lovely flow trail, woulde be fun AF with full hard bike!
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 "Baby Vali on the track"

-I'm 18 now and gonna smoke you.
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 Quite an appropriate Afrikaans name for that track... It's descriptive
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 Nja, sådär
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 I can ride a Rookie trail.

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