Video: Joey Schusler's Self Filmed High Alpine Adventure on Yeti's New ARC Hardtail

Aug 4, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesThe world thought it already knew the ARC.

And while that ARC may conjure nostalgia for between the tape triumph, this ARC is different. This ARC pleads for you to take it deep into the backcountry and stokes you out with hoot’s and holler’s worthy of its pedigreed ancestry.

This ARC has history to live up and new history to make. And it’s already impatient.
Yeti Cycles

Concept, Art Direction: Good Fortune Collective
Shot, Direction, Edit & Color: Joey Schusler
Rider: Joey Schusler
Music: The 13th Floor Elevators, You're Gonna Miss Me
Sound Design & Mix: Keith White Audio


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 Looked more like trail riding than downcountry, not quite XC and not quite Enduro, definitely not big mountain or all mountain. So many names, not sure what is what just now. Nice video too.
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 @betsie riding bikes?
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 @pcledrew: I am so aligned to this.
What happened to just going out for a ride?

I blame the marketing department. Haha
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 ...Mountain Biking
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 That was so fun to watch!
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flag CycleKrieg (Aug 4, 2020 at 13:16) (Below Threshold)
 And will be used by anti-mountain bikers as "proof" of how mountain bikers treat trails to elected officials. Ugh...
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 Came for Joey's Yeti skids and awesome filming. Not disappointed.
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 Downcountry.... What a stupid term... It's bike riding you posers!!!!
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 Bravo. What a killer edit and killer riding. Well done Mr. Schusler. I'm stoked to see more companies taking hardtails seriously. This looks like a blast to ride.
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 Regardless of Yeti bikes being considered bikes built for dentists, the bikes they make look rad! The content that Joey Schusler produces for them makes me want to ride despite not owning a Yeti and to me, that is epic.
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 I love hardtail edits I love skandi flicks I love single track shreds and I now have the music on my playlist, nice one.
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 Why is there video of him inflating a tube? To make the point that this bike gets flats or that the rims won't hold sealant? Odd.
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 Haha my first thought when I saw him tubing up was, “I wonder how many more pinch flats and rim strikes I’d get riding a hard tail?”
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 @GPP2117: Technically, it was the front tire. That SID fork is probably to blame Wink
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 right, thats it, i'm enrolling for dentist school.
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 Gotta be a Maxxis Agressor needing a tube.
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 So I'm not the only one flatting Agressors way too often?
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 That is some serious commitment to go out for a ride with a RED camera on your own. Fair play, super sick edit and always love seeing self filmed stuff!
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 Someone know where it is?
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 crested butte. its where yeti films most of their marketing stuff
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 @emg09: 14 year old me saw CRUSTY BUTT *giggles*
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 Self-filmed cablecam is a heavy move. Solid effort out there on that one Joey
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 So, according to the video the bike is for mellow, flowy terrain only?
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 Yes, and according to another ad, viagra is only for sitting in a tub. How dense are you?
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flag Muckal (Aug 4, 2020 at 12:05) (Below Threshold)
 @miker27: not sure if you are talking about breast cancer, since that's what I found when trying to understand 'how dense are you'? If you are, then probably I am not too dense. Other then that, I can't really tell, since I do know my weight, but not my volume, so no calculations to be made.
How dense are you? In 'everybody but us'-units, thanks.
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 @miker27: *than
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 Not digging too deep with the strand lupine shred. Rahspect. Keep er crusty
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 Looks like ol' Joey had er' pinned bud!
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 Nice edit. Sexy bike. The 13th Floor Elevators get used in so many soundtracks but never get tired. Dig it!
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 Can't wait to get back to the Butte!
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 Start of ride: "I love my hardtail" -me
End of ride: "Don't you ever do that to me again" -my hands
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 Loosen your grip. It should be your feet/ankles crying out, not your hands.
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 Yeti ARC! with no ARC... hmm. dunno what to make of this.
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 There's a typo in the title of the article...
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 Naa, downcounty is the next best thing. It fits between downcountry and downcountry plus. Or was it between crosscountry and downcountry. Maybe sidecountry or backcountry.
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 For a dentist, I was surprised not to see him brush his teeth after that sugary apple at 0:56.
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 Great tune, rip Roky!
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 F-yeah! That was rad.

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