Video: Downtime With Marc Beaumont

May 19, 2014
by Red Bull Bike  

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 Can't be easy being on a team which is named after the other team members...slightly over shadowing him a bit. I hope he has a really successful year, seems a really nice guy!
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 nice words
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 Totally agree!
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 He is a really nice guy, I got to ride with him in Australia between the two first world cups. Him and Taylor were really nice and funny, Gee was okay, better than I was expecting but Marc was so nice.
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 cool. but we ALL want the fest series video.. !!
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 his downtime is like my best on roids
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 so being fast on a mountain bike, is contributed heavily by being fast on a moto?
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 Helps immensley...especially with moto-goat trail experience as dh'n moto is a handful!

Aside from that, its gta be tough to stay wc race ready w/these long breaks!
Formula one winter (off season) is what 3months, then its at most 2weeks b/w races
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 marc you pinner!
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 Anyone else notice the boots? Black went in the truck - white came out??
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 note 0:44-0:45, two pairs of boots
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 Good eye - nice
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 whoah, so amazing. a life-changing revelation right there.
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 I missed the two pairs as well.
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 Have met Marc Several times and he is such a good dude. I am pulling for him this year. I like his new focus and was amazed he didn't ride moto before..
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 legend for gt
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 One of the most stand up guy in the sport! Great rider!
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 Seems such a sound guy, really want him to smash this season
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 That trail he was riding sure doesn't look fun.
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 Next time he goes training then you be sure to contact him and point him to benched up flow trails
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 People need to update their sarcasm meters.
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 Pretty quick on that MX track...even some swag...
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 scary1, seriously a "no"? His body position is off, his technique is ok, probably not B class technically, but still not bad for someone that probably does not ride often. If he is riding more than once a month, then yeah, it needs works. I by no means said he was riding like a top level amateur.
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 I really like Marc - he is a gent through and through. Hope he'll have a good season.
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 Very strong video
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 Marc good bike rider, horrible MX er
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 whats the song ?
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 More Marc videos please
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