Video: Dreaming of Bike Park Days with Zakarias Johansen

Jan 14, 2020
by cubebikesofficial  
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Cube Actionteam rider Zakarias Johansen is riding the new Stereo 170 on home soil in Åre / Sweden.

Bikes capable of being ridden at speed down big mountains, taking equally big hits in their stride, used to be one-trick ponies. Not anymore. The Stereo 170 SL 29 grabs the big-travel suspension rule book, rips it up and throws it off the nearest available metaphorical cliff. But that's the only sense in which it's even remotely unruly. Surprisingly light and agile, equipped with fast-rolling 29er wheels and featuring a full 170mm of smooth, controlled suspension travel, it redefines what's possible with big wheels and lots of travel.

Regions in Article
Åre Bike Park


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 That was awesome! Great idea and good work on the vid!
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 = testing. Bike has two positions, one designed for air, one for coil.
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 @remymetailler: Figured, I love that it is shown in the video. I feel it's rare to see in an edit unless it's specifically about testing. I'd love to get my hands on one and test, I'm super unfamiliar with coil comparatively speaking. Now I'm going to go watch all your videos again and see what you're running and when you change it up!haha
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 @MatthewYoung4: I literally just received 2 new shocks for that bike...
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 @remymetailler: I looking forward to a video where you share the pros and cons of both! When you like which and why!!
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 I wish I had goggles like those Frown
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 That city bike's geometry is pretty similar to many of Cubes mountain bikes. Looking at you Cube AIM.
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 Don’t they mean Emil Johansson’s cousin?
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 cool concept!!
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 Great video, that is how I everything when I’m out!
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 that was funny but why is he on a woman's bike?
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 It's called "damtralla" in Swedish and everyone can ride one, it's unisex.
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 Because they are more practical. I love mine!
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 Great video! Did anybody else notice the air to coil switch at 0:45?
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 I absolutely live for park days. Nothing ive ever experienced has made me feel so alive. Cant wait for next season.
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 :08 best part chick is saying "no way chump change" lol The rest was poor line choice bro...
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 That was a cool concept
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 Funny concept but the edit could have been tighter. There was a few delays waiting for the rider to come into shot..
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 Short attention span?
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 @verskis: Na just a good sense of smell.
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 He is norwegian Big Grin

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