Video: Dry & Dusty Summer Party Laps in Châtel

Mar 21, 2021
by loose riders  

The Loose Riders 2021 Collection is now available worldwide, so here is a video to celebrate that. Shot Last Summer at Bikepark Châtel. Super stoked we finally get to release this footage, as the boys (and girl) went in for this one!

Featuring Mateo Verdier, Julian Clauss, Kristof Lenssens, Max Kruse, Kévin Meyer, Katha Klos, Tim Bringer, Jasper Huybrechts, Vince Moonen and Rod Hall.

Video by Harnisfeger Media

FPV Drone shots by Elevation Films

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 These videos do not reflect my experience in pds. Needs more middle aged man wheezing round corners at a quater of that speed.
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 You mean British middle aged men?
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 @pinkknip: i said man in reference to myself. Self deprecating joke innit
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 Anyone know whether France and Switzerland will be open to Brits this summer?
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 I don’t know why you’re getting downvotes it’s a legit question. As far as I know the French have removed restrictions on British people travelling to France but the British government have still banned foreign trips. The French are increasing lockdowns in the north due to a resurgence of Covid but elsewhere things are relatively normal. so I think ultimately it will be up to the British government to let us go and the French government to ease their lockdowns a bit.
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 @Peskycoots: think it will depend when you want to go, season opening might be risky but july/aug probably safe as it can be. thats my wishful thinking anyways
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 Nobody knows what's gonna be allowed / forbidden in several months. I just hope that you'll be allowed to get your french/swiss dope my friend Wink
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 I thought Morzine and Chamonix were British because most of the businesses there pay taxes in the UK. Plus some of them don't want to speak French ...
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 @Ba1rog: what you say is (unfortunately) not false at all, and it's a pity.
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 @danstonQ: Je suis du coin, c'est une dinguerie les touristes Anglais. Le nombre de remarques racistes et d'insultes qu'on se prend surtout quand ils sont bourres. On a eu droit a "Kill the French" alors que c'est la Savoie lol, le classique "Baguette, Omelette du fromage, Ronronron et Surrender Monkey".

Je dis pas comment ca se fini parce qu'on est sur le net lol.

Heureusement qu' il y a Brexit parce que maintenant ils vont devoir raquer apparemment ! Je comprends pas tu va a l'étranger et tu fais le gros raciste bah écoute tu restes chez toi. Le pire c'est que les business anglais sur Morzine et surtout Chamonix sont ultra communautaires et une partie ne parle pas Français. Ils veulent pas s'intégrer et snob les locaux en plus.

Personnellement ca me fait rire les anglais qui défèquent sur la France H24 et disent Brexit mais sont les premiers à y aller.
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 @Ba1rog: English lad pinch your bird?
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 @Peskycoots: Nope lol but a few English ladies played with my "bird" even if it is more a Gypaète barbu LOL.

I have tons of English friends in Canada, but you guys don't handle alcohol. So most of the time I have to be the mommy. I spoke with you before. Just f*cking behave and don't be racist and you gonna be fine.

As i said in our previous conversation one Brit try to steal my bike in Chatel when i was in the washroom, i saw him grabbing my bike and insulted him in French, he tried to punch my helmet and i provided him a quick head massage.

Une bonne Bifle des families et ca repart de Dieu !
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 @Ba1rog: your experience does not tally with my experience. Maybe you are attracting negative galactic vibes with your negative galactic vibes?
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 @Peskycoots: Nope and To be honest I don't care. I lived there for 25 years so I know my place. I am from the alps and saw thousands and thousands of persons skiing/biking in my family land and we don't care. But when you guys, outsiders who know nothing about the local history and tradition try to impose your culture and language. Spitting on the locals, it is not fair and acceptable. You guys don't want to mix and learn our language. It is what is happening in Morzine and Chamonix. I live in BC and I speak English instead of French, but you guys are you able to speak fluently a second or third language ... I don't think so.
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 @Ba1rog: you sound like a petulant teenager. You will be surprised how the world shines on you once you stop stomping round your metaphorical bedroom slamming doors, I hope you discover this before you are too old. God speed victim
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 @Peskycoots: Thank you life coach !!!

Teach that to your British friends, they need your expertise more than I do. Just be respectful and you will be fine Jesus christ. I don't go to your country and say you have to speak French and do this and that etc.

La bise

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 @Ba1rog: it seems like you've got some new british friends Wink
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 @danstonQ: he has lots of friends in England, all we talk about is how much we love @ba1rog and how lovely he is and all he does is say mean stuff about us and accuse us of crimes. Luckily @ba1rog has not made me hate all French people and pretend they are all mean like him
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 @danstonQ: J'ai mon petit fan club, je vais bientôt signer des autographes quand je roule hahaha !
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 @Ba1rog: s'ils ont que ça à foutre de nous chier sur la gueule, c'est pas si grave; si ça les occupe pendant qu'ils se torchent au pinard-coca .-)
Y'a des gros cons partout, et c'est pas prêt de changer. Je les aime bien les Britons, même si ils ont souvent des goûts de merde, il faut bien le dire, sauf en rock'n'roll, et encore, ça se discute...
Tu sais: les Français peuvent aussi être des gros cons à l'étranger, voire les pires, tant et si bien que je me suis vu parfois dire que j'étais Belge quand on me demandait si j'étais gaulois (j'ai vécu et voyagé dans pas mal de pays), juste pour qu'on me foute la paix (bon OK je suis à moitié Belge).
Comme disait ma grand-mère paternelle, qui était punk sans le savoir: "j'emmerde la moitié du monde, et je chie sur l'autre".
Merci Mémé
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 @danstonQ: Je suis entièrement d'accord avec toi, y a pas mal de touristes Francais qui font n importe quoi. Des cons y en a partout helas et on est toujours le con d'un autre.

Je côtois énormément d'anglais et t as quand même pas mal de casse couilles. Ils ont quand même réussi a vider les extincteurs d un immeuble et vider le tout sur les voitures du quartier. Ma polo elle puait l extincteur pendant 1 mois et cette merde c'est toxique. Je parle pas des tentatives de vol de velo ou les insultes racistes. Je m'en fou royalement d'eux, c'est juste qu'il trouve toujours un moyen de nous les casser.

Y a beaucoup de Suisses et d'Allemands dans le coin mais j'ai jamais eu d'emmerde et pourtant j'habitais a 10 km de la Suisse.

Ta Mere Grand a raison !

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 wonder if they have their rebound open or closed
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 Probably relatively slow considering they are mostly jumping and you don't want real fast rebound when landing off big hits.
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 @Dhsteez: haha you dont know these boys then. rebound on full
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 Gawd I miss the PDS. This covid bollox needs to shuffle off never to be heard from again. Hope to see you all out there this season.
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 More freeride content please! This is sick!!
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 What kind of bike was the guy in the while shirt on? Looks like a geometron or something with straight tubes.
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 Yes it is a Nicolai Geometron. Guys from #ronny_racing69
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 Stoked to hear some EBM/darkwave in a bike edit, but not sure the tune really fit the vibe :/
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 Woah. Best video of the week right there.
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