Video: Duncan Shaw & Danny MacAskill Take on a 30 Metre Slackline

Apr 24, 2020
by Duncan Shaw  

The other day we received a 30-metre long slackline to add to our garden riding setup. Once we had it set up, we took the opportunity to have a bit of friendly competition and see who could make it to the other end first... 4 hours of attempts and a few tumbles later we had our answer.

Questioning what we'd got ourselves into.

Danny and Duncan filmed this video while in lockdown together. As the world struggles to suppress the spread of COVID-19, please follow the guidelines of your local health authorities. Even if you don’t have the virus, bike-related hospital visits put additional stress on your medical systems; do not undertake any activities that put you or others at risk.


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 So they make it look “easy” but this has got be to impossible for just about everyone else in the known universe.
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 I would be willing to bet 99% of us PB users could not do this walking let alone on a bike. It just shows that they are on a whole other level.
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 @AdamC86: I bet 99% couldn't make it walking with a helper guide rope Smile
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 I've been mountain biking for a long, long, time. The worst injury I've had in the past few years was bailing on a slack line two feet off the ground. Eight steps is as far as I could go - DM cleans it.
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 @AdamC86: I think slacklines are great training tools. I always feel that my feet, ankles, and all the little muscles in my legs get worked in a way that most activities never do until you need them. Plus its good for your core in general.

First time I was on a slackline I'd gone out to visit my brother and ski and he left brother 2 and I home the first day while he had to work. There was a slackline in the backyard (maybe 12-15m) and brother 2 and I obviously had to be able to one up the working brother by the time he got home. The next day, every supporting muscle in our lower legs were so sore we could barely ski. ha
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 @MarcusBrody: Sounds like a great way to train those helper and core muscles for getting gnarly on the bike. Gotta love those activities that are fun while promoting health and exercise.
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 @rrolly: haha it's always those activities you least expect that get you. I've been thinking about putting a line in my yard, maybe I'll consider wearing my full mtb pads while I practice.
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 Yeah all those casual moves to get on/off the starting pallets are light years beyond me. Impressive stuff.
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 @AdamC86: And make sure the neighbour kids aren't around to laugh at you after they clean it.
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 The best bit about this vid? A little view of Danny Mac's pad. Come on pinkbike get the riders to do MTB Cribs!
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 High fives? During social distancing? Call the authorities!!!
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 I know you're being sarcastic, but #dontcoronashame
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 Hey, maybe they all live in the same household and were wearing transparent latex gloves, or maybe they filmed the high fives before social distancing and edited it into the video later, or they could have been actors (stand-ins) that were already infected anyways, or

Danny sure has unbelievable balance. I actually like that they show the entire video clip, so we can see "all the attempts and failures", as many times we don't see behind the scenes and some people think many of these top riders hardly ever fail, fall or crash. Danny is the man & Kudos to Duncan for not giving up and finally doing it. We can all take something from this video; if you fail, try, try again...., but not me, I ain't trying that! I have the shakes just watching it...
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 I never learn. Things like slack lines, riding on skinny tree trunks, they all look easy to me, right until I try doing them. And, btw, it is true: balance decreases as you get older (or drunker).
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 Looks like Duncan was taking a lot of pain falling off the line for a while! Danny just looks like a cat and hops off under full control. Cool to see Danny doing more casual, unpolished un-Redbull videos
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 •shows vid of people taking falls - message at the end to tell people not to risk taking falls.* Vid was fun and I'm not bothered, just saying...
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 I fell on my ass just watching the video!
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 I need subtitles for Danny.
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 Well done. Impressive from both of them. Danny's got some serious balance doing that both on bike and foot.
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 Danny's got eeWings.
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 If these trials guys are struggling, do they make easier wider slack lines for the rest of us?
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 Yes, they're painted down the middle of every street!
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 W O W ! ! !
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