Video: Dylan Stark & Ethan Nell Crush Highland Bike Park on Enduro Bikes

Sep 23, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesLooks like it's time for Ethan Nell & Dylan Stark to #GETGOATED. Ripping laps of Highland MTB Park never looked so much fun.YT Industries


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 Made it about 37 seconds before I had to jump ship. YTs vibe just doesn't do it for me. Solid riding though.
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 Yup, YT, if you are listening, just do an intro and then 2 minutes of riding.
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 dont know why but this vid made me dig up the definition of "hesher":

"Reebock-wearing, mulleted person in acid-washed jeans and a Judas Priest T-shirt who, at the age of 28, still lives in his/her parents' basement and swears that he/she can really rock out on his/her Ibanez Stratocaster copy guitar and probably owns a Nova that hasn't run in 5 years but you just wait, that f*cker is gonna smoke those f*ckin Japanese rice burners once I put a new head gasket on it."
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 All I saw were cutaways of Greg Minnaar in-between all the riding
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 That drift at 0:22 is pretty neat though.
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 @colincolin: hail Baphomet
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 @colincolin: possibly...but pretty sure I've seen Dylan do those in some older videos.
Fun fact semenuk gave Dylan a bike ,and Dylan has returned the favor. Semenuk is in a few of Dylan's you tube videos as well.
His YouTube channel is quite entertaining imo.
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 The braking bumps at Highland are already bad enough. This edit isn’t enough to justify making them worse Frown
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 Two guys roosting berms for a day wont make a difference when theres hundred of squids riding there brakes all day
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 YT videos have that "you can't tell me what to do, Mom!" vibe to them.

So angsty!
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 I read the comments first and thought this was going to be the cringiest edit of 2021. Then watched it and it was pretty normal; honestly like any other edit. "WhY gOaTs!?" Capra means goat guys... It's latin. It's the name of their genus. Could it have been executed a touch better? Sure. But it wasn't that bad.

They definitely wanted to make a 'heavy' edit, but still wanted it to be marketable/digestible. Like a lightweight Fest Series edit. Shame that metal music is not really appetizing for the MTB audience anymore. Regardless, I appreciate a good ol fashion fast paced edit like this in the absolute unfiltered sea of RaW eDiTs and gopro footyyy. At least they didn't make it a vlog f*cks sake nothings worse, unless its Adam Brayton lol
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 Amen to this. I love mountain biking, but getting involved in it again, I'm reminded why I left it the last time around for BMX and skateboarding. It's devoid of anything except clean cut white bread culture. This does make a lot of sense as well, though, when you consider how exorbitant the average mountain bike is. It's hard to attract a lot of subculture when the price for admission is so high.
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 Often bike shop guys have bikes that are so cool they become unrideable. Similarly this is an edit that's so edgy its unwatchable.
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 Wasn’t really feeling this after about 30 seconds, editing style and little animal close ups just felt weird. Good riders tho!
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 Where's your Outside+ banner?
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 A full highland video without any bits from power hour, tombstone, slope course or upper NE style is what impresses me the most
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 Like so many things YT and Highland it has its moments but it’s trying so hard to be edgy it becomes cringeworthy. Also, a bunch of 14 year olds with Yeti’s must have been standing on power hour they day they filmed this.
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 Those kids make me feel old every week. But dam, the next wave is forming at Highland. Sooo many good, young riders there. I mean, the place IS a playground for bikes!
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 I love YT, but they are so lame.
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 While I feel that the YT videos can be a little try hard sometimes, the comments on here remind me once again that the average user on here is either a dentist or middle schooler. Anytime anything doesn't feature generic whitebread people, music, or editing, people act as if its an affront on their morality. Personally I'm glad to see something not so cookie cutter. I wish there was more of this in mountain biking.
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 YT is flaunting that water bottle space.

The bottles probably have "f*ck off, Mike Kazimer" written on them
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 Dylan Stark and Ethan Nell Crush Highland Bike Park on the fastest test bike that was not picked as the best race bike.
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 Yeah, but can they sling dirt with their rear wheels?
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 Great riding, great bikes, but what's up with all the weird dark goat imagery?
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 Capra is basically the family of goats... goats and metal is a pretty obvious lean in.
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 No Slope or NE Style? Is this even a Highland edit?
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 YT is really convinced that it's their marketing that sells their bikes....sad.
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 ...or accurate?
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 Hell yeah, goats and stuff!
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 Can we just have a Dylan edit without all this editing crap. Sorry Ethan the 3 tricks you do were boring 4 years ago
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 The f was that ? Stop forcing weird concepts to your videos, it's awkward.
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 Your featured production has a bonfire and a mist-making machine.....what's a couple goats?
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 man, what a great video. For the haters, it's cool man, if you cant ride a double black, stick to the XC green tails. so we don't get those break bumps you leave/complain about.
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 Dirty, grungy, Dylan Starks. Probably smells like goat shit too and doesn’t really care what you think about it. Mountain biking needs several more injections of this kind.
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 that nostalgia red looks incredible yum
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 This was filmed a way back. I am a fan of Dylan probably been following him longer than anyone except his mother who doesn't ride.
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 2 months is a way back?
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 If his mother didn't ride, there would be no Dylan.
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 Like his Temecula flood channel BMX parts?
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 nice riding but pack it in with the naff editing
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 Dudes. Stop hating. IDK who the riders are, but they had cool music and shred. What else do you fan bois want. Go ride. Make an edit, it's not easy to film, compile and share with haters, but they did. Enough of my rant. Keep on internetting....
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 Nice to see Dylan Stark getting a proper seat at the table
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 Who is Dylan?
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 Yep, Yea ,goats r def weird. Except for Minnaar But hes not, reeeally a goat so yea Especially black, ghostly , weird lookin goats But cool riding
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 Dylan Stark fn slays. Top notch boys.
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 Put Dylan on errant
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 I think they only make I-Beam saddles - nothing for droppers
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 @suspended-flesh: they have railed seats too they just sell out fast
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 @Firstdaymtb: Oh, OK cool. When I got one for my DH bike I don't think they stocked them yet which was odd. They seemed to be rebranded SDG at the time.
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 Sketchiest edit I've ever watched
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 Two people ride bike park on Mt. bikes
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 Nice riding, however half of the video goats or goats body parts, does not make me willing to buy Capra at all
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 "Nell and Stark break the Capras in a bike park rip"
Fixed it for ya
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 MTB and metal!!! Don’t get much better than that
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 Why is everyone complaining this edit is sick! Go ride your bike fools!
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 Why is Dylan still not invited to Rampage??
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 He needs to pay dues - only been riding big bikes for a relatively short time.
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 trail builders wont be happy
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 Makes me want to go outside and head butt somebody. It’a sick
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 These two guys and we couldn't atleast get one flatspin? Frigg off
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 Agreed. at least a Dylan miniflip
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 These boys are so dreammyyyy
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 After the 47th roost shot I turned it off. For fucks sake.
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 I don't see your Outside+ banner......?

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