Video: Ed Masters & Matt Walker Crack the Case on the New Pivot Firebird

Aug 10, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesJust when we thought the case of the orange mystery bikes being ridden by Pivot Factory Racing was going cold, we ended up on the trail in hot pursuit. It was worth keeping the world waiting for the release of the newly redesigned, EWS-proven Pivot Firebird, purpose built for speed.Pivot Cycles

Read our first ride on the bike, here.


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 I think Pivot team is one of the best. They have great results in both disciplines and I like the team chemistry. Kudos to all of them!!!
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 couldnt agree more
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 They took all the awesomeness of Eddie's Bergamont Team and put them under Bernard's wing. Recipe for success.
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 Finally, a bike that I can ride during huntin' season and not have to worry about being shot at.
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 And we found a nominee for the best actor at upcoming Oscar. By the way, the bike looks sick and it's a rare case when orange fox lowers look great.
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 it is the only bike that justify the new things by just matching the color of the fox fork.... great team anyway and real rider, video is just as disruptive as orange ice cream.
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 man, they need to hire a continuity director! ice cream truck guy hands him a 1/2 melted cone in a waffle cone, guy grabs an unmelted cone in a sugar cone. lol
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 Yeah. Melted ice cream running down the perp's hand in the beginning and it's gone in subsequent scenes. If they can't get that stuff right, is the bike even any good?
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 That was unbelievable. It's not like it was some random detail in the background. You only have a couple of things to focus on and the ice cream was the most notable one. The shots were stunning, the lighting was great, too bad to throw the video off by having this in the beginning.
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 It's a metaphor for life and the way the bike and he has changed... from sloppy and unmanageable to tight, focused and mature... as we age, we grow mentally and as bike designs evolve and develop we leave behind the chaos and emerge as a refined person and bike. We're to understand that between the cuts, he's licked his hands clean, the chaos has been removed, in it's place he has been rebirthed anew and ready to shred not just as a better person and rider but aboard a perfected steed... he and the bike are arisen as one... reincarnated like the proverbial phoenix rising, except better... as a Firebird! Go forth and leave flaming berms in your wake as you blaze into the setting sun...
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 @rrolly: They're just taking the piss.
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 @islandforlife: ahh, right! The hero with a thousand faces and all that. Can’t believe I missed that!
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 The ice cream truck guy happens to be Chris Cocalis, owner of Pivot.
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 @rrolly: Pivot is smart to slap something funny like this together with their well known and liked factory team riders (and CEO) instead of wasting hundreds of thousands (million?) on stupid 25min feature film crap like YT.
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 @islandforlife: It's one cut and it's while the agent is there. Would totally work if we had one quick shot of him doing that or the hand half clean.
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 No problem with that at all. Would've loved the continuity error to not be there so that this would have been an absolute stunner.
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 Bahaha! I bet they were in stitches trying to keep straight faces during that filming. Orange sherbet, yum!!!
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 those rigs are looking insane
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 "its not as sweet as it looks".
Whoever thought of that as a marketing line should be fired!

It looks like a nice bike and DW links are always fun to ride.
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 I'd buy that for a dollar!
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 From their website:

"Not As Sweet As It Looks
“Sweet bike, man.” It’s the ultimate lift-line compliment. In the case of the Firebird, that sweetness is only skin deep. Appearances can be deceptive. When you’re coming in way too hot on the wrong side of the safe line, you want a partner with lightning reflexes and the dispassionate calm of a cold blooded killer. The Firebird’s Hollow Core carbon construction cleanly disguises its psychotic side with a taut, sturdy, deceptively lightweight frame that calmly gets you out of the most gripped situations, in much the same way that James Bond can get his hands really dirty while keeping his suit perfectly clean. Super-capable suspension, planted handling, perfectly selected components, shaken, not stirred; the cocktail mix for blazing speed. Drink up!"
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 It's kinda like when someone tells a joke then has to explain it then...
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 I wonder how many takes it took to complete this small video, i'm guessing over 5000. I was expecting them to just burst out laughing at any moment.
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 Not as many as you would think. These guys are professionals Wink
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 I want Ice Cream now. And I don't even like sweet stuff.
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 you guys crack me up !!! Sick bike ! No coil shock used in the shoot though ?
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 So it tastes better than my bike?
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 No Christopher Walken? No B-rate action movie? Just people riding the bike the video is about...pretty lame if you ask me.
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flag Gunnigoat (Aug 10, 2021 at 6:08) (Below Threshold)
 I was thinking they should leave the filming to Hollywood, or YT
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 Definite a mystery why it’s so expensive.
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 Hmmm ice cream.
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 What color is that bike again ?
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 rhymes with Door hinge
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 Is it still a press fit bottom bracket?
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 It must be sweet Eddie’s carrot factory icecream with kashima cone
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 If Rickie Fowler rode bikes.....
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 Its funny because Pivot has this crew that paints this 'privateer, dirtbag, van-living , vanzacs4lyfe' vibe but then run bikes that are completely unaffordable for anyone but the dentists and plastic surgeons. Go figure.
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 Dang almost thought I was at some weird electro concert for a minute...
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 Big arse rock looked deadly.
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