Video: Eddie Masters & Matt Walker Take On The Pinkbike Hot Lap

Sep 4, 2019
by Pinkbike Originals  

The formula doesn't get any simpler: one racer, one track, and a stopwatch. In our case, the racer is a mountain biker, our track is a rooty and rocky descent, and the clock is a Freelap timing system that doesn't lie. Last year saw Sam Hill and Miranda Miller, along with a bunch of other really fast people, throw down Pinkbike Hot Lap times, and we're back for the second season with a new track and new racers for 2019.

Just before Crankworx Whistler, Eddie Masters & Matt Walker stopped by to get a lap in for the Pinkbike Hot Lap. Can they take down reigning champion Jesse Melamed? Watch to find out.

The Track

The second season of Hot Laps sees us move to Cakewalk, a classic Squamish descent that has a good mix of roots and rocks, as well as plenty of different lines to choose from. And just to keep everyone honest, there are even a few brief climbs to make sure the mountain stays in mountain biking.


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 I may have beaten them...but I wish I was as cool as these guys! I'd like to thank The Jank Files for helping me win it on the jank pedalling at the bottom.
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 Eddie and Matt are doing it right. Don't take it too seriously, smash everything in sight, remember it is supposed to be fun.

BTW personal opinion, Pivot/Fly Racing and their other sponsors are missing the boat by not doing more shreddits with these guys. Both are great on camera and there is a definite chemistry between them. It is not all about racing results anymore. Think about a biweekly/monthly series of these two traveling around, talking smack and destroying trails. "It's gold Jerry! GOLD!!!!"
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 They just put out an absolute banger shredit for the official Phoenix 29 launch.
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 @brianpark: All unbelievable riders- some of my favorite to watch for sure. I would love more Vlog style stuff as these guys personalities and attitudes are super entertaining. Eddie has some of the best videos of all time IMO with The Spirit of Enduro and Ed Masters Gets LesFat. Love to see more Eddie and Matt and best of luck on the recovery Eddie. Still gutted for you on that one.
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 Great episode, both of those dudes are super likable. Also, really looking forward to Eddie riding that thing
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 exactly my thought. really liking their attitude!
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 I could see them doing a sort of mtb version of Top Gear. Would be killer.
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 Moral of the story: "When in doubt, main line with confidence"
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 The 8-ball run is going to tell us a lot about how good these pros really are and how good modern bikes really are. Should be fascinating.
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 Eddie could've gone even faster on the fatbike with sandals on.
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 and a kfc bucket strapped to the handlebar
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 @crashtor: that would be at the finish line?
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 Levy needs a redemption lap on a real bike at the end of the season. We need to see what the downcountry specialist can really do : )
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 Great episode.

Regarding the images with the time difference to leader, it's confusing. On each section, you should compare the times for the given section not the overall after that section? Then total totals it up and gives total time and difference for the whole lap.
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 Why didn't he just swap the pedals to his own bike?
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 You would need a pedal spanner for that?
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 And he broke a spoke.
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 I'd be surprised if the thread of the XTR crank survived breaking off a pedal
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 Too complicated to use a allen key i guess. Broken spoke? ha, doesn't mean anything...
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 I think he mentioned blowing a spoke as well. Maybe put the wheel too far out of functional.
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 @aljoburr: 6MM Allen
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 Parts were used off the pivot to get the 8ball ridable
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 @NorCalNomad: Shimano pedals use an 8mm Allen key Wink
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 Good chance they didn't have a 8mm hex in the car
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 @Onetrickpony: huh my DX SPD's use a 6mm, further googling says some Shimano are 6, some 8.
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 Cant wait to see the next ep!!
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 such a fun team, Matt Masters and Eddie Walker really killing those trails and pedals.
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 Did no one notice? Shiver too.
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 Fun format, but track conditions any given day can mean more than one second. I think we need more tracks for a hot lap average throughout the season.
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 RIP pedal
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 What's going on with Matt's brakes in the intro? Is he nervous or trying to pre-pump his forearms?
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 lots of people squeeze their brake levers while sitting around doing nothing.. at least in my experience..
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 One of my favourite laps and I always thought I got down quickly.......guess not!
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 Lol Vaea w/ a crash still almost 2 min up... with the guys, the 8 ball time has almost been halved. Crazy.
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 Tow ball should have been on the 8 ball.
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 You guys have an odd power of cursing racers, film hot laps and then they get injured. HMMMMMMMM haha
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 What they didn't ride this on the 8 ball? Now there is a challenge!
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 Did you what the whole thing? They rode the 8 ball, will be shown next episode.
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 @Kickmehard: cool! No all I did was scroll down to the times.

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