Video: Eddie Masters - Bergamont Tour Bus

May 27, 2014
by Jono Drew  
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Eddie Masters is always one for doing things differently and this year he's managing and riding for the Bergamont Bikes Factory DH Team where he'll be standing out in the pits in his brand new old library bus! The height of luxury awaits as you step through the doors of this magnificent machine. It is truly a home away from home. MTB Cribs takes you for a magical journey through the heart of this beast as Eddie and the team prepare to take it on the road and take on the world!

Video: LKTV


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 Someone give this guy a medal! Abosolute legend, what mountain biking is all about!
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 WHere's Casey Brown?
  • 13 1
 Did Eddy Masters just become my favorite rider. YES
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 Please MTV or (MTB) "PIMP MY RIDE"!!
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 I like that Eddie always seems to be having a good time and happy with what he's got. That is a nice truck and I'd take a ride to the trails in it. Someone near him should help him with some paint, vinyl, upholstery, and mechanical. I know we're gonna start seeing this thing getting pimped if it'll just run for awhileSmile
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 Bit of an update it has been wrapped/painted in Matte Black. Looks Legit
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 Sure hope that this story updates with more of the truck and Eddie. Thanks for the news about his good fortune. He seems like the type who would appreciate it.
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 who else added him?
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 Haha, I hope everyone in a 1 mile radius of that thing has their Hep shots!
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 Step 1 of how to be a mountain biker, buy a bike that is more expensive than your car.
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 Damn, he should install a shower in that bus because it seems like he needs one. He's almost as dirty as the bus
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 almost as gangster as rangi bro
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 has that thing been lowered or is the suspension just shot? and did he say "down duvet"?
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 More videos from Ed please!!
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 haha this was better than Redman's cribs episode
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 He put out his snapchat
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 Hahaha the "bang bus"!
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 added on snapchat
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 Much prefer the Dudes oH bus...
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 Eddie Masters is new Dudes of Hazzard! Awesome!
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 Eddie Masters what a LAD!
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 And I thought I had it bad.... I'll stick to my toyota truck thanks
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 this guy is the man
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 Oh right
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 I feel bad now
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