Video: Effortless Style in 50to01's Latest Short Film - 'Forwards Sideways'

Jan 31, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThere's no feeling quite like moving forwards sideways, if you know... you know. A film about a bunch of friends who've been brought together through their love of bikes. Music track listed at the end. 50to01


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 Ratboy's style is something else. Looking so fluent and effortless. Long live the rat!
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 Content from Ratboy and the crew....Happy Friday!
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 That's right kids....tire slaps off trees are dope. The shop will be open all day...
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 Best 27 minutes of 2020. Pure class from the crew doing what they do best. Sam Cofano is turning into a serious jibber.
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 Yesss lads, lovn the edit, what it is really about. Good times with mates pushing each other and having a laugh, just got a package full of merch from banana industries today, looks awesome. Keepin it real.
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 reminds my of Baker 3 and other awesome skate edits. gobs of style and fun, with great music too.
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 Damn, I'm not even 10 minutes in and this is so rad. Fire music selection and a bunch of cats just having a good time jibbing. I want to hang out with these dudes.
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 Love seeing the freeride, need to get back on that. The Pennsylvania crew by far are the best I have ever seen. I mean 20 feet straight up, 180 nose dive down like nothing, bonkers.
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 Always on fire! Love these lads.
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 Stoked to see there's an mtb rider that knows which way the knee points on a one-footed tabe
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 Wow that was a tight edit. Unique
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 back to the front and side to side
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 what a great music selection ...
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 50to01 always elevating the scene
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 Fuggin rad but save some skill for the rest of us.
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 Effortless like liquid stools.
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 Shows you can have a lot of fun, even when it is muddy out!
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 Minters that. Jibi masters.
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 Editing - sick. Riding - sick!
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 Flair off the tree... Epic!!!! Sooo much radness - Love it - thanks!
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 With a hex does Dan Paley select a gear--trick for tricks.
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 Whats the trak called at Sam Dales part?
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 Looks like an interesting place, in it a track or just lots of rocks that only Sam Dale can ride?
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 Music is choice. well done, Mates.
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 Josh Lewis, sloppy dog.
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 These guys look like they could benefit from a smaller wheel. I guess that would mean no more bike sponsors though.
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