Video: Elbow to Elbow Downhill Racing at the Czech Republic's Dropdown Mass Start Race

Jun 24, 2020
by prkplive  

The second edition of Dropdown took place around the ski resort of Dolni Morava, Czech Republic. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the race took place in late June, instead of the original date in April. On Saturday there is one training session and one qualifying run. On Sunday a mass start races in waves depends on your qualifying times. The highest point of the Slamnik peak is 1233 meters above sea level but even so, the riders had lots of fun during the ride down.

Dropdown 2020

Dropdown 2020

Dropdown 2020
Dropdown 2020

This year's track was very challenging due to weather. The start was on the top of Slamnik mountain then continued to the existing trail network. There were many places on the way down to overtake, some jumps, a few flat sprints to check riders fitness, high-speed sections and plenty of water due to the rainy weather. Rain, water streams and a lot of mud were part of this weekend.

Dropdown 2020
Dropdown 2020

Dropdown 2020
Dropdown 2020

"It was incredible, I did not really bore the whole weekend. It was not easy to look after everything on the track, this was a long downhill course. The rider's experiences, I've heard, are unforgettable. Riders had great fun all weekend even in this wheather and that’s the most important part of riding bikes. People seem to like mass start racing.” — Michal Prokop, Dropdown race director

Dropdown 2020

Dropdown 2020


1st. Jakub Riha, CZE N1 Team
2nd. Premek Tejchman, CZE Qayron
3rd. Frantisek Zilak, CZE Rock Machine

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  • 24 3
 Did Novak Djokovic organise this?
  • 16 0
 It was Novax Djocovid
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 @mi-bike: Double bonus point comment!!
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 Social Distance = Ride Faster
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 Random things overheard at the post race party:

Glad I finished 4th and didn't need to stand on the podium....
Sorry can't stay for a drink got to run off to my tennis game....
Shit they are posting a video of this, my wife/husband is going to kill me. I said I was visiting my grandparents.
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 Those two crossing the line in first and second, that's what I call a finish
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 Free COVID with your race plate.
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flag youknowitsus (Jun 24, 2020 at 11:32) (Below Threshold)
 You'll be fine.
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 @youknowitsus: There are no Covid cases if you don't test.
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And when you pay your hospitals for every patient they list as Covid('related'), and an extra $50k if they hook 'em up to a ventilator, pneumonia(and heart attacks, and emphysema, and just about every other ailment people go to hospitals for) cases magically disappear.
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 @endlessblockades: That's what they do in BC.
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 @fabwizard: Weird. I do a 1 minute drive thru test weekly down here. Get the results via email same or next day. You make an appointment on yer phone and there are always spots open 7 days a week. I enjoy the weekly intimacy.
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 @endlessblockades: apparently bc has been doing only 30percent of the per capita testing compared to the rest of Canada.

My son n law had he said worst cough and fever of his life and could not get a test.
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 @fabwizard: Bummer - we don't need to have any symptoms or even be essential workers (anymore). My self employed friend rode up on his bike, crashed it on a wet trolley track and hobbled through his test on foot.
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 That edit song was ???? please don't tell me what it was
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 good times thanks for the coverage
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 Those where the days!
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 I really don't get the Covid comments, you guys should maybe check what was the situation there.
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 I mean i think its more the fact that the first race back they do a mass start....why not an interval start like a DH or enduro where you can spread people out at a start line. Just seems a bit interesting given the fact that covid is still very much around.
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flag bok-CZ (Jun 24, 2020 at 10:44) (Below Threshold)
 @ianswilson815: dude, again... check the numbers, honestly people able to get down in a race are not those in danger of virus. And you know why? All the people after en or dh interval start spend the time together. On air, on daylight. And sorry, but here is way more people dying for anything other. This is Central Europe.
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 @bok-CZ: check what the situation is don't want it back... we aren't socially isolating for the young healthy people who are in the race we are doing it for parents ants and uncles that have a 1in 10 chance of dying if they get it. That is great if the first wave passed over or didn't hit central Europe hard. Is it overkill? I hope so but just look what happened to the gang of young healthy central euro tennis players.
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 @pink505: "aunts" ;0)
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 @kazwei: no I meant the insects....don't you ever think about all the insects we run over when cycling.
  • 4 2
 @pink505: sorry, you have no idea what's the situation here in Czech, its this simple
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 this is not downhill, it is enduro lol
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 I wish they had more camera cuts at the beginning of the video.
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 Corona caramba! What idiots.
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 Glad to see this happened! Let's keep it going!!
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