Video: Elias Ruso Lands World’s First Downhill Bike Frontflip Heel Clicker

Aug 26, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

Press Release: Audi Nines

Elias Ruso landed a world’s-first frontflip heel-clicker during a heated session on the Big Air jump situated in the Birkenfeld Quarry in Germany’s Hunsrück-Nahe bike region. This complex aerial trick involves the rider and bike doing a forward flip in the air, while simultaneously lifting his feet over his arms and bringing them close enough to click his heels together in front of him.

“There’s so much force involved and you have to be super careful with not over-rotating it. You pull the rear brake, lift off, snap the front flip, pull off the feet and click them together, and hopefully land it!”, said the 22-year-old from Vienna.

He did the trick on the largest jump at the Audi Nines venue, a 5 meter tall kicker requiring the rider to clear a 12 meter gap. He was also riding a downhill mountain bike, which is much heavier and harder to maneuver than the hard-tail mountain bikes often favoured for freestyle riding.

He has been watching the event since he was 14 years old and is absolutely elated to be riding alongside his older brother Daniel and his mountain bike idols.

“Audi Nines is one of the sickest events. I’ve been watching it every year since 2013, and to be here and to land my first ever frontflip heel-clicker is a dream come true. I can’t believe it to be honest”.


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 How do we know that some kid over in the French Polynesian island of Fatu Hiva hasn't already done this?
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 Obscure choice. I like it!
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 Does Pinkbike really need to explain that a DH bike is “heaver and harder to manoeuvre than the hardtail bikes often favoured for freestyle riding“? Do they take us for idiots here?
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 The trick’s sick though, no question about it.
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 For the Outsiders, yes.
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 Probably just pasted in a generic press release that was written for distribution to publications that perhaps don't have a DH-savvy audience.
  • 8 0
 "Press release : Audi Nines" on top of the article...
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 I dunno man. Some people are pretty fuckin' clueless.
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 I would never call people who missed the "Press Release: Audi Nines" text at the top of the article idiots. Smile
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 Wow Round of applause you must know everything there is to know about biking
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 @brianpark: lmao rekt
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 My mum did that 22 years ago
  • 8 0
 And not just for 2 seconds Wink
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 @lkubica: if my dad was involved then seconds would about cover it
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 Shoulda saved it for saturday saves
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 Yeah, that rideout is pretty impressive.
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 No kidding. I hope his hand is ok
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 Haters will say his heels didnt touch. But sick one anyways
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 Heels didn’t touch, hand slipped off and slumped over handlebars on landing…
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 @ctd07: I also didn't hear "there is no place like home" being chanted during execution.
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 I was never a huge fan of heelclickers. Even if you do 'em in a backflip or, as in this case, a frontflip. They just always looked kinda weird to me.
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 Me too. Pretty much the main reason I never do them...
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 I've always loved them for being an unexpected trick and a gymnastic skill kind of
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 No doubt this takes tons of skill to do. But yeah, it looks kinda weird man. Lost of things are difficult to do, not all of them look great.
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 I swear when I was younger I saw Dave Mirra and Ryan nyquist at Woodward doing some of these tricks people are calling first timer .. But awesome for this guy getting the exposure he deserves for doing big huge tricks ....coming from racing and bmx tricks these guys are insane and so skilled
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 Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX was a prophecy for the future
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 Yep that was badass and that guy has a kick ass attitude...way to send it...
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 sick one hander lander!
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 Sounds terrifying.
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 This is not okay.
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