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Video: Eliot Jackson Recaps the Leogang DH World Cup

Jun 14, 2022
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesIt may be June, but it didn't feel like it when the athletes took to the track on Thursday for first practice. Incessant rain saw the track sodden through in parts, it became a battle to stay on the bike for many, with most athletes ending up at the bottom of the course covered head to toes in slick wet mud.

It was like being at another event altogether on race day, with Leogang and the course basking under the sun. The course did dry out on the top, and delivered a race that will be remembered as one of the toughest and muddiest ever!
Red Bull

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 I vote for an Eliot laugh montage to end the next one. just saying
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 Agreed - we need an Eliot giggle-fest! Also, really going to miss these recap videos if Discovery doesn't sign Eliot to keep on doing these. The analysis and production quality is especially on point this year, love all the little details and tidbits that get brought up and discussed.
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 @brownies: Eliot now finished for red bull so I'd say that discovery has made its move for 2023
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 Check out the new podcast "the IN and OUT girls" from Emilie and Camille.


BTW: suprised with what "bad" of a team Vali Höll has to deal with. The mechanic doesn't want to set up the bike to her liking and rather asks her to adapt her riding to the bike; and there seem so be antother guy at the top talking shit to her making her feel insucre instead of the opposit (see in comparison Andrew Neethling's latest podcast with Alan Milway).
I suggest she switches team :-)
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 How do you know that about Vali? Is it in Camille's podcast ?
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 Cheers Happy you liked it! and let us know in DM on insta what you would like us to talked about at every races
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 @Ricolaburle: yes Wink all the inside!
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 @cambal: your podcast is awesome and you are awesome!!

Congrats on the amazing season you're having so far. Good luck with the rest of the year!
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 @cambal: Ah, it'd be so nice if it was on Google Podcast or the other podcast platforms
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 Also killer podcast @cambal! Didn't realize those existed and I went back and listened to the first two as well - keep it up!
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 @sorris: you can put it on Apple podcast and it's on Spotify so should be all you need Wink
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 @alanbonk: happy you like it ! Smile
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 I'd love to see you get the top 3 together to do a shot of the local beverage and tell their highlights of the weekend Either way, keep doing what you're doing! Great content
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 Nice. How’s about a ‘shapes’ montage?
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 end the next video with a 'saves' montage

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