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Video: Elite Women's Winning POV from the Leogang DH World Cup 2024

Jun 10, 2024
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesVali Holl is on a heater this year and secures another win for the season in Leogang, Austria for the 3rd stop of the 2024 UCI Downhill MTB World Cup season. GoPro Bike

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 Wow, at that speed, I would've had 30 horrible crashes halfway through the video...
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 Mate i would have fallen of the side of the start ramp
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 @mtbflow24: yeah you're probably right. That makes 31 crashes...
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 @Mac1987: Or only 1. . . I wouldn't have dared keep going Wink
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 Absolutely killer run. 1. Her breathing stresses me out - it's low and under the sound of the crowd and the bike sounds, but it's like this terminator vibe, just unrelenting. Makes me think of how much racing physically hurts, and I get stressed out. 2. Looks like a Minion DHF up front... what an amazing tire. It's been a couple years since I've actually run one, but I've gone through A LOT in the last few years. Seeing that tire as part of the recipe for such an amazingly fast run makes me feel guilty about all the overthinking tires I do, and how many times it was my technique or failure to commit that slowed me down, not the tire.
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 Vali runs Conti tires, no? Probably a Kryptotal (also great tires, I've been running them for a while and they've been awesome)
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 double post
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 @jgoldfield: I think you're right, actually - shows how how there is a lot of convergent evolution in tires... But my general thesis doesn't really change, even if I haven't tried a modern Conti yet... it's amazing what a modern tire can do under a skilled rider, and I aint that rider.
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 @Glenngineer: Yup, fair enough!

That said, I've switched from the DHF to the Kryptotal on the front and found it to be an improvement. They have the transition knobs between the center and side knobs, similar to an Assegai, so they eliminate the "dead zone" that the DHF has when you're cornering without fully leaning the bike over (it's been pointed out to me that if I consistently leaned the bike over all the way like I'm supposed to while cornering, the dead zone isn't a problem. They're not wrong, but turns out my form gets sloppy sometimes so having that extra transition grip is nice). Still, they Kryptotals roll a lot faster than the Assegais (although probably not quite as fast as the DHF). Overall, I'm a fan.
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 Also, you would think being a man would put you at an advantage cojones wise, but Vali seems to comfortably beat me in that department!

(No I don't think women can't be brave. This is a bad dad joke. As a dad, I have a license for those)
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 20 second's in i had to check my video settings to just make sure it wasn't 2x
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 Holy jack rabbit ! She nailed that
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 Fast and Clean . Nice One ,Vali !
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 Thanks for blurring the video! Any reason Pinkbike's instagram has been spoiling the results the day of the race?
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 Where can you even watch a full race replay now adays? Have to buy Max and they post it there...?
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 @marshallthewolf: Max (formerly HBO) streams it live and then has a replay available.

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