Video: Elliott Heap Chainless at EWS Finale

Sep 29, 2020
by Chain Reaction Cycles  

The third and final round of the 2020 Enduro World Series took place in the famous mountain bike destination of Finale Ligure, Italy, over the weekend where Elliott Heap showed incredible grit to continue racing despite a huge mechanical setback.


Guest riders Ant Hale and Owen Robinson also took on the four super-physical stages. Watch the team edit below and read the full report here:

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 I was going to make a joke about how the new Mega must climb, if he was running on the transfers/in the middle of stages instead of pedaling it.

Watching it a bit, I can only say hats off to you Mr Heap. Thats the true spirit of competition right there. Not just to finish the first stage where it broke, but then run the whole transfer to the second stage, complete the second stage, and run to the pits.

Well done (and better luck next time).

As a side note, it made me chuckle how much starting off an enduro stage by running looked a bit like bobsledding Razz .
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 To avoid any misunderstanding : I replied "Words" as an approbation of all what Ocnlogan said.
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 @Clemounet: u might wanna use "words" that the rest of us dummies don't have to look up Smile
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Don't worry, thats how I read it.

Or... I was at least 75% sure how that's how I was supposed to read it, so I just went with it Smile .
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 top lad for continuing without a chain.
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 Love bumping into him around his local spots. Such a talented rider and proper humble! Watch him do the little things on a bike and it leaves me scratching my head Smile
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 Completely agree - always happy to offer advice to the other riders as well. His coaching sessions are excellent and great value for money. Top bloke!
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 Listened to his story on Downtime and was blown away by his attitude and progression through a sport he seemed to have so little knowledge of at the start - his xc race experience was classic.
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 @paulskibum: thanks for listening mate!
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 I know very little about Enduro racing but it seems bizarre that the racers aren't allowed to carry tools with them. I thought the idea of Enduro was to be closer to the style of riding most average people do, and we wouldn't head out without tools!
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 you can carry tools, chains links, tubes, rear mechs, shifter cables and lots of other spares.. but.. it's not done./.// I remember Jared Graves packed almost all he could replace in a backpack as he had to finish the race to be crowned champion back in 2014 may be ?.
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 Ohhh that's interesting to know, thanks for the info! Haha Graves sounds like a wise man.
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 And still finished 16th ! Awesome
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 Yes. That is bloody good!
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 @jaame: he finished 81st...
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 Same thing happened to me once. Broke the chain on stage 1 and just kept going and waking in between stages, but of course, not on a EWS race, and i didn't 16th... amazing
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 Elliot seems like a super nice bloke and a demon on a bike, he would have learnt some stuff riding chain less and that can only be a bonus. No references needed.
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 Looks like the team had a rough go at it, well at least we got to see some Page footage lol =)
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 Remind me the name of the team he races for?
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 Nkprf / Chn Rctn Ccl Team

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