Video: Emil Johansson Rips Up Järvso Bike Park in 'Through The Trees'

Jun 19, 2020
by Emil Johansson  

Finally got to ride some big bike again!

With everything currently going on, and less contests to ride, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to link up with Niklas Wallner to shoot some bike park action. We went up to Järvso Bike Park here in Sweden with the idea to film a different side of my riding that what I usually do. Riding bike park is a lot of fun, and Niklas is super easy to work with.

The whole video was shot in one day, and Niklas really just let me do my thing on the bike. We knew what spots we wanted to shoot, so I could really focus on my riding and make sure we get most shots done on the first try. Niklas definitely saw this as a challenge, but he knows what he's doing, and we're both stoked at how this video came out.


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 First time seeing Emil ride anything other that Slopestyle, did not disappoint !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 soooo....I guess you didn't watch Rampage, see Proving Grounds?
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 More of this!
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 @RichardJBos: Do not remember seeing Emil at Rampage, plus coverage of proving grounds was highlights at best?
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 @RichardJBos: I dunno. According to Pinkbike comments, Rampage is pretty much just a slopestyle course these days. All manicured and perfect. Pretty much a Strider course.
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 There are so many good riders out there, but Emil is without a doubt one of the best. Watching him win last year was beyond amazing and it's almost inhuman what he can do...
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 sorry to hijack, but seeing emil on his remedy in the park: i havent been on a mountain bike in 3 years since i shattered a couple of metacarpals in my hand and had two surgeries and pins and the whole debacle has been shitty. It's taken this long to get my hand back up to normal strength and idk if it'll ever feel 100% again, and in that time I sold my bike and thought id be done for good.

I only had a DH bike in the past to ride at bike parks, but I recently bought a condo next to some trails and would probably fare well with a bike that can pedal. How is something like the remedy in bike parks? Favorite trails at whistler were crabapple, dirt merchant, a line, freight, etc.

Is 150/160mm enough? I've never rode a trail bike before, I remember one of my friends used to come to stevens pass with us on his yeti sb66 but he eventually sold it since we all primarily rode bike parks and he said that bike destroyed his arms and was too rough of a ride.

I don't think I can afford two bikes, but I'd be able to ride more with a lot of trails right in my back yard, but would hate to stop riding the bike parks.
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 @anchoricex: Modern trail bike is more capable than an old DH bike, just give it a go, most brands are good so just go for what is affordable, more you spend the more it will cost you to keep it riding good, so you get way more value for your money on a cheaper bike!
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 @aljoburr: What improved over the years? Suspension design / geometry? Any experience using modern trail bikes at bike parks?
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 @anchoricex: having trek slash at the moment,went to bikepark spicak last wednesday and cleared the dh line where european champs take place without major problem.. you gain agility and tons of fun over dh sled,but it definitely takes a little more responsive riding.. on the other hand, I am quite easily able to pedal this bike for 80k to get to our cottage,shred the park or freeride lines around the next day and pedal it back home following day again.. went with yt capra to the whislter a few years ago and did not feel like the bike limits me either,its just matter of approach and your ability to work with the bike,definitely worth a shot in your case.. nobody tells you as good as your body doesSmile
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 @anchoricex: I love my remedy for everything from mellow xc stuff to pumptracks or bikepark laps. It feels like an adults BMX bike which I love but for super fast and chunky stuff a 29er would probably take the cake.
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 Man....this is a fantastic edit. Ridiculous riding, as would be expected, and awesome camera work.

Great work, both you and Nik Smile
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 On the rewatch here, the soundtrack has a huge role with the feel of things. Nailed it.
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 That 360 was insane!
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 I like the music, the riding was super smooth, though the whole thing seemed kinda sad. World famous bike rider all alone at a bike park during a pandemic... but at least no one could bother him for an autograph, and I am glad he found time to ride Smile
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 So stylish, I was there yesterday and I didn't even see half of the possibilities that Emil pulled off! Great riding by Emil and nice mood in the video created by Niklas!
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 One of the best videos I’ve seen this year: inspiring
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 Think It's a bit short to claim that title.
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 Your probably a bit short @sidekicksjn:
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 @sidekicksjn: maybe it needed a couple of minutes at the start of him getting out of bed, drinking coffee, checking his phone and getting the bike out of the garage?
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 @markjaggard: cant forget the timelapse filmed through the windshield as they drive to the trails
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 I was there! Rad again Niklas och Emil!
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 ok this is coool but what about friday fails ?
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 Always enjoy watching this guy ride. Makes me happy (and a little sad).
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 Channeling semenuk Smile
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 I think he needs to collaborate with more filmers/editors, this resemble so much like a Revel Co edit. He's such a great ride, i hope he puts out more edits now considering there are no comps for the moment.
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 love the chill feel.
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 Can anyone tell what bike he is riding?
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 That was stunning
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 Dude got style for sure
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 Yeah nik!
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 Dudes in full command
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