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Video: Emil Johansson's Winning Run from Crankworx Rotorua Slopestyle 2022

Nov 21, 2022
by Ed Spratt  

Emil Johansson takes the Crankworx Rotorua Slopestyle gold medal and the 2022 Triple Crown.

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 But he did only the must technical/hardest run...some other dude jumped straight a few feet longer and should have won. The judges are corrupt!
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 I mean he didn’t even flip. Everyone else flips, why doesn’t he flip.
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 @gotohe11carolina: Maybe he's afraid to go upside down?
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 @gotohe11carolina: Aw c'mon, give the guy a break. I think he did nicely. It is ok to not flip if you're not feeling it. He can always come back and try it next time, when he has had more time to practice the bigger and more complex moves.
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 @Crisskan: Back flips are less technical than 360°. If you want all the points 360°, with today's notation, variation are the deal.
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 @vinay: lol, clearly our sarcasm isn’t translating well this morning.
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 @gotohe11carolina: Yours seems a little rusty too Wink . "... bigger and more complex moves" (in my post). Pretty much every jump in his run was more complex than a straight backflip.
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 @Crisskan: given the event is in New Zealand, technically the whole run is upside down..
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 1. nollie 360, 2. 360 tail whip table, 3. 360 barspin double tail whip, 4. barspin? wall ride opposite tailwhip, 5. suicide no hander on opposite 360 off, 6. nose bonk inverted table, 7. 360 t-bogg, 8. opposite 360 barspin one hand x-up, 9. 360 triple tail whip. I have no idea what im talking about
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 He bar spun into the wall ride. Cam missed that one. The only rider to trick into the wall ride.
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 @essfour: Yeah that was insane, we both missed it from that first camera angle. We did see it on the replay from the back, that was super tech. Top to bottom the best run no doubt. BEAST!!!
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 I think (after watching several time in slowmo) that 8. is : oppo 360 bar to bar (not an x-up).

And I think that 3. is : 360 barspin to double *downside* tailwhip.

Which only adds even more tech to is tricks... Madman.
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 2 was 360 tailwhip to unturndown/invert table 3 was a 360 barspin to opposite downside double tailwhip. 4 was a regular tailwhip but it was a little bit of a downside whip because the on off is sorta hipped. then on the step down was switch/opposite truck to bar back or opposite 360 opposite barspin to regular barspin back if some people don't understand the slopestyle knowledge
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 @Rafmiller: holy hell it was an oppo truck bar back on the step down. that bar back was so fkn fast.
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 I wonder if younger kids really understand how mind blowing this stuff is....just a few years back (maybe I am dating myself) a backflip was crazy enough...then I remember (maybe TJ Lavin) doing the first front flip on a BMX and landing it, backflip w/variable, impossible...well...

I hope people are not getting desensitized, but like any sport, it's just progress...but always worth looking at where things were to understand level of progression, it adds a deeper appreciation for where we are these days, IMO

With that said, WTF, next level...
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 that was a perfect run - he deserved it!
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 Technically awesome, unique and diverse trickset, we’ll deserved win!
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 I propose a new sport. Have Finn and Jackson do the same course as fast as they can, scrubbing all those jumps. Now that would be something I’d like to watch!
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 That would be sick
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 a little bit like MX Straight Rythm
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 @Germanmike: ya
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 next level. Amazing to watch.
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 his goggle sponsor must be pissed, white on light grey....
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 what goggles was he wearing????????
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 i think it's a new sponsor hes working with

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