Video: Eminent Teases a New eMTB

Jul 29, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

The last we heard from Eminent it was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to rearrange its debts. 4 months on from that, it seems to have come out the other side stronger and is now teasing a new eMTB that's going to be called the Drive.

This video does a good job of keeping all the details secret but Eminent definitely has its own design style so we would expect this to carry using the Active Float System that we've seen on the Onset or the Haste but adapted to house a motor and battery. There's no date yet on when we'll hear more but we'll update you when we have more information.


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 This will look great on the back of my Sprinter as I pull up the your local intermediate flow trail.
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flag pbfan08 (Jul 30, 2021 at 6:57) (Below Threshold)
 Really distilling most of pinkbike's negativity to the central theme with this comment. For you idiots to dumb to pick up what I'm saying, yall a bunch of jealous MF's.
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 did they just kill Ride Wrap's business with one video!????
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 Just so people can be better informed on what Chapter 11 bankruptcy actually is:

I am not sure if people are serious when they make the bankruptcy comments, are just taking jabs as a joke, or have no clue what chapter 11 actually is. All of us have items in our households from companies that have filed chapter 11.
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 Chapter E-leven bankruptce
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 Saw pics of the new bike, looks pretty good. Their frame design seems to fit a more really well.
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 Honestly the cardboard box is a big step up in terms of styling from their previous bikes.
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 This is the most disappointing comments section I've seen in a while... All I see is evidence that many people don't even read a sentence of the information under the title. Where's the whit? Where's the off-topic arguing? Come on guys. You can do better
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 if Eminem teases a new e-mtb, I might just watch some eibike content.
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 Full Squish and a bit of pop
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 And yet another MTB bike company coming out with a eMTB, so are eMTB still just a fadWink
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 oh crap. what do we do if it's a mullet e-bike? will that one guy drop a deuce in his chamois and delete his account? *crosses fingers*
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 @conoat: it would be a Me-bike haha.
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 not a fad but also not a MTB
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 @SATN-XC: U got it, MTB and eMTB are different beasts, eMTBer just want to share the trails with MTBers that is allSmile
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 Wait wasn't there an article about this company going bankrupt only a few months ago? Why would I buy an expensive E-MTB from them now?
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 It’s literally mentioned in the first sentence… Big Grin
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 They filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, which just means they are reorganizing their debts, not that they are going out of business. That would be chapter 7.

"For a business, bankruptcy does not necessarily mean ruin. If it did, there would be three fewer major air carriers (United, Delta, American), two fewer car manufacturers (General Motors, Chrysler), and no Marvel Universe."
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 Glad they left the "prototype" in the box until some exceptionally hairy guys Ford wouldnt start. So, no one wanted to ride the bike until faced with a last resort- good marketing
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 “Drive” huh? Ya, cause that’s all ya gotta do with it.
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 Some would say the full review is.... eminent
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 Prior bankruptcy their bikes were ugly af, with outdated geo and on sale forever via janson
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 Fully agree. Emtbs are fine though as they aren't motorbikes.
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 Not a bad way too dump 10 grand on something that doesnt Braaaappp!!!
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 Sick frame wrap ad.
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 I guess this was eminent.
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 Definition of eminent
1: exhibiting eminence especially in standing above others in some quality or position

Definition of imminent
: ready to take place : happening soon
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 @person-named-john: it was meant as a pun..
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 @danielfloyd: yeah ig, just wasn't sure if you meant to say eminent or imminent seeing as both are words, and in past articles about Eminent, people have mistakenly made puns meaning imminent but saying eminent not realizing they're different words.
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 Where is he riding is that Australia??

Are they even allowed out of their houses yet??
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 Or San Clemente
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 Fuck E bikes
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 show me on the doll where the e-bike hurt you.
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 @nsmithbmx: "The seat post" (sad face point)
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 Is there a reason? I have numerous bikes, one of which is a low powered ebike. Ive ridden all over the US on many different bikes and this one gets me the most excited to ride.
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 Refreshing take
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