Video: eMTB Laps in Squamish with Remy Metailler

Apr 30, 2020
by Rémy Métailler  

Ebikes are evil! They are for lazy and unskilled rider.

Really? I disagree, check out why...

Thanks to SORCA, for the amazing trail work as well as all the trail builders out there. Make sure to get your membership here: ps://

The trails I rode can be found here:

Thanks for watching!

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 I don't hate e-bikes. But man, why the heck are e-bike riders so rude? Maybe it's because a lot of them are new to the trails so they haven't learnt trail etiquette yet. When I pull over to let one pass on a climb or flat section they never say cheers or hi or anything. Then when you catch them on a downhill they won't let you pass!

It's really starting to piss me off.
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 Never had that problem here in Canada, although I did have someone scare the crap out of me when I thought I was all alone and all of a sudden hear "excuse me" lol. That being said even though I have nothing against e-bikes I also wouldn't stop in the middle of a climb to let one by.
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flag Berosus (Apr 30, 2020 at 23:30) (Below Threshold)
 Been noticing that here too. Pretty unusual here for other bikers not to acknowledge you but ebikers just seem to stare at the ground avoiding any eye contact. I guess they are embarrassed. At least they should be!
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 @karatechris: same thing applies to a bunch of regular bikers. It's just human nature to be polite or not, don't point out e-bikes for that please..
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 @Berosus: probably more so just trying to avoid confrontation. A lot of emtb riders are new to the sport and I'm sure have had to deal with some ignorant buffoon regarding their bikes at one point or another.

Ill never forget the day I was at the trail head and as an emtb came blasting down saying to the guy beside me hey at least we're having more fun on. The way down. He looked at me and said I don't know, that was his third lap (600m elevation).

Ebikes are rad and haters gonna hate.
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 @konamat: I'm assuming from his flag that he's in New Zealand. The not polite riders are that uncommon here that you tend to take notice when you come across one.
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 @friendlyfoe: I did see a guy out on one the other day, obviously a new rider and very overweight heading uphill with a big grin on his face and I have to admit that made me smile too
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 Opposite applied for me. I ride both. Got completely shunned on the e-bike on one of my first rides with it. I said a cheery hello and got the big cold shoulder. Some growing up on both sides needed I think.
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 I don't know if that is really just an eBike thing or a new rider thing. Whether I'm on my eBike or not, if I am gaining ground on someone during a climb, I will usually just find a place to stop, wait for them to finish their climb, then carry on. I'm in no rush and who knows, maybe this is their first time on that trail and I would hate to screw up their climb. But then, I almost always stop first to let people go by.

I have noticed more and more riders just not saying anything when I encounter them on the trail (again, eBike or not), doesn't really bother me though.
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 Are you serious? So much unwarranted e-bike hate in the community and then you're going to complain that ebike riders don't wave hello at times? Can you not see the irony in this? Maybe if we all just chill out and allow people to enjoy the outdoors without being judged everyone would be friendlier?
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 Actually quite the opposite in my area. Regular bike riders constantly say rude stuff
to me when I ride and I NEVER say anything rude to them! I've been riding regular
bikes for 40 plus years and am in better shape now than when I was younger but
somehow I'm "Cheating" to regular bikers and they want to tell me every time. I'm
sure they don't like that I go faster uphill AND downhill than them on my YT Decoy!
Reminds me a lot of the rivalry between road bikers and mountain bikers. Can't we
all just get along??
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 @C0yotekid: Oh la laaaa...
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 @C0yotekid: No one is cheating, the two categories don't compete. Plus no one cares about who wins the local starve race.
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 @C0yotekid: Yes and that's my blog post. If you can't handle someone else having a rational and constructive point of view perhaps you should leave the chat.
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 It does not matter what type of bike you are riding. Most people are friendly, but some ignorant people are just simply rude, not polite or maybe afraid and do not want to engage with anyone they don't know. This can also be due to many hikers not liking MTB riders, MTBers not linking dirt bike riders, and on & on... I see this even with casual walkers not having the courtesy, but I hardly ever see this with dog walkers, as they are usually always

I have always tried and acknowledged others when I pass them, whether I'm riding my EMTB, one of my regular bikes, hiking, walking or even when I used to dirt bike. However, my "RANT" is sometimes I do get pissed off a bit when it's very clear someone looks directly at you while passing by and you kindly say hi & they don't even acknowledge your existence...Don't look at me then you stupid bastards!
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 @RowdyAirTime: I totally get what you are saying.

Surprisingly, lately the hikers have been pretty chill and the mountain bikers have been the ones being unfriendly. It probably helps that I am running a Timber Bell (I hate it, but it really works) and they are happy to know that I am coming. But the mountain bikers have been...strange. Just a hello or maybe a nod or acknowledgement if I pull over to let them go by...nothing.

Here in AZ, I just had to wait for it to get above 100 degrees and now the trails are empty! Perfect time to ride.
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 @KavuRider: I do agree, most hikers are way better than they were just 5 years ago, let alone 10-20 years ago when most of them hated all mountain bikers. I just can't get myself to use a bell and just kindly yell behind you and than wave and say hi when passing. Really, it does not take much just to say hi to anyone you pass on the trails, especially when everyone is avoiding each other due to the COVID-19, it seems even kinder to do so now. Again, it does not take much effort to do this, so come everyone be kind and say hi to anyone you pass on the trail, as it goes a long way...
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 @KavuRider: a lot of people are very freaked out by corona virus. About the only thing we know is that it spreads really fast, so if people are standoffish I wouldn't take it personally.
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 @friendlyfoe: I agree with that but this was happening well before the current pandemic.
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 Way to generalize an entire global user group based on a few personal encounters. If you need so much attention and gratitude when people pass you, you'll never be happy. Jefferson County Colorado legilzed ebikes and haven't had any issues between users. Don't believe? Call them!
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 @KavuRider: Well then you should move somewhere that people aren't dicks. I don't think Canadians are necessarily any nicer than in other countries, but we sure have being polite down pat.
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 @friendlyfoe: Haha, good point!

It was interesting, yesterday on my ride I encountered a few groups of mountain bikers. I was on my eBike. They were friendly until they noticed, then I saw an abrupt attitude change. It's so weird.

Whatever, I had a great ride! I think eventually it will all pass and everyone will get along again.
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 @remymetailler: @C0yotekid has left the building.
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 @gandalfsdad: are you so bored with quarantine you felt the need to stir the pot days later? Lol
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 This just left me feeling EMTB inside.
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 Great to see you shredding on the E bike Remy. I picked up one a few weeks ago and it's quite eye opening. I've been mountain biking since Ned Overend and Tomac were killing it and this is the next big step. It's really the fact that you can get wayyy more biking in. Instead of the one long lap and done, you can get three laps and is just simply have more fun. It's definitely not for the lazy if you you realize it's advantages, and exploit the fact that you can hit multiple trails instead of one or two. My legs are permanently tired because I'm riding so much more. Never expected that. And then on the days when you don't feel particularly energetic you can dial up the power a bit and still get a ride in. It's quite simple. Wayyyyy more riding. I'm totally sold and soon enough most will come around and realize how great they are. The U.S. is way behind compared to Europe but we'll come around.
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flag softsteel (May 1, 2020 at 9:38) (Below Threshold)
 @C0yotekid: Who the f*ck are you little c*nt to talk like this? Is it because you have too many things to prove and nothing proven yet that you talk shit like that?
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flag flatlandr (May 1, 2020 at 15:20) (Below Threshold)
 ...which is an argument against for so many trail networks. If everyone could ride 3x the trail, how do you argue this DOESN’T contribute to over use?
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 If you love shuttle days but hate ebikes there may be some inconsistency in your logic.

I really wish I had the $$ for an ebike because I’d love to do some self-shuttle days and cram in as many laps on the fun stuff as I can.
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 I bought an eBike so I could turn my local trails into DH laps and attempt crazy technical climbs. I average just as high of a heart rate and am wiped after each ride. I ride moto and have been riding for over 20 years and these things are game changers.

Remember, they have different modes, run out of power on steep climbs (torque) and the assist is limited to 20 mph. This means that you are simply suffering at a higher speed, given you have the discipline to push through. People ride for different reasons but if you have the coin to add a tool to the toolbox, I’d argue that an eBike will make you a better rider.
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flag DroppingThreeTwoOne (May 1, 2020 at 6:53) (Below Threshold)
 Dude ebikes are lame. Stop trying to shill.
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 Ebikes are especially awesome for sponsored riders. 'Cause, you know, they have to be.
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 You either weren’t paying attention or you’re not very bright. I’d guess a lot of both
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 Its all a conspiracy, cause, you know, that fun that people always seem to have on those bikes, its all fake.
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 If you had watched the beginning of the video you'd know that he actually had to ask Cube to give him an ebike and it's not part of his contract with them. Or are you calling Remy a liar?
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 @friendlyfoe: Totally. Actually Cube has no idea of what kind of video I'm doing. Once filmed, edited and published, I send them the video and they discover it at the same time than you guys.

I have full freedom to do whatever I want as long as it is not negative for the brand (common sense, right?). If I had negative idea on E-Bikes, I just would not make a video or talk about it.
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 @remymetailler: Thank you. I’m not an e-bike rider, but I sure understand the fun and advantage they offer on longer trails. Enjoy the ride, respect the terrain, respect other riders. What else is there?!
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 Ebikes are actually a blast to ride; the crux is that they are WAYY too expensive to be accessible for anyone who needs convincing. Which is everyone on these forums.

Seriously, if your local mountain/trails/shop offers a program to try one out, do it - you wont be disappointed. They really are a lot of fun.
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 @NYShred: cost per ride, they are way cheaper than a regular bike
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 @C0yotekid: You have never met a real biker then? Ask Bernard Kerr, Loris Vergier, Bruni, Kade...
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 The statement that a "Sponsored riders have to ride eMTB to help their sponsored sell them" is complete bullshit! eMTB are selling because they are fun to ride.
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 @C0yotekid: Seems like you need to pedal a bit more to help with your anger issue, you should try an ebike they are great for spinning your legs. Wink
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 @remymetailler: It looks like it does not matter if you are a well respected and superfit rider, ebike haters will be haters. When you see there ridiculous comments, it is easy to tell they are not only uninformed, but usually kids that do not have any experience ever riding one. They seem to get motorcycles and EMTB's mixed up, which clearly shows that are hating something that do not really know nothing about. Most times I think they are just ebike haters to try and be cool and tough, as we all went through that age.

Although I really like both my regular pedal bikes (XC & trail/mini enduro bike), I also like riding my EMTB (43lbs), as it's so much fun on the super steep rocky climbs on the mountains nearby. EMTB'S are getting exceptionally good nowadays and if any of these haters were actually lucky enough to try one, they would see that they are a regular pedal bike, with some pedal assist (there is no throttle control). Especially in Trail or ECO mode, the pedal assist depends on how much effort you are actually putting into the pedals and a good EMTB will make you feel like Lance Armstrong going up the hills. If you live near any steep mountains, a EMTB can be so much fun to ride. A bike that can put a smile on your face even on the uphills cannot be ignored, unless you are another ebike hater just so you can be one...

Keep up the good work Remy whatever you are riding...
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 @NYShred: I tried out a decoy at the yt mill back in November and have hated my bike and don't even enjoy pushing it up hills anymore. Ebikes are for the elite and kids with rich parents, I'm neither
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 @M3doty: You forgot, "Or for parents with no kids". Although EMTB's are great, I still love my regular bikes, as they are definitely more playful and nimble, especially if you like to pop the bike off everything.

I do agree, when I ride up the same steep trails on my regular bike(s) shortly after riding them on my EMTB, I wonder what am I doing punishing myself for? Hey, but I did the same even more when I would ride my MTB on the same trails after dirt biking. However, the jumps, etc are more fun and easier on a regular pedal bike, and that lighter weight and nimble feel is what keeps me riding my non ebikes. However, being able to ride further, and even ride when you are maybe not feeling 100% and being able to ride up steep climbs with a smile on my face is what makes EMTB's stand out. I also like exploring new trails on a EMTB, and don't care as much if they end and go nowhere. I guess I like what a regular pedal bike and an EMTB both offer.

Further to my earlier post, on why ebike haters are haters, I should add, some ebike haters live in areas that are not near any mountains with hardly any steep climbs, so they probably do not need an ebike, but seriously, this is still no reason to just be a hater.
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 @norona: a $3-6k e-bike will never be cheaper than my $1k franken-bike that I've built myself with parts from 3 other bikes.

and, Who quantifies having fun riding their bike by "cost per ride"?!? Oh, I know! People who need to justify to themselves or their wives that spending that kind of money on a bike makes total sense - "well you know, if I ride my bike 10,000 times then its only $1 per ride, so yea, this $10k plastic bike is totally worth it - what a deal!!"
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 @NYShred: I definitely do not, however one of the biggest suggestions by many is they are expensive, anything good is, but just a remember if you are riding more, then you are having more fun so in every way you are getting more bang for your buck.
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 @RowdyAirTime: parent with no kids? So any adult?
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 @M3doty: Ha, ha. Yes, adults with no kids are able to spend their hard earned money on the fun things in life for themselves, including any "big boy toys" that make them happy. With a family and kids, if you want a new trail bike or ebike, then the wife, kids and everybody wants one too. Kids are damn expensive and take up so much of parents time. This applies even more so for couples with no kids (dinks), meaning "double income no kids"
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 Easy....all the energy you save by riding e-bikes....You put that into digging trails.
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 Exactly! Another great reason i ride an ebike. I definitely do a lot trail work now and other riders seem to enjoy that work.
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 You obviously never rode an eMtb.....
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 @Jezeisfat: wasn't big ol' ball of sunshine
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 Yep, I actually use mine to access spots were I build.
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 Yeah, cuz when everyone is doing three laps, we’re gonna need more trails!
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 Rode my friends Levo one time less than a mile and went out and bought one. Been riding since 90 and have had lots of bikes and currently own a S-works enduro that I love to ride, but riding a Ebike is FUN!!!!! I will never sell my enduro but my levo is much more fun overall riding experience. Don't hate me because I'm Electric. LuvAz if you have a specialized you can use your phone and change the motor settings. You can set when the motor kicks in when you start to pedal and you can set how much power or watts it puts out.
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 Same here bro. I've had a Mtn bike since '84 (Univega Nuvo Sport or somethig like that). Cycling has been my thing and when mtn bikes came on the scene I was all in (former BMX rider when they came out). Now at 50+ and having had multiple major surgeries over 4 years, I found it dauntinly hard to get back into the shape I had been over 30 years. Bought a Levo last year and will never give it up. The ebike has helped me get back into better shape and riding my Genius has been getting easier. An 1.5 hr. ride on the ebike is like a spin class. I almost kept up with my regular riding crew on our last group ride. But truth told, the ebike is just a different type of fun, and given my love for singletrack I can't get enough. Just get the weight down and I'll have seen it all!
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 Remi the content and quality of your videos is getting better and better, and the chest mount gives a great perspective IMO As for the ebike debate, I am very happy with my trail bike but would be stoked to have a long travel ebike. Rather than shuttling DH trails with a truck, ride the forest road up in max power mode and shred the DH tracks. Less wear and tear on the truck, no need for a driver and probably the same amount of time spent. At the moment it's still way too expensive for me but maybe one day they'll become cheaper
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 I was never wild about ebikes, mainly due to the extra weight on the descents leading to a lack of flickability. But the emergence of lighter weight options like the Levo SL has def caught my attention. Even more laps of my local dh track, with a more agile descent, result!
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 Totally agree - had a full-fat eBike from work and it was a tank downhill. Fine if you just want to hang on. Then the Levo SL arrived, and for people coming from acoustic bikes, is a game changer. All the benefits you mention above, virtually no weight penalty on a big enduro bike, and capable of taking you further, faster.

Done a 1000 miles during lockdown on mine, 95% trail Smile
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 @Bustacrimes: Completely agree on the Levo SL. The thing rips on the downhills. Seems like that little added weight down low adds traction and I can still get it up in the air pretty easily. I did add a little extra weight but also added way more capability with a Fox 36 and X2. I still have my analog bikes that I usually ride with friends but the Levo SL is so much fun It's hard to leave behind.
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 @zarban: How do you like the X2 on the SL? Been eyeing different shock options as I do not like the DPS at moderate to high speed. Pop is great, but traction so-so.
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 @Jcmonty: I really like it. I finally got it dialed and smoothes out the trail pretty well and still has good pop. The DPS was 210x52.5 and the X2 is 210x55 so sometimes in really technical sections the bike goes pretty low and I can hit my pedals...not sure if it's from the longer stroke or not though. The DPX2 comes in the right size so that's also an option. Either way I would never go back to the DPS.
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 I think I'm two bikes away from an ebike. I think they are great!!. Look like a lot of fun, but for now Ill stick to a regular bike .Amazing ride on this vid..soo gnarly!
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 So just a year away then right?
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 Thank you for that good edit Remy. You make an effort to treat the subject in an objective way : yes ebike are complementary to enduro/trail or xc bikes and they can improve you skills.Otherwise,
you give good tips to set the bike bike and use the weight of ebike. At last, i am agree with you that ebike don't destroy trails any more than classic bikes
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 @remymetailler Great video!
Can you maybe do a bike check soon for your eBike?
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 I will
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 @remymetailler: what are the glasses your are wearing Remy?
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 @remymetailler: awesome thank you!
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 @robholland: They are the new Julbo Fury
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 80% comments from ebike trolls who didn’t even watch the video!
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 Great Vid - Well explained Remy! Emtb's are the best!
  • 4 3
 Hey @remymetailler , this is a loaded (charged?) question, but do you personally think E-Bikes are worth the money? I have always been a huge fan of yours and look forward to seeing new videos from you (especially with tech lines). With that said do you think these bikes with more parts to break (and expensive ones at that) are worth it when ridden around rocks every ride?
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 I can only speak for my Turbo Levo, it has held through a couple large crashes and hundreds of miles so far. But only time will tell how they hold up over the years. The Levo seems pretty darn solid though.
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 @PtDiddy: Awesome, thanks for the input. I do like my regular pedal bikes but am sure I could have a blast on a E-MTB. I always thought if I got one I would want 170mm travel so I could ride trails and self shuttle.
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 I've crashed my Norco Sight VLT a couple of times but nothing major - chip in the paint is all so far (and a broken wrist), I would say similar to a regular bike, they obviously have a bit more weight to them so could work against them. the motor is pretty tough and usually well protected. I have smashed mine into a few rocks, roots etc without incident.
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Yeah mate got a sight vlt myself, put a EXT STORIA in and this thing rides confident sure footed and directionally responsive... like you have mentioned noticing with the weight... this weight from where l can notice it from non ebbbs can be felt on landings - kissing the dirt from the send.... keen as to test ride a vlt range sometime bigger travel with extra squish!
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 Paper coffee cups= bad, but unnecessary batteries = good?
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 Well it’s not rocket science - paper coffee cups are used once and once only. Then they’re either recycled (if they can be recycled) or like the vast majority, they go straight to landfill. That’s if whoever used the cup can be arsed disposing of it properly.

Unnecessary* batteries are used then recharged. Rinse and repeat to your hearts content.

Can you see the difference now?

*Unnecessary in your opinion. I’ve no dog in this fight but the amount of hate e-bikes receive is laughable.
  • 8 11
 @ODubhslaine: batteries don’t last forever and eventually find there way to landfills and far more detrimental to the environment.

Remi is constantly preaching about the environment especially paper cups being wasteful, but then as a one of the most fit riders on the planet he is promoting adding a large battery on his bike, it just seems to take away from his pro environment stance

I actually see e-bikes having a place to help older riders keep charging, but guys at the peak of their career?
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 Less shuttling to ride is a point or two in the plus column for the e-bike in the E-bike Enviromental Impact Matrix.

Regarding the batteries, let's hope we address the safe disposal/recycling of the batteries in all the electronic stuff we are all using everyday.
  • 4 5
 @omnidogmatist: agreed on hoping we can improve the technology for longer lasting less impactful batteries as we are implementing them more and more into our every day lives.

As for being one if the top riders in the world on a crusade against paper coffee cups to then promote batteries on a bike I still find it ironic, the guy shreds though and I really enjoy watching his riding
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 @C0yotekid: @C0yotekid: Actually I do my best. I limit flying a lot, limit driving as much as possible. When heading to Vancouver or Whistler, I do ride sharing (well before the pandemic...). I don't use disposables products. You will never see me use plastic bags, paper cups. I never do take away (except right now to make sure I can help keeping alive local businesses), I pick up trash, do group shipment for sponsors products, ask for no packaging... By definition my job is not the greenest, but the efforts that can be done on the side help.
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 Ok im no remy. Obviously. But i would like to offer a counterpoint..ebikes are great for the way up. Riding the road at 10 mph to get to the trails is amazing. But i dont enjoy them on the trails i like. On steep techy downhills i find them scary...and not in a good way. When u have to stop and start, when things get really steep, its like riding a boat. Cant change direction, cant maneuver, and have way less control. U dont actually want a motor to kick in when u r track standing. But i am old. Anyway ill be selling mine. Prolly super fun in the right places. Regular ride is way betterer.
  • 7 0
 I had access to many "full-fat" eBikes and i agreed about the ride down, until the Levo SL came out. It´s a stumpjumper with a hill delete button. Same times down techy singletrack as my Pivot. I bought one ASAP.
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flag skelldify (May 1, 2020 at 6:56) (Below Threshold)
 Nobody’s riding those kind of trails on an ebike anyway.
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 @skelldify: not true... my kenevo is awesome on sketchy downhill trails.
  • 6 1
 I thought ebike hate was just people hiding their jealousy. I want one!
  • 2 1
 I have never been a fan of them but once they take over I will probably join them. Don’t want to be the one guy suffering to the top getting passed by all the ebikes. Plus you could wank one out on your way to the top as a little added bonus.
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 @remymetailler: very instructive video; thanks for that. I never rode an e-bike but I think you listed most of its advantages.
Then, there`s one thing that you didn`t mention because you probably didn`t experiment it, but when the terrain is too steep and/or chaotic, carrying that sort of bike on the shoulders must be a hell. I often ride in the Pyrenees and I don`t see myself climbing rocky obstacles with 22/24kg on my back, knowing that it`s already a bit sketchy sometimes with a regular 15kg bike...
Cheers Remy!
and take care
  • 2 0
 Good points, well it's just like at the gym if you Squat 40kg, vs 60kg... Fortunately, here we don't have to carry the bike much.
  • 3 1
 Yes, a EMTB can be heavy to carry (but weight varies depending on bike, usually range just over 37-54+lbs) Keep in mind, you can ride EMTB's up a lot of steep, rocky climbs that you would have to push your regular bike up...
  • 4 1
 These trails look infinitely more fun than what I’m stuck riding during this lock down.
  • 2 0
 I rode a Rocky Mountain eMTB for shitz & gigglz couple of days ago and (for me) it feels so hard to pull off lips; pumping is easy but dang it sure is a heavy one...
  • 4 1
 Thank you @remymetailler, your vids are fantastic, and I agree 100% with your points on eBike... Shred On!
  • 2 1
 i will b in squampton at the end of may, i have ridden some of the trails on an analog bike there. time for ebike life. wanna show me around.. those trails look like my style..
  • 4 2
 Only Remy can flick around an e-bike like it were a trail bike on some of the gnarlier trails in Squamish
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 Check out Jasper Penton on Instagram Smile
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 I love my ebike, but wouldn't recommend one unless you have time for long rides. I don't, so my Rift Zone sees much more trail time. My ebike only gets out about once a month, while the Rift Zone gets out 3-4 times a week.
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 I guess it all depends where you live. For me it's the exact opposite. With the ebike i can squeeze a ride with a good trail on my lunch break and still have time to cook and eat something. Afterwork rides are longer so all in one i ride more trails with my ebike. The analog bike is great for the week-end when you have time or for day-trips and bikeparks.
  • 1 0
 @inversedotch: yes, for shorter rides you can certainly get more distance in. I think I just prefer to ride it on the longer rides. I think the other issue is, I have my Rift Zone dialed so it’s light and fast. So it’s just a blast for those 8-15 mile rides with 1000-1500 elevation change.
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 All I know is I need to get one! Big Grin
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 Awesome ending! I thought that guy was just wearing a black G string!!, but his pants are kinda camo. lol
  • 2 2
 Remi, you looked a lot slower than on your enduro bike. Did you do any timing comparisons between the e-bike and the enduro bike?
  • 3 0
 I would need to do runs back to back. I might be slower on an Ebike, but only by very little... On Value Added, it might only be a few seconds. On easier tracks, I'm not even sure that I would be slower.
  • 2 1
 @remymetailler: I’ve only ever ridden one e-bike a Nicolai in Finale. It was fun, but it took some getting used to. Not exactly biking as we know it, but certainly a different kind of fun
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 Great video! Love the mountain top party scene!
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 Remy l interet d un velo électrique c est aussi la montée ,le côté technique ! pourquoi ne filmer que la descente ?
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 Car helas avec le BC park qui était ferme, je n'ai pas pu filme de monter technique. Les pistes que j'ai roule sont qu'a sens unique...
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 How was that phone call home?
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 Remy - pick one for Sea to Sky: trials moto or ebike.
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 ahahah What do you think?
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 I love my Levo!
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 @remymetailler how do ebikes jump, good or bad?
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 Very good. They are very stable.
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 Thank you so mich!
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 Pro rider paying for his own bike?
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 Who said I pay for it? I have a contract with Cube that says how many frames + what my salary is. My contract does not say that I have an Ebike, so I have had to ask separately. I did not pay for it though.
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