Video: eMTB Training Laps in Squamish with Seth Sherlock

Aug 14, 2020
by PerformX  

bigquotesEver since I discovered E-bikes, they have started to play a role in my training program. E-bikes are a great tool in controlling climbing/pedalling effort and descending volume. For DH and enduro athletes, this can provide a bit more equalization between pedal/cardio and descent/strength and conditioning (on-bike). As Seth Sherlock's trainer, I've been using our Intense Factory Racing Tazer for some downhill training. On another note, as team manager of Intense Factory Racing I've been wanting to paint one of our team built Tazer for a while now, so it was cool for Fresh Paints to give the bike a new look. A big thanks goes out to everyone who helped us bring the bike to life.Todd Schumlick, PerformX Training / Intense Factory Racing

Special Thanks:

Intense Cycles
Kogel Bearings
Joe's No Flats
Flat Tire Defender
Works Components
Better Bolts
Fresh Paints of Whistler

Video: Influx Productions
Photos: Alex Hinkson


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 Nothing gets you better at riding than repeated dh runs (see park rat groms that shred better than most of us). Not saying they'll get you into xc pedalling shape, but that's endurance training rather than bike handling skills.

give two noobs of equivalent potential a bike for one year. Have them ride the same trails all year, 3x a week for the same amount of time. One gets a regular bike, and one gets an ebike. The person with the ebike will be a way better rider at the end of the year because s/he got double the dh. Double the practice.
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Aug 15, 2020 at 7:43) (Below Threshold)
 I don't think the person training on the e bike would necessarily be faster. Nothing gets you better at riding than riding with faster people, and I might put good coaching as the 2nd most important factor. The e bike can help you become a better rider and increasing your runs, and also gets you used to riding at higher speed. But watching and riding with faster riders is the quickest way to get faster. Give a kid a shuttle with some other fast kids and he will progress faster than the kid solo riding all day on an e bike.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: you're adding other variables that this article isn't about, but ok. If both riders had the same coaching and the same faster people to ride with, the eBiker still gets double the dh and still becomes a better rider.
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 Most people just don't get E bikes . But that's fine, cause once you do it's on!
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 I have been riding with the same people I always rode with, the same trails I've been riding for years. Only major difference is now I ride an Ebike 50% of the rides....well maybe 70%. I have never felt fitter or stronger or rode faster in my life. As far as Im concerned Ebikes are a great tool for any one who wants to improve riding skills. I love that every ride I do now is twice the distance as last season, i get twice as much time riding DH. I love it when some one cries "cheater" I just look back over my shoulder as I fade away into the distance and tell them. " I'm just multiplying my fun".
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 Very fun video, I enjoyed watching it for sure...I like to see familiar bike companies R&D efforts going towards the ebike segment, however Intense MUST streamline/down size that down tube..I feel the market is looking for lighter weight, less hulking options...IMO
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 The bike should be a lot of fun unless her waters break on its way up.
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 I am not anti e-bike at all, but that thing looks like it belongs on the People of Walmart site (I am also not anti-Walmart, and even a shareholder :-))
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 220 rotor beast . What a machine. E bike is where its at , cant wait for Ebike racing and more R&D better bikes.
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 And that is the most preggers of all pregnant ebikes
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 Is it just me or is the Intense Tazer possible most ugly looking ebike to date? The name Tazer also sounds stupid. Don’t taze me bro - that shock was intense...

what’s next the intense AED? The AED give you jolt to get you back on your bike and up the Hill.

Hopefully next week with Shimano EP8 and already newly introduced 630wh shimano battery, intense will come out with a better looking ebike. Let’s just hope it doesn’t have shockingly stupid name - actually lets hope name lame more fun to more fun to poke fun.
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 Didn’t they rip off the name from the trail in Squamish?

More importantly Rob and his dog Frown

Anyway, cool bike but yes it looks phat...
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 I know a few and the ain’t , they use them to train the same as a road bike and the simple fact that there’re sponsors make them means they get to use them !
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 Personally I think that the way Intense has chosen to market their e-bike is poorly planned. A tool for racers to have an easy recovery ride, or stack a bunch of laps similar to WC training does not speak to me. And for the record, I am really into e-bikes. I plan to buy one. Aaron Gwinn and Neko talking about how they can use them for recovery rides makes me feel fat shamed for wanting one. And a 20 year old simulating WC training runs is not relatable. The only part of this video that I think most EBiike customers could relate to is the beginning where Todd was shooting the shit with his hommies. Racers could theoretically benefit from Ebikes, yes; But the people who are really buying these are working class, lifestyle enthusiasts who just want to have a good time. Sell them for the fun factory's that they are.
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 God! It looks like it weighs a ton. People WANT to ride bike like this???
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