Video: Endless Singletrack Adventures in the Lake District

Aug 14, 2021
by Ewen Turner  
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The Scottish Highlands may be the spiritual home of Pipedream, but the English Lake District is still an amazing spot to ride. We take a loop into the mountains to one of the most remote valleys in the area, riding ancient trails and never-ending singletrack.

Endless Singletrack

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 is it too much to ask to kill the techno/dubstep from videos?

just give me the raw trail sounds, or at a bare minimum something that doesn't make me consider buying a ton of glow sticks and molly.
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 That'll be 'mandy' down here...
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 Beautiful area with exceptional trails but the video was ruined with seriously mismatched audio that didn’t suit the terrain, riding or edit. I love the Lakes for riding but the soundtrack was enough to put me off the brand and the area. Spectacular fail guys!
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 Avoiding the brand and the area is a bit too much, but I agree that the music ruined the video. Area looks great, would love to visit one day.
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 They should have played some Enya.
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 Needed some old gadgie shouting at them about bells while waving a walking stick to be more realistic.
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 Lovely scenery, trails, and bikes. Painful music.
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 Its better on mute or have your finger over your speaker to muffle the “music”
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 Try some Boards of Canada on the soundtrack next time - they're from Scotland, make their sound in completely remote places, and its not the only 'natural' sounding electronic out there - but its the only natural sounding electronic sound out there. Still, fun stuff ya go over there...
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 Everything you do is a balloon.
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 @thenotoriousmic: I'm baised...BoC is daily rotation for me going on 25 (?) years now while dubstep, imho, is total garbage. Totally nuked the whole vibe of this video.
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 THE most beautiful area of England in my opinion and I’m lucky to live just over an hour away
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 My home county, in which I’ve not lived for 20 years. If the opportunity arose, I’d move back there in a heartbeat.
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 same here .. 29 years in Flattario and miss them hills every day as i lived in the Lakes 10 minutes from Windermere
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 Honestly mate. Don’t bother, all the trails have been vandalised by fix the fells and the place is a traffic jam 7 days a week.
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 @thenotoriousmic: Yes the fix the fells are destroying a lot of the trails . Was up Hole Rake the other week and bags of stones were on the side of the trail .Still a lot of riding untouched by these vandals though. Need to be up early to beat the traffic. The riding up there is fantastic which a lot of it requires big balls .
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 @thenotoriousmic: lockdown was good though . Not a Range Rover or Audi people carrier is sight.
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 What happened to the trees?
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 Intensive sheep farming and nature don't mix well.....
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 @SamHudd: beautiful in a spartan kinda way.
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 Followed the advice and kept sound off.
Came out as a very boring commercial to lure total noobs.
The only funny part they biked was a staircase, and the most interesting feature they hike-a-biked. What!?!
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 What a horrific song choice
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 Nice place for sure that I'd like to ride once. Resuming such a ride in 2 minutes is a bit frustrating though, and that horrible soundtrack finishes to ruin it. Shame...
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 Great video! Its great that they could put the sounds of them making and assembling the bikes as a soundtrack!
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 It really needed a thrash metal segment with close ups of dirt being flicked up in some corners.
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 yall should've just put "aint no mountain high enough" matched with mostly trail sounds
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 E's are good, E's are good......
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 Bike looks good
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 Didn't watch this as I assumed it was just another Levo add.

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