Video: Ethen Roberts in Utah

May 14, 2014
by Scott Secco  

Ethen Roberts comes from a family of characters who are pretty much good at anything they try. I was lucky enough to start meeting members of this family a few years ago when I was a part of the Nitro Circus Live tour. Ethen’s uncle, Gregg Godfrey was the spark that lit the whole Nitro Circus bomb back in the early 2000’s with his film “Travis and the Nitro Circus.” Being surrounded by crazies their whole life was the perfect marination process for Ethen and his brothers and cousins, and by the time Nitro Circus started doing Live shows, these kids were at a ripe age to start sending it on everything that rolls.

I’ve never met a group of such happy go-lucky kids who are so immune to fear or nervousness. The “Godfrey Clan” are machines who are talented and crazy enough to take on any task without batting an eye. I’ve watched them send ridiculous stunts on various rolling devices and often thought, “man, if one of these kids would actually “focus” some time on any one of these sports, they could be great!” I use the term “focus” loosely because I realize that with the amount of hereditary A.D.H.D flowing through their veins, its not likely for any one of these machines to choose just one rolling device. In the shows, they ride mountain bikes, tricycles, penny-farthings, ice-chests, pixie bikes, skateboards, etc. all on a “professional” level, but they also all love to ride mountain bikes in their free time.

A few months ago, you may have seen Ethen’s Youtube clip of a double backflip superman during a Nitro show. That video has over a million views and is titled “Is this the biggest bike trick of all time?” Watching that trick begs the thought, “imagine what this kid could pull off if he spent more time on his mountain bike.” After that video hit the web, Ethen started getting some support from FOX suspension and he was able to make a trip down to the mecca of Virgin Utah to ride his freeride bike and film some tricks. Here are some photos and a video from that trip. I happened to meet up with Ethen while he was in Virgin and we did a shuttle run on King Kong, one of Virgins sickest trails and Rampage-iest ridgelines. Ethen stomped the whole line without a tumble and I can’t wait to get the chance to ride with him again soon.

Double backy on a DH rig Why not...

There’s no doubt that if Ethen and the rest of the “Godfrey Clan” continue to focus on mountain biking in their free time, we will all remain entertained by the footage! Sit back and enjoy some highflying desert trickery by this talented and crazy kid.

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 Bizet just got some competition when it comes to flipping big bikes like a boss.
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 Not to mention Ethen didn't grow up rippin mtb and it's not his current profession... dude has some serious natural abilities. That whole family does. They're all insane.
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 Levi Sherwood would be proud
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 What does "Marination process" mean in that context
  • 12 0
 soaked in madness his entire life
  • 6 0
 why wasent he in rampage?
  • 5 0
 too busy with nitro circus
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 That superman backflip is sick looking in sequence..
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 Single crown on a glory???
  • 5 0
 great idea if you ask me those things are super steep and only have a 8.75 shock if im not mistaken
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 Nah new glories are slack and low man. 63.5 HA and 13" BB. He's riding a 2014. Still an 8.75 shock but with the leverage curve on the glory its all ya need.
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 nah bro 63.5 is a whole degree less than my turner. way to steep hahahahahah jk
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 I dont think he would win rampage
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 This guy is so winning!
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 Well. That was gnarly!
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 Wonder if he will enter rampage an smash it?
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 Guarantee this fool thrashes on the motorbike
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 Grew up with Ethen, the kid rocks the motorbike, killed me on the track and don't even want to talk about freestyle! He was throwing backflips and underflips on the moto in high school. Wakeboarded for hyperlight, kills it on the snowboard and took a two year break while he served an LDS mission and came back just as strong as when he left. The kid is a stud!
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 Too bad Nitro probably pays waaaaay better than this industry.
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 his t-shirt changed colors...did he do both of these twice?
  • 1 0
 A couple of times actually!
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 Flip bars have no place in MTB. It ain't like you're trying to pull back a couple pounds of moto.
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 WOW That was awesome....
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 nice riding / music - not music
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 WOW You Rock Dude.
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 Nice work Kollyn!
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 wooooh Merca!!! dig the helmet!
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 Lookin good Ethan!!!
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