Video: e*thirteen Welcomes Back Mikey Haderer

Aug 2, 2020
by e*thirteen components  

After several years away, e*thirteen is stoked to welcome back The Mad Haderer

The partnership between e*thirteen and Mikey "The Mad Haderer" has officially been rekindled and we are stoked to see him charge on our cranks and rims.

Photo Luca Cometti

bigquotesMikey has been part of the e*thirteen family in one way or another since the very beginning, and we are beyond stoked to have him riding for us again. With nearly 20 years of racing and riding downhill, Mikey knows how to put rims to the test on race tracks and bike parks all over the world. Check out this interview we did with him a while back.Connor Bondlow, Marketing and Athlete Manager e*thirteen components

Make sure to follow Mikey on Instagram and Facebook to see what crazy line he's been riding wearing only his speedo.
Filming and editing by Wiley Kaupas.


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 Suntour Aion, bought one of those forks for 180eur instead of 480eur on CRC, best fork for the money. Too bad Suntour gear does not get much reviews on Pinkbike.
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 So whats bad about it? If everybody knew it was a good Fork you wouldn't get it that cheap
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 @dark-o: That's definitely not true.. Suntour is just not a brand name on level with Fox/RS so they don't charge fox prices. Remember it's mtb where the majority of the riders are brand whores. This fork rides great, check out some reviews on it. And don't knock it til you try it.
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 @dark-o: It's from SR Suntour, the same company that makes the XCT/XCR/XCM coil forks. No-one who has ridden one of those trusts them, and would rather go to Fox or Rockshox as they only make halfway decent and above forks.
I've tried one, and it performs better than anything from RS and Fox in this price range.
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 @GilesSTurner: I can't find anything for "suntour" on CRC. There's probably custom regulations and most of us folks in North America can't buy them the same way Shimano stuff has been removed from CRC for Canadians customers.
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 @GilesSTurner: I wasn't talking about the Fork I was asking why he has a problem with the lack of reviews on Pinkbike, which keeps the price low
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 @maxgod: they are not locked out to see, they just don’t have stock. They have them occasionally. There’s a few places out of Germany that sometimes have them for low prices as well. Bike discount or bike components. A lot of places are using different shipping than normal so fees have been a bit higher. CRC is using SkyNet and they charge an extra fee beyond the all in price. Suntour NA has sales on all the time as well. I decided to go Marzocchi instead.
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 @GilesSTurner: don't forget rockshox do make absolute junk too.
Crap suspension is a necessary evil. If cheap entry level bikes were speed with better suspension it would then drive the price up, which would then deter more people for even starting to ride mtb
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 I got a NOS SR Suntour Auron late last year for $300. I think it is a steal. I don't have anything to compare it too though.
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 @maxgod: and SRAM too
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 @maxgod: Nothing on CRC either for me in the UK. I remember seeing an Aion in green for sale at £180, probably the same price as OP mentioned and they haven't restocked since.
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 @felimocl: I do agree that RS make crap stuff as well, and the need for crappy suspension won't go away, but at least the XC28/XC30 that they make(their worst one I believe) has a damper. The SR Suntour XCE doesn't even have a damper, it's just two coil springs with preload adjusters.
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 @JayUpNorth: Marzocchi is just a rebranded Fox though. But if they can market it as a "budget" fork and correct some stuff like creaky CSU from the 36 and 38 then I'd gladly sacrifice the GRIP2 damper for no creaks and a bunch of extra money in my pocket.
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 @maxgod: I am aware of the Fox/Marzocchi connection. I was able to use a code someone put up for grabs on r/mtb so I only paid about $420cad after tax. Had to order a air shaft though as they didn’t have the right travel.
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 Mikey is one of those people you meet and after two minutes you feel like you've been friends for life. Talented too. Glad to see him supported.
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 That poor rock at the end of the video. Why did he do that? Now the berm has to regrow that rock.
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 Mikey is an awesome dude and talented shredder, although I wish I could unsee those Speedo moments! Props for having character with no f*cks given!! Go Mikey!!
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 Nice Mikey!...Hey! Somebody get some pants on that kid!
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 Congrats Mikey!
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 Good for him
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 Ya Mikey!
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 E13 = "garbage components"...
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 Unfortunately the 1st items to be switched out...trs cranks have been good to me tho
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 Yehhhh Buddy ????????

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