Video: Euro Turns & Rocky Lines on a Backyard Adventure in Sölden, Austria

Jul 16, 2020
by Sebastian Doerk  

Except it isn't or at least it's worth defining adventure. Adventures aren't a mysterious thing that only happen to explorers and you don't have to travel 10,000 miles to find one. We are living in weird times, where we can't travel like we used to and so we'll have to look for adventure in our own backyards. Stop reading inspirational quotes on Insta pics and just get lost.

Rob Heran rides the newly opened black and very technical "Fernar trail" and more in the Bike Republic Sölden.
Trails in order:
Upper Fernar Trail
Ollweite Line
Gampe Trail
Leiterberg Trail

Filmed and edited by Sebastian Doerk / infinite trails

The Ballad of T-Bone Hammer Horse
If The World Was Round

Bike: EVIL Offering
Rider: Rob Heran

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 Alpine riding is for me the pinnacle of mountain biking! Stuff that never gets boring, never repeats, can always get more challenging, can be found over the next hikable pass and likely has never seen tires on dirt. Thankfully we have a great undocumented network of such trails in the alps and those that know, they know. Thanks for the inspiration.
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 True, but he is riding in a bike park though...even if this one has "natural" trails. So, not really an adventure/exploration or a real alpine ride.
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It all depends on your definition of adventure, I spend some of the best days of my life exactly like this. Rise before the sun, the landscape turns to gold and then ride great trails with friends. Done it a couple of times, still loving every second.
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 @infinitetrails: Ok, fair enough, I got your point. Anyway, your riding skills on those tight technicals trails are very impressive, and the edit is pretty dope too.
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 "Stop reading inspirational quotes on fancy pictures"

Proceeds to post a fancy photo just below the video with an inspirational quote.

Either way sick video.
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 Irony is lost on the internet ???? Glad you like it anyway!
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 I named the trail 5-Seen-Trail on Trailforks some years ago, one could reach the start with the free shuttle bus to the Tiefenbachferner. I did not like it very much at the time, because there were a lot unrideable parts (rocks too square, overly tight switchbacks) and the panorama wasnt that great..
Good to see they made it more rideable now. Still: it is NOT an alpine trail, and the scenery at the top into these huge digups for the ski slopes is horrible!
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 glad to see some more natural trails in Sölden!
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 Yeah, Austria needs more natural trails. Wanted to visit Solden from some tieme, this makes me want it even more.
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 HEy Sebastian, go easy on the grading please. The dark-greenish hypercontrast look doesn't work me here, for such a beautiful nature setting...
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 Nice to see this trail on Pinkbike. We're heading there this weekend and this trail will be sundays recovery treat after a day of sustained alpine epicness.
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 Thank you for this "offering", I watched it on mute because I'm up at dawn for a morning shred, might work on some euro turns actually
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 wut is euro turn
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 Love it, though this was still filmed in an exotic place a long way from me...
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 Backyard? This place is fancy and shiny like a Shopping Mall
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 I know where you’re coming from and you’re right, most lines are build to appeal to a wider audience. But if you dig under the surface there are indeed very cool natural trails. Fernar Trail certainly isn’t polished ...
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 Great video and great place
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 Very nice. Also, i prefer videos cut like this, scenes that last longer than 0.5 sec.
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 @Eesha Der Bus :O
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 Great video!!! Looking for more from the Swiss alps!!
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