Video: Highlights Shows - EWS Whistler 2019

Aug 13, 2019
by Enduro World Series  

The Enduro World Series’ annual pilgrimage to Whistler is always an action-filled affair, and the 2019 edition was no different. For the first time in its seven-year history, the race took place over two days, with 675 riders battling it out on tough trails in even tougher conditions. Six big stages over two days pushed the riders to the max as they struggled to maximise their series points as they head into the sharp end of the season.

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 Such an awesome time we live to get this quickly is such a posh form. Cheers!
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 Mr. Melamed, sir I am so impressed. Your POVs are amazing and your finishing top 30 with broken bones is beyond comprehension. I cannot come down the Top of the world without stopping for breaks in my best condition. Just awesome. Cannot wait for you to heal up.
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 Awesome vid. It's amazing to me how composed Rude and Hill are, their upper bodies don't move around much at all.
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 I noticed the same- they look unflappable.
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 Eddie masters:” that was dark”

Pure gold
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 Thanks for the fantastic coverage and so quickly after the event is just amazing ???? ????????
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 i think richie rude doesn't need PEDs
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 Thats whats cool about mountain biking, you can't fake skill. You could put someone with lance armstrongs legs and heart with peak arnold's upper body on a bike, and they wouldn't even finish this race if they only had the skills of an average rider.
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 @4thflowkage: but when you have very skilled people on the top end, the only difference might be doping and and a bit of luck, which negates your argument. In other words, doping is still an advantage. Not saying Rude is still doping (probably not), but my point is people don't always win just because of the skill.
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 Super D is back and Rude is squashing people.
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 No interview with series leader Florian Nicolai? I mean he’s a bit hard to understand but he didn’t even get a mention in the outlook for Northstar.
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 Whhoaaa. “Coming like a freight train.” That is badass sustained top speed! So cool.
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 Awesome highlights. Would love to see some live footage as well, even though I'm sure its a logistical nightmare with all of the stages. Great content nonetheless!
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 Love the POV footy edited in. More please.
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 What's up with their goggles? Some were riding without the lens, some were riding without them. Weird.
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 When you are getting paid...
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 It was so humid that goggles were fogging up instantly. Since the mud was flying there's an advantage to having the frames of the goggles act as a peripheral barrier to mud as well as holding on the helmet for fit. That and the sponsor thing as mentioned below.
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 @Golden-G: exactly. Sponsors need you to ride their best lens for the conditions.
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 If it's warm and wet then it stops the sweat rolling down into your eyes.
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 Deja'vu from an earlier comment thread..
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 Isabeau looks so small on that bike Smile Awesome coverage
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 Love Enduro
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 Welcome back to Rudeality.
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 Sam Hill's attitude...AWESOME!!! GIVER SAM!!!
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 gotta lv Sam Hill. 'still fire in the belly' love how laid back he comes over....never seems phased.
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 How about those times of Men's 5th/6th and 7th/8th! Awesome
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