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Aug 14, 2018
by Enduro World Series  

There have been some dramatic races in Whistler over the years, but round six of the Enduro World Series, the CamelBak Canadian Open Enduro presented by Specialized, will go down in history as one of the most fiercely contended yet. Over 300 riders battled it out across five big stages, and once more it was a race that came down to the wire, where less than a second could be the difference between triumph and tragedy.

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 sorry to start with this but, 'expresso'?
sure l'll find something else to say soon, now back to it!
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 I thought the same.
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 There's some confusion up here about how to pronounce/spell espresso. I blame the trail expresso on fromme.
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 It's actually quite common in Canada to mispronounce it. Worse yet, they also call it an espresso shot, which is even more confusing. Meanwhile in Italy they just call it coffee.
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 I think it's a common request. A buddy who used to work in a cafe gets really wound up by 'cuppa-chino'; apparently it gets annoying after the 500 th time.
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 Dude, you call your blanket a 'doona'.
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 @TobiasHandcock: that's right mate l do call my doona a doona, cos that's what it is. If l shivered under a blanket l'd say so. I'll shout you a coffee if ever we meet.
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 @ColquhounerHooner not sure what's wrong with the way he said expresso, could you be more pacific? Otherwise I'll have to put an asterix next to that one and check it later.
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 Poor Richie Rude lost it again due flatting on the final stage. Can anyone explain how the pros keep flatting with dh casings/DD, cushcores and decent tire sealant? Is it just razor sharp rocks that cut the tire wide open? Or is it taking risk with tire pressure? Cecile rode the last stage with a tube and did not flat probably because she put 2 bars in it. I would love to see a more technical video on this with different tactics from the riders.
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 Honest question - are you sure they are running DH casing? The sidewalls of Cecile's tire @ 15:38 ish in the video look somewhat thin (at least, similar to the SnakeSkins I run)...

Definitely agreed that a closer look at what they choose and why would be interesting, as there's definitely more to it than choosing the beefiest/grippiest options out there.
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 He went full gaz like praprapraprapra.
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 @Mngnt: DH casings F & R with Cushcore.
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 Flat tires aside, better question is why Rude doesnt just run the SB6 full time? I get the need for Yeti to demonstrate their product line, but his worth is determined by his standings and results. And it sure looks like he is more successful on the SB6.
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 @btablak: New Yeti 29er dropping soon!
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 I think it's riding styles. You hear Sam Hill talk in that Privateer episode about being very mindful of the line choice so not to destroy the bike. You hear about Sam getting flats recently?

It's not always about racing faster, but about racing smarter. In the race videos and from some personal experience, Richie is a "thrasher" when he rides. When you ride like that sometimes the bike makes it down in one piece and sometimes it doesn't.
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 @btablak: Why would you assume that the SB6 is faster?
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 I think they all run DH casing tires. They just go so much faster and it’s rocky and rooty here. There were dented rims all over. The kid that stayed at my house and raced in U21 was running the Goodyear 2.6 DH rear tire and he dented his rim enough that the sidewall was folded over completely. Now the rim is a Bontrager Line 30 (I think) and I don’t think those are very tough. He had a tube and used that but then broke his chain. I gave him the tube and a Co2 that morning but I didn’t know how bad his drivetrain was. Kids learn slowly I guess.
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 @btablak: what about the win on 5.5 in France this year?
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 @Patsplit: so true. When I watch Rude race, I just think “Hulk Smash!” He’s an amazing rider and sometimes it’s just super fast, but it’s hard to maintain consistency and equipment riding like that.

Contrast that to Sam Hill who is always looking for a smoother line because he knows his equipment and body will hold up in the long run.
If I were his coach, I’d almost want to put Richie on an XC hardtail, hell maybe a cx bike, with light tires on some east coast tech and make him ride it until he stopped flatting. He’s such an amazingly fit dude that can handle more than what his bike and tires can.
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 Wish l had of placed a bet somewhere on Richie flatting on the 5th stage. Knew it was gunna happen, the guy is so hungry for a win he is eating his tyres.
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 @whambat: And then after this thread, Sam Hill front flats in Spain and Richie almost sweeps all stages in Spain and sweeps in Italy...

Same Hill for the WIN!
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 Cecille, win or win, she's on the booze.
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 "Hold your hands out all 'gropey' like, yeah that's it. Now walk awkwardly toward the camera. Perfect. Oh man you're a natural. "
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 It's amazing how unnatural and awkward every EWS presenter looks and acts. I guess they need a new director. And they should drop the stylist, or search for presenters outside the hipster community. The fakeness is unbearable.
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 @IntoTheEverflow: Eh, at least these guys ride bikes at a high level and can relate to what they're describing/commentating - could be worse!
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They are doing well. Maybe need to get over some of the commentator awkwardness, but comparatively they look like they are genuinely trying be professional and are generally well composed and well spoken. Good for the sport. Good for greater appeal. Keep it up EWS.
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 The pretentious intro music is the best/worst.
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 I'd be happy if they just took some care to pronounce the racer's names correctly...
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 @gonecoastal: the pop music used throughout the video is way way worse...
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 @jimeg: I don't think the presenters are awkward themselves, but they seem to be forced into an act that is not natural for them.

I would like to apologize to all bearded men in skinnyjeans.
I was maybe a bit too harsh in my verdict.
(Just went cold turkey after smoking 2 grams of amnesia hash a day, if that counts as an excuse.)
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 richard cunningham was a good presenter, what happened to him
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 They should hire Jerod Keeso as Wayne from Letterkenny.
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 calls crazy train most technical trail, doesn't show any of the gnarly technical sections in the video.
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 Didn't they have to ride down "In Deep" as part of the Top of the World trail to get to the bottom? No coverage in the live feed from those crazy sections... That's No Joke...
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 Yeah, I found that a bit odd.
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 EWS presenter requirements ;-)

Beard - Check
Skinny jeans - Check.

OK you're in!
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 that ain't skinny
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 @mi-bike: I know. The ironic thing is that mine are skinnier and I have a beard. Just jealous I didn't get the call...:-(
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 No accent? Not even a Candian one... I want my money back.
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 Some great quotes in this one. Korem and ALN are a welcome addition. Courdurier is charming as always, and glad to see Ravanel pushing herself a little on the victory-drinking-tricks front.

Can you imagine the household that unleashed Eddie and Wyn Masters on the world? Madness.
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 Smoked 'em!!!! classic Sam Hill
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 I love enduro because they can have several different types of tracks. There are some bike park flow tracks, some natural rugged stuff, and everything in between. There can't be any complaints with this style of racing.
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 Enduro and DH, 2 great disciplines that go great together. Love this stuff. Keep up the great coverage PB.
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 Cecile's situation with using a tube for the Top of the World run is shown in great detail here. Stressful!
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 "Most of the mechanics we spoke to had their riders using Cushcore and aluminum rims. Polar Bear, the Yeti mechanic went as far as to say, "I won't let my riders use carbon rims." "

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 @alexhyland: Yeah Rocky Mountain Team went the same route after Jesse's catastrophic rim failure last year. The wheels have to make it through the whole race with the EWS sticker on them otherwise they DNF.
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 @alexhyland: makes sense. You kill a carbon rim there’s a good chance you’re done for the day. Hammers and other crude implements can make an aluminum rim good enough to finish on.
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 Video should be called „The Maes Runner“ ... oh wait...
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 Where's Adam?
Or did I miss something?
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 For general reporting on the EWS, they probably opted to keep their side project with Adam out of it. They never really mentioned anyone outside the top 5 (including Yoann Barrelli), so that would have been a stretch to include him.
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 EWS videos are not produced by Pinkbike (although Pinkbike sponsors the EWS). The Privateer is Pinkbike's own project. Their video will come out later.
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 Anyone knows the song that starts around 5:08?
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 Hopefully they post the song list. That one is especially rad.
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 Are the racers climbing all these on their own??? I really hope they’re taking the lift for TotW at least.
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 They rode over and climbed on BlackComb mountain (Stage 1 and 2) and up loaded on Whistler to Stage 3. Mix of up hill and downhill fire road to Stage 4 and then had a small ride from end of Stage 4 to get to gondola to the top for Stage 5.
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 What happened to the hipster dude with the skinny pants??
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 Can somebody get Eddie some matching knee pads?!?!
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 ones an ACL brace.
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 What about the song from +- 6:50 to 8:29?
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 Was that guy the only option to tell us about the race?
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 Flat pedals don't win medals
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 Great video BUT..... why did you have to put a photo of the winner on the main picture???
I managed to avoid the results for two days waiting on the highlights, just so you could add a nice spoiler!!!

Epic FAIL!!!
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 Soz, we have to all avoid the real world so you can wait for a video of the real world. Get real @marcomiff
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