Video: EWS Whistler Track Walk with Sam Hill - The Privateer Episode 9

Aug 10, 2018
by Pinkbike Originals  

Sam Hill is one of the best mountain bike racers of all time - multiple time downhill World Champion, current EWS champion and he's leading the 2018 series at the moment. As a Mavic athlete, he joins Adam on a track walk and the two talk race lines and tactics.

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 More words from Mr Hill in one episode than in the entire back catalogue of Sam Hill interviews put together. Nice work.
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 Thats cause he seems happier and enjoying as ever before. Being a true raw mtb lover must so pleasant to ride the best trails of the world in such quantity and intensity...
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 I still needed captions because I don't speak GOAT.
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 @jdeuce: quoted for truth.
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 I was thinking the same thing
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 I can see every other EWS rider watching this video to learn all the secret lines from the master Sam Hill.
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 Hhaha i thought the same.
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 @Luniapuanrider: Netflix , keep it smooth and avoid all holes Pimp
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 Seriously one of best series ever.the track walk with the Man the legend Sam F***in Hill it's the cherry on top of it Smile can't wait for the EWS in Whistler! !! GO Adam have fun and ride your bike the best you can! And Sam you're really a great man besides a legendary athlete, rootin for you as always, make a great race in Whistler .footoutflatout
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 Adam, chill out man, after getting advice from this guy there is no pressure to improve your results man, ; ) .. remember netflix.hahaha... bets series ever
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 That poor bastard to come down, dragging his ass like a dog with worms before those lads ????
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 Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves. 

Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

Bruce Lee
Sam Hill
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 Not to take yours/Bruce's metaphor too literally (Bruce, Sam and we are all about 60% water) but... water is reactive and Sam is proactive. Water would take the central rutted line and crash into the corner. Sam consciously goes high so he can alter the natural course and proceed to inside line the shit out of it!! Be like water if it had epic line choice and massive gnads.
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 Me: listen to the tips so you can improve your riding!

Me (3 minutes in): Wow Canada sure is pretty and they have such great trails sure would love to ride them someday!

Me (9 minutes in): Damn I didn't hear a word Sam said!!!!!!! REWIND!!!
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 So you will have to watch the last episode and learn how to focus on your goals
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 It's the weed, happens all too often
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 @gcmartini: I live in Colorado. complete understand. Big Grin
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 It is not Yoann episode that needs subtitels...
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 REWIND???? Are you watching this on a fuking VHS?
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 So basically avoid the actual trail. Sam Hill just see things totally differently to us mortal riders. Whilst I understand the concepts he seems to be less confined to the typical lines then anyone else and his ability to actually ride them at race pace, wow. Does he actually remember them or does he naturally spot them on the fly?
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 He's spent his entire career memorizing every pebble on WC race tracks. I would guess he's gotten pretty good at it, and can take in quite a bit of a track during a single walk
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 He said he also watches go pro footage from practice.
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 Probably a mix of both, his classic answer in this interview says it all.,2472
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 @tttyyler: I think it’s fair to say that Sam’s ability to read terrain and adjust at race pace is one of his biggest strengths.
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 The top guys are all riding a different course than everyone else.
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 spots on the fly better than anyone.. but to me the "I rather brake before and setup for the corner than blast down the straight section and grab the brakes completely right before the turn" sums up why you dont see him flying down the course like some other slower guys..
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 You guys releasing an episode every day or something? I'll take it. Good luck at EWS Adam. By the way I saw it youtube like 2 hours ago...
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 Stay positive & focussed Adam and the very best of luck
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 And yes excellent series,
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 Priceless!!!!! Line choices from Sam!!
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 It's so interesting seeing the differencees between Sam and Yoann. Sam is so quiet and reserved. Also, his riding style perfectly matches how chill he is.
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 Doesn't matter what kind of racing it is, bikes, cars, boats boards - the consistently fastest guys usually are the ones who've mastered that whole slow-down-to-go-fast thing.
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 @g-42: I may have learned the first part too well.
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 "Biggest mental hurdle is when you started racing?" ... "Dealing with qualifying first"
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 That guy at 7:10 just blew by Sam Hill! That's what his buddies will hear anyway when he tells them about it.

Actually he was going at a good clip, I would be draggin even more brake, lol
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 "You don't want to be on the brakes as much as that dude" I am going to be on the brakes as much as that dude all day. Hahaha.
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 The irony here is that Adam will probably feel a bit more pressure just because he had Sam F Hill giving him advice on lines to take. I hope he just focuses on enjoying the race, living the moment, following the advice, and not dwelling too much on the fact that he had the goat at his track walk.
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 i hope he can translate the line advice to the actual concept of just reading outside the lines yet still being comfortable. like if you you have to try too hard to get over to the next line, its probably not worth it and slower in the long run.
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 Most riders are watching their own Go pro footage the night before the race... Sam's binge-watching the latest Netflix Original series.
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 I use to race a lot of CX and I remember Carl Decker doing a track walk of a nationals
course essentially saying the same thing. Don’t take the main line just because everyone else does. Look for the smoothest fastest line instead.
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 within your skill and comfort level of course.
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 Sam's thoughts of what Yoann would do were hilarious!!!
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 PB this is the shit! Thank you!
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 hey! hey! don't congratulate them!! they will just get inflated egos then the content will decline! Wink hahaha
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 Sams tips will only work for south hemisphere peeps. See how he often comments around the right, its smoother, has a better line. That's due to the way the weather spins down these ways after transgress below the equator, how our bodies respond to being in this environment, what is smoother for our selves influenced by the forces imposed on us (water flows and eddies, natural order down to particle and earth forces). Those from the northern hemisphere have the same but inverse, so the left is how as organisms your bodies are adjusted by the environmental influences. It take several months to swap over if change hemisphere or an event is in the opposite side of the world. Knowing your natural influencers from the global setting goes a long way to picking lines that work for you.
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 I'd bee keen to understand the differences between Sam's line choices and the riders that keep having punctures and mechanicals. Are they really that different? Dunno...

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.
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 Sam Hill...I am saving this video to watch when I can be alone and uninterrupted.
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 Privateer, Sam Hill, and Whistler. If this does get pinkbikers wet, I don't know what will.
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 Why is it I feel like getting ready to watch an episode of Lost?
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 A 9 minute video on line choice with simple advice but somehow impossible to achieve with my riding ability.
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 Ok I get it now.
1) Be Sam Hill
2) Take wide lines and avoid holes
3) Don't brake much
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 you missed #4: Be Sam Hill
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 Its all bullshit. He will go for the inside lines no matter what
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 Whats that squishy bottle Sam is holding?. Looks like it would fit great in a SWAT pocket.
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 Sam Hill not going for the inside lines... Really makes you think.
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 Yeah, he has totally recreated his riding style to be good at EWS. He was the one who pioneered the modern DH style of the most direct line at all costs. Now he's pioneering the style that everyone in Enduro will be using soon, ride smoother lines even if they are slower than the most direct, aggressive line.
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 @TobiasHandcock: You misspelled Nicolas Vouilloz
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 so in summary.... bumps are bad
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