Video: EWS Zermatt 2020 Highlights Show

Aug 31, 2020
by Brian Park  

When it rains, it pours. 2020 continues to be an unprecedented year, so it's no surprise that the first EWS of the year was a strange one!

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 Interesting that GMBN has taken up the coverage for the official highlights.
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 Jesse Melamed: "I'm glad that we're able to do this".

So are we Jesse! So are we.
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 Well done all. Tough conditions for the Worlds toughest. Thanks to everyone that made it happen.
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 Spesh doesnt have a decent EWS team so it just sponsors the whole event?
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 What is up with Rick's eye brows?
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 Must have lost a bet. They were back to normal at the end of the video
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 Whats up with the heavy music choice?
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 I got confused and kept looking for Jamie O'Brien.
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 Awesome coverage thank you thank you thank you !!! So good to watch racing again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 Interested if anyone switched from clipless to flats for these conditions. Thought I saw flats on Eliot Heap's bike in photos but not sure if he raced them.
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 Was a bit worried when gmbn where taking over the ews shows but despite them only having 2 stages to pull a show from that was still pretty good. Like how they have more own board race run footage, and like how there a bit of a story on the actual riding highlights now, rather than a quick speech over the times at the end then more riding. So far so good.

I watched the ews-e show as well and that was pretty well done too. More uphill stages tho, loved how that mixed up the results a bit!! Maybe normal ews needs to have a bit more of a mix again rather than 6 dh stages? I dunno, I just liked the curve ball the uphill stage made haha
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 How is highlights up before the fantasy update?
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 I needed this. Thank you!
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 Ah, Switzerland, where the trails are crafted from freshly-spooned Nutella!
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 Still way too much focus on interviews, charts/tables and slo-mo (of pedaling uphill?!) instead of riding.
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 And great job on the highlights! Very glad to have racing back, in whatever form.
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 So pleased to finally get to see some racing this year, and great results from the Scottish women too.
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 Where's Richie and Cody?
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 US residents can't travel to most of Europe due to the coronavirus situation here.
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 @MtbSince84: poor Cody, i´m sure he would have loved this swiss mud Big Grin

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