Video: Explore the Growing Swedish Mountain Bike Scene in 'Connection'

Jan 19, 2020
by Niklas Wallner  

It's finally time to present the feel-good documentary Connection. Get an insight into the Swedish mountain bike scene and the personalities that shaped it into what it is today.
From the generation that led the way to the youngsters who just started their journey.

This is their stories, why this sport means so much to them and what it actually takes to pursue a career as a professional cyclist.

Starring: Martin Söderström, Robin Wallner, Max Fredriksson, Emil Johansson, Simon Johansson & Zakarias Blom Johansen.


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 Thank you for making this film. It's so good to see something thats focused on riding and the riders over how artsy the shot looks. Also loved the length of the film. compared to all of these super short insta clips and youtube edits that almost make me numb to sick shit. I miss this type of media, the kind you wait for in anticipation and then watch 50 times over again to get you hyped on riding. Great job!
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 Huh, the documentary spent way less time on Wakidesigns's attempted domination of the Pinkbike comment section than I would have expected. Seems like there is more to Sweden's riding scene than I thought.
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 This documentary is fantastic. Max in the indoor park is insane. So much skill.
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 God damn Max is so good. Definitely going to see him on the podium this year
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 Fantastic job, Niklas! Beautiful piece. Favourite part was with Emil, maybe just due to his stylish riding.
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 Really enjoyed this!
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 so good
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 the story was cool but the shots in the edits were awesome!
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 Heja Sverige!
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 Such a cool film! Zakarias Johansen is an absolute shredder!
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 Way to go Niklas, awesome job on this short film!

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