Video: Exploring some of New Zealand's Best Riding Spots

Mar 13, 2020
by The Giros  
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Imagine, you take on a 3 weeks adventure with you best friends to experience New Zealand's best mtb trails. After the success of Chombo, our trip in Japan from last year, we decided to explore this time the land of the kiwis. We are proud to present this time Whanau our latest movie.

Whanau which literally means "Big Family" in Maori is all about the spirit of friendship and adventure of The Giros, a group of friends that went from North to South Island on the best MTB spot of New Zealand.

From the deep forests of Rotorua,

To the beautiful landscapes of Craigieburn,

Not to forget the classics of Queenstown:

Coronet Peak,

Salmon Run,

Mc Nearly Gnarly,

We made the most of this incredible adventure thanks to the help of All Mountain NZ,

a Queenstown based guide agency managed by french mens Nico and Olivier.


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 Nah, riding here is yeah nah at finest. Too many rocks, flow sections are too fast, jumps are too jumpy. Wouldn't bother unless you enjoy the local cuisine of weak tea and lukewarm pies.
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 I was REALLY stoked to watch this video. Unfortunately I had to shut it off ~3 minutes in; locking up your brakes to purposely skid out corner after corner for your "Sick Edit" is total BS.
(Feel free to post an equal video of you spending all day doing trail maintenance work.)
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 Feel free to ZZZIPIT!
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 Now that NZ as instigated a mandatory 14 day self-quarantine for everyone arriving from overseas, you'll have to wait until the end of the year at least now.
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 Missus doesn’t want me coming back home, fine, you’ll find me spending 14 days in a tent at Craigieburn.
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 @Randomscruff: Dude....your life sux....NOT!
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 From the MoH website:

Self-isolation means you should avoid situations that could facilitate the transmission of the virus such as social gatherings and events where you come into contact with others; in particular child care/pre-school centres, primary and secondary schools (including staff and students), aged care, health care facilities, prisons, public gatherings

So I reckon no group rides for two weeks and you’re sweet to ride.
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 @Randomscruff: I can shuttle up some Sheffield pies - say 3 a day $200 delivery
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 Spending time in Rotorua and Queenstown the video made me feel homesick and I'm not even a Sheep-shagger! One power-ball and I'm moving the family -awesome place.
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 You passed thru Wellington and didn't go riding?
Well that's a Whanau fail fest then! (glad you enjoyed the night life though)
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 Awesome video.
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 Looks the dream, proper bit of mountain biking!
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 So, which place was best? For "normal" riding, I'm not sending those huge jumps! Smile
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 If you're in the North Island - Rotorua, South Island - Queenstown.
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 Very nice!

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