Video: Exploring the Oregon Backcountry for the First Time in 'Pedal Through'

Jul 23, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesPedal Through invites us into the world of director-lead Analise Cleopatra as she discovers the healing and joy of mountain biking. Analise had never camped or ridden a bike off the pavement when she decided to plan a week-long mountain biking adventure with an all Black female team: her best friend and fellow newcomer to the sport, DeJuanae Toliver, and professional mountain biker Brooklyn Bell. Together, they traverse the Oregon backcountry on an adventure full of exploration, curiosity, waterfalls, old growth forest, sparkling starscapes, and deep healing. With raw authenticity, Analise shares all the intimate foibles, fear, fun, and beauty of discovering her place in the outdoors. The landscape opens to greet her as she learns to lean into uncertainty, accept support and trust herself on this wild ride.

Analise Cleopatra
Brooklyn Bell
DeJuanae Toliver-Porter

Directed by Analise Cleopatra + Aly Nicklas
Produced by Aly Nicklas
Director of Photography, Aly Nicklas
Filmed by Aly Nicklas, Analise Cleopatra, Alisa Geiser, Jennifer Daniles
Editor, Alisa Geiser with Aly Nicklas
Story Producer, Alisa Geiser
Color by Aly Nicklas
Sound Mix by Matt Kellam
Voiceover Recording by Alexa Caravia
Aerial Cinematography by Skysight Motion Cinema
Title Design by Brooklyn Bell
Title Animation by Jessica Bressler
Additional Footage by Zack Paukert and John Walker

The 'Pedal Through' cast and crew discuss the film and share their perspectives on gender and racial representation in film and action sports for their panel discussion video below.


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 Very rad video! Everyone on here already knows that time in the backcountry with friends will make you a better person. It’s great to see people who aren’t from the outdoor space getting outside and seeing what kind of twist they bring. I’m a big fan of “borrowing best practices,” so the more people from more walks of life we get outdoors the better we can make the experience!
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 I never became the better person I could have been because I always toured solo. Fuck.
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 Would love to see more content like this.
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 This is great, thanks for posting it. Also 'Analise Cleopatra' is a bad-ass name!
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 This was awesome. Really refreshing content!
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 I would be very stoked to ride with those three awesome ladies. That video made my day. I'd love to see more people of color out on the trails with me.
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 She took some heavy slams! Props for persevering!
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 The footage of the 'first-ever' ride showed some incredible confidence for a couple of never-ever mountainbikers and then they brush off that huge otb slam like it was nothing! Great attitude.
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 It's almost like Friday Fails bonus content. Great video and tough girls.
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 I yelled out during that OTB! But what an awesome video. Have shared this video with friends
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 Big ups to everyone who is willing to adventure beyond their comfort zone. Nice ride, ladies. I hope to see you on the trail someday.
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 This is awesome. All people need to experience nature out in 2 wheels!
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 I was expecting to "down vote" a beginner, woke video, but that was really great and inspirational. Keep riding Analise!
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 This is so cool! Very well shot, and great story telling. More please!
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 Make this a series, I want to see how the next outing goes, I want to see the progression. Also, this had my wife wanting to try bikepacking
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 It always seems like Pinkbike shows videos of the PNW and they are always in Washington. Then whenever it is an Oregon clip they call it Oregon and not the PNW. Though you all should just congregate up in Washington anyway, the trails are way better there.
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 Hey man, we also have great trails in Oregon. Oakridge, Bend, and Hood River are world class.
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 @Kwclaggett: those places are acceptable for the masses to congregate at top I suppose.
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 @Kwclaggett: top = too
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 So good! Analise captured the essence of why many of us build our lives around getting outside. It's wonderful to see the appreciation for the woods and the healing power that time spent outdoors can provide. Seeing people experience it for the first time is heartwarming. That shit just doesn't get old!
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 Not often you get to wake up and smile for 14:12!

Fantastic video!
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 Wonderful video - thanks so much for highlighting this Pinkbike! More content like this, please!
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 Great courage displayed. Along with great love of life. Please introduce more of your friends to mountain biking. Please help open the outdoors to your community and everyone.
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 Digging this video. REI should offer skills clinics, for beginners if they don't already do...all the new riders need some basic pointers.
  • 3 1
 They do!

It's all shut down right now with COVID, but they have good 3hr long courses with awesome instructors. It's based on location though and if there is an Outdoor School Program in the area or not.
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 Echoing everyone else's comments here. So good and great to see a little more diversity on the trails!
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 Great video! On top of being a cool story of getting out of one's comfort zone and being open to adventure, the scenery in this thing is on point.
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 Don't stop riding!! The lifestyle will take you soooo many beautiful places. Great story! Thanks to all involved
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 Yes! More people on the trails! No, not sarcastic, I mean really, it has to open up or we don't survive. Like the Republic perhaps?
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 more of this content. respect for trying something so new and keeping at it!!
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 Very inspiring and courageous for you to take this especially since mostly foreign to you. The backcountry rules!
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 Thanks for showing me my sport through your eyes - well done and welcome!
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 I love the vibes... but am I the only one who thinks associating this with "Bikepacking" deserves a facepalm?
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 "Naw man, I don't wanna fall on those rocks." We've all had this thought!
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 This was great.
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 there's a risk in seeing wolves??
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 no, there's a chance of seeing wolves. Think that way:-)
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 I salute you guys!!!! Keep cranking!!!
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 Awesome content, thank you for sharing Pinkbike!
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 awesome video. would love to see more of this!
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 Rad. This is Rad.
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