Video: Exploring the History of Leatt Protection in 'Heritage - The Origin'

Feb 20, 2021
by Leatt .com  

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Leatt has launched a new Heritage Video Series, to tell the story behind how Leatt started and how they got to be where they are today, as a head-to-toe brand.

“It dawned on me that I can't allow my son to ride and expose himself to this sort of risk. I couldn't believe that there wasn't a product. That's when I started working on the whole project to develop the neck brace.” – Dr Chris Leatt

The story of how and why Leatt came to be what it is today, is an emotional and inspiring one to say the very least. Episode 1 of this four-part series travels back to the beginning to uncover how a tragic accident inspired a South African doctor to solve a unique problem.

What exactly happened to create this passionate drive within Dr. Leatt to design a protective neck brace? This Series is comprised of four episodes, episode 2 will explore how the pioneering neck brace has evolved over the years. Coming March 1st. Follow Leatt’s social media pages and subscribe to the YouTube channel to not miss out.

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 Well in 2010 i broke my neck, riding my DH bike NOT WEARING a neck brace and I was lucky to get away will minor complications and long time recovery... I strongly recommend all Moto and Mtb riders, to wear a neck matter how professional you feel about yourself, accidents happen out of nowhere...its a one life live it...!!! I also work in spinal care sector and see all the grave and life changes from very very close... Keep doing a good job LEAT...!! Need to save some cash to get one of yours....
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 I bought a Leatt 5.5 brace a few weeks after my dad broke his neck. As an added bonus (or risk depending on how you look at it), it gave me the confidence to try bigger features at the bike park. I barely even notice it while riding once I got it properly set up
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 Looking forward to the rest of this series, context is always nice to have. Hell of a spark that was to ignite the passion.

I can't say I ride gnar enough of fast enough to require a neck brace, but as I age elbow and knee pads are always in the bag and on my body 90% of my riding. Always did wear gloves. And the thought of a trail-weight full face swirls around all the time (ie. Kali Invader or similar). Might have to see what Leatt is offering these days.
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 Check out the Troy Lee Stage full face.
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 Excellent video - I wouldn't ride Downhill without my Leatt neck brace or body armour. The brace syncs perfectly with the armour and stops it moving. Seeing them more and more at uplift places these days.
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 about 9 years ago, I went otb, straight to my face like a lawn dirt off of a jump takeoff. I split a fullface helmet, my goggles broke my nose. I was wearing a Leatt brace. My neck wasn't even sore. It paid for itself right then and there. Every time I have a wreck, and I was to lazy to put my brace on...I can feel the forces on my neck. I like to be able to get back up and keep riding.
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 I recently bought a Leatt 4.5 Chest & Back protector after I broke my T12, pelvis, and five ribs in a road cycling accident. I wore it mountain biking last week for the first time and was completely unaware I had the armor on.

I will definitely get their neck brace now as well. I think it adds confidence on the bike too, so win win.
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 @ leatt have crashed realy hard multiple times, so far the leat neck brace that my wife got me, save it was demonstrated in one of thier videos, those times that i crashed i felt the neck brace was keeping my neck from hyperextending or far i only had scrapes and bruises..i know having a lot of protection for some might be to much for some, but atleast have that neck brace and helmet on..i wonder if leat coud make neck brace for non full face helmets
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 Newer neck braces are so comfortable you barely know they are there. I have owned both Leatt and Atlas products. After seeing some pretty serious injuries in the past few years, and with these fancy new ventilated full face helmets, I will be wearing mine more often than not.
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 Indeed they were but pretty much disappeared. On the other hand, they're pretty much ubiquitous in the moto world, except maybe hard/extreme enduro and trials.

Wonder if this was driven by any practical factor or mostly by fashion
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 I wonder if the neck brace benefits/risks debate ever reached a consensus on the pinkbike comments section.
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 On the flip side though it’s mental how many people still DON’T wear a helmet when riding, especially BMXers and they land to concrete too!!
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 Funny how neck braces were literally en mtb fashion must for a few years. That company has certainly aged well tho.
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 I wore a Leatt brace for several years riding moto. While the design has changed, the original leatt leveraged too much pressure on the back support stabilizer. A impact in 2014 subsequently caused a compression fracture of my T6-T8. I know 3 people personally who this has happened to riding moto. They are not as common in MX now as they used to be.
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 Im convinced mine has saved me from neck injury at least once if not more.
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 Have been trying to decide for ages on whether to get a neck brace or not? - Genuine opinions welcomed...
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 Ridden with one for about 9 years, got the new 5.5 DBX version this winter. Barely notice it's on, can wear a backpack with it if need to take a drink and tubes etc. Plus it's all wipe clean now, compared to the fabric of the old ones. Crashed into a tree aged about 14 in a race wearing one, had a day stay in major injuries with brain and head scans, left with a week of concussion but doctor told me and my parents I was lucky to walk out of the hospital unaided and the Fox helmet and neck brace were the difference. They are costly but worth every penny. The research speaks for itself, they're a no brainier if you wear a full face.
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 Got a Leatt DBX 5.5 in a CRC sale with over £100 off. Don't even know I'm wearing it as it syncs so well with the Leatt armour. I've had two huge crashes since I got it and was extremely grateful I was wearing it. Can't recommend it highly enough.
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 @conr: Yeah bud I hear you big time - Ive been riding 20 years and had some concussions but never spin/neck trauma which probably means Im due for some - sold, thanks for the input
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 @Niseach1: Waking up in hospital wishing id worn one would be the worst, looking at Leatt and Atlas. Thanks heaps for the input
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 The neck bress does not touch your collarbone, it sits on your chest
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“A Clavicle (collarbone) fracture is 45% more likely without a neck brace.”
Over the course of 10 years a study was conducted. There were 443 recorded Clavicle fractures without a neck brace, and
291 with a neck brace.
- Neck Brace Effectiveness Statistics by Great Lakes EMS Inc (Action Sports EMS)
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 Can anyone give opinions on neck braces when paired with fox dropframes?
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 I don’t know a whole lot about neck braces but generally they’re for use with a full face helmet. I doubt the dropframe extends down far enough
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 That wouldn't work. The point of a neck brace is to minimize your helmet compression because the bottom of the full face helmet hits the neck brace. Using any half shell helmet and a neck brace wouldn't;t do anything for you
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 Neck braces break collar bones impact to helmet compression on neck brace carried through to broken collarbone.
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 Just an urban myth, the studies show the opposite, something like a 35% reduction in collarbone breaks. Im sure he will cover it in later videos.

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