Video: Fabien Cousinie Has No Fear on Frosty Squamish Trails

Mar 11, 2021
by UR Team  

You've seen the trails of Squamish all over before but it's not always perfect loamy conditions. In the winter it changes and sometimes you're lucky to have no snow, blue skies and frozen trails. Those days are also a prime time to ride. Enjoy this raw DH edit of Fabien Cousinié squeezing all the speed and steeze he can out of the frost.

bigquotesMoving to Squamish made me rediscover winter riding and now riding fresh frozen trails is one of my favorite. I feel it transforms some trails in a giant concrete pumptrack and makes some sections quite a bit faster. The level of grip is unreal and that sound of tires breaking traction is a little extra cool too, sign me up for more!Fabien Cousinié

Video: Alexandre Chapellier

Photos: Dan Locks and Magalie Labbe

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 Cous Cous is a boss, I remember his sweet manuals and style way back from a series of French vids he was in with ShapeRideShoot I think? Always great to see him on the bike.
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 Cous cous!
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 Never saw the dude smile on PB academy...probably cool...just didn't come off that way in challenge
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 He knew you were looking at him. He was nervous
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 No frozen slabs?
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 It is nice to see that the French community is doing well in Squamish / BC !
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 I thought Fabio's Cousin was on Spesh. The canyon of heptagons multiplies: URNS
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 Nice riding.. Besides the tiny patch of ice crystals, this looks like near perfect conditions
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 frozen mud is grip for days, as it freezes the irregularities on the ground like tread marks get exaggerated and the ground is literally sharp
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 @baca262: What I meant was only the first 10 seconds was actually frozen, the rest of the vid is just nice wet Squamish soil and rock. Good point on the frozen mud part tho
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 Slamming on frozen ground is no bueno
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 You can somehow tell that that is not his main bike... or he has a very weird "style"
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 I don't know how you can ride with a bike that loud. It sounds like there is no chainstay protector or something, it would drive me nuts.. the riding was pretty good!
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 love the music!
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 Grosse soudure!!!!

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