Video: Fabio Wibmer Breaks Down the Biggest Crash of his Career

Aug 4, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesEpisode 2 of Fab's Life takes you through the worst injury I had so far. How did it all happen? Let's find out.Fabio Wibmer


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 This video "Biggest Crash of his Career" looks like a joke comparing to Gee's injury.
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 Being 4 years out from a similar injury I can say this is injury is a bitch. I would pick my detached ribs with partially collapsed lungs any day over my ankle injuries. Shattered a large area of my talus and fractured my navicular.
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 I don't think this is a contest about who is the most manly and manages to break as much bones as possible. My biggest crash was on a roadbike, abandoned the race, road rash bandaged for a week. A pro would just shrug, dust off and finish the race. Still I did not find it a fun crash, nor do I find myself in anyway a coward that I abandoned and waited till my bandages came off before I went racing again.
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 @Ronkol: comparing injuries in a case like this is irrelevant.
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 @scotttherider: yeah any time you hit your head, it's bad, and the results are unpredictable
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 @scotttherider: Ooooof. I tore up my anterior talofibular ligament in a crash. Took 2 years of therapy to make it feel normal, which is a bit of a joke given that it basically isn't there anymore. Ankle injuries can be brutal.
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 @Dogl0rd: Completely correct. I've been knocked out cold. Talking dead body rag doll knocked out. Woke up and been fine. Slapped my head on a run of the mill crash about 2 years ago and I still sometimes have trouble linking words and start to almost stutter. It's like my brain just stops putting the sentence together. Or I forget super easy stuff. Takes me a second to dig around and remember it. Like someone's name I've known for 10 years.

That last one definitely put some fear in me that I'm not used to.
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 @onemanarmy: vital did a podcast on this a couple weeks ago and it sounds a lot like what you're saying. It was kinda scary and hard to listen to, but I think awareness of it is important
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 @Dogl0rd: I’ll have to give it a listen. Thx.
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 Yikes, I actually got KO'd pretty bad last week on a random otb, and stories like this scare the hell out of me. All of a sudden spending 200 bucks on a helmet doesn't sound so bad to me. Keep the brains safe everyone.
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 @onemanarmy: when I broke my ankle I was knocked out and cracked my helmet. I stuttered and struggled with speech for almost 2 years....
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 @scotttherider: hey- me too! I got broke my left tib/fib and shattered right talus/navicular/cuboid all in one go. Started 5th grade in a wheel chair. Moto is the best and kids should definitely do it.
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 i recently broken my ankle, not even from biking injury Rolleyes , had surgery last night.
feel ur pain fabio.
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 @onemanarmy: i wonder if lions Mane mushrooms could be worth a try for concussions/symtoms of concussions...I'll get down voted im sure. But medicinal mushrooms(not psychedelic) are super interesting, lions mane is supposed to be really good for your brain, and promote cell growth/possible help repair damage.... go ahead slaughter me.
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 @Beaconbike: Honestly, the medical mushroom movement is banging it's drum pretty loud where I'm from. I hear good things.
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 pinkbike 2021: a site that regroups the vlogs of pro mtbikers
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 At least it's a change from regrouping industry press releases.
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 By posting and reading you further emphasise that it’s the right thing to do though.

They are like every other media company the only thing that matters is clicks and engagement because that’s what they sell
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 @toad321: I'm not here for mtb stuff, I'm here for arguments about Brexit, healthcare, vaccines and when people from the USA think others should stop whining about the price of objects.
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 Yawn. I couldn’t get past the first 20 seconds.
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Not worth it.
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 You know you are a good crasher if a broken foot is your worst injury. Watching some of Fabio's edits, you know he takes some heavy slams sometimes, and if a broken foot is your worst crash, that definitely says something about your crashing skills.
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 A shattered bone in your foot is pretty nast considering the complexity of those structures. Also consider his career, it's actually a potentially career changing injury.
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 2017 3 broken vertebras, 2021 broken my calcaneus multiple times. -> Seems that I have to make videos in the future
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 And be popular, and be sponsored.
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 thank you CAPTAIN OBVIOUS. if we need anymore help with words, we'll call you
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 @Spencermon: i do not need to hear anything from your useless cake hole you are not the end all and judge of anything. Stick to e-bikes and beer
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 well, a completely shattered navicular bone will ultimately lead to posttraumatic degenerative joint disease requiring fusion of the TN joint. long story short, it will never be the same again. whereas a broken femur can heal without longterm consequences if the fracture is extra-articular (not having seen Gee Athertons x-rays, though).
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 I don’t know… for me it seems like he is going a little bit too for a image change.
All the managers around him seems a bit overkill if he just wants to ride. I think other pros do their social media thing way better… more relaxed and not so over the top serious
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 wow. this is what qualifies for a full blown documentary sponsored by red bull? tyler bereman's crashes makes this crash look like my kid falling of her bike. fabio has done some extraordinary things on a mountain bike and i've seen some harder slams of his than this.
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 Lol I’m surprised how they reacted to a concussion...of course they can be serious, but these guys are talking like they had never been around one before...seems weird for a group filming crazy stunts.
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 A broken foot? Really? I'm honestly shocked that this is the worst injury he's had considering the crazy things he does.
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 Pretty nasty place to injure yourself, but I was expecting something worse.
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 sorry you got injured and glad you are healing up. but this video is lame. could be called soccer player rides motorcycle and falls off.
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 "something is not right in his head - I mean I know that anyways" ... best line ever
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 He has autonomy and free will. Red bull doesnt decide that. Is that an unusual concept for you?
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 Firstly, there's no evidence humans have autonomy and free will, and in fact quite a bit neuroscience which suggests that we don't have much agency.

Secondly, even if he does, so do I, and I still have to do what my employers tell me. If Red Bull was my sponsor (and probably main source of income) and wanted me to do something, I'd probably do it.
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 Thanks to Fab for sharing his story with us!
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 heal up fast, Fabio! Hope you're back at it 100% in no time!
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 Looking forward to the next vid. Great cliffhanger.
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