Video: Fabio Wibmer's Hardest Crashes - Behind the Scenes of 'Wibmer's Law'

Nov 1, 2019
by Sarah Moore  

A closer look at how Wibmer's Law was filmed and some heavy hits. Practice your German, or click "CC" on the video player for English subtitles.

Watch the full video here.


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 ahhh, the future of arthritis is strong in this one.
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flag lochussie (Nov 2, 2019 at 3:23) (Below Threshold)
 If your Redbull sponsorship requires you to do stunts that take loads of dangerous crashes to get right then there's something wrong. The long term effects on health and well-being aren't worth it.
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 @lochussie: He was doing this before getting sponsored by Redbull, I'm sure it's what he enjoys and wants to do
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flag lochussie (Nov 2, 2019 at 10:35) (Below Threshold)
 @moose-tastes-good: Fair enough. When you're 40 and hurt every day you might think different.
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 @lochussie: are you nuts? Come on man, you are on a MTB site under atticle about extreme mountain biker/ trails rider. Not a speech in front of class of 10yr olds. Have you seen a thing called Rampage? Have you seen BMX videos? Go on youtube, check Mike Aitken. Arthritis? How about being paralyzed from neck down, seriously depressed from brain damage, erm... dead? Due to depression or falling off a 100ft fricking cliff?
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 @WAKIdesigns: whilst I don't disagree with your comments on the worst that can happen in a big crash, don't underestimate the pain and suffering that arthritis inflicts on an individual. It can be truly debilitating.
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 @WAKIdesigns: it doesn't make sense to focus on just the low probability catastrophic outcomes and ignore the high probability moderately bad outcomes. Also, how depressed do you think you would be with constant pain and curtailed activity from mid-life arthritis?
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 Double post, god knows?
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 @lochussie: first of all Red Bull doesn’t require him to do it, he does it out of his own ambition. This is an argument like those folks calling child labor under videos of kids riding in bikeparks. That’s silly if you need a gauge.

Then for the second bit: what do you propose? End street trials? BMX? DH? Slope style? How? Making it illegal? What about tremendous overuse injuries among roadies who train on public roads and every ride may be the last? How many people do you want to save from themselves?

There’s a long way from a “arthritis is strong with this one” joke and “you better think about the times when you will be old” fathers advice. To which most youngsters are forming their lips to spell an “F”.

Finally depression: read on head trauma caused depression. You can read about Dave Mirra to not go too far from cycling. Life is a fatal, sexually transmitted disease. Make sure you don’t die inside before your bidy does. Peace
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 @WAKIdesigns: I was going to respond to your last post but as you ignored the contents of my last one I won't bother.
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 @lochussie: that was a response to your post. The whole sport is geared to activity which involves high probability of ALL sorts of injuries, one of them being arthritis but also severe concussions, They go where people like you and me don't go. This is what motivates them and pays their bills. I can do what most people can't do - makes me feel great. Pays my bills? even better! If he went out doing whatever you find sensible to be doing, nobody but your closed ones would be interested, an that would be mostly out of courtesy and group dynamics. He is not into impressing his buddies, he is into impressing every human being out there. This is the prize and price to pay for it. You are either ignorant of the prize in your thinking or are incapable of recognizing it. otherwise you would not be judging him.
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 @lochussie: to put it simply: Fabios Risk Vs Reward calculation is a whole a lot of a different than yours. I am quite confident than neither you, nor I can imagine the prize. In Jungian terms Your Super Ego is excellent at visualizing risks and consequences. He would not be able to ride like this if his brain worked like yours. Your iD is not as developed as his. Hence you cannot ride like he is. You are incapable of imagining the prize so big. You either reconcile these two and accept it as it is or good luck calling yourself a mountain biker. Wrong business.
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 @WelshClemo: He was right because he realised he was very hungry. So Pooh whipped out a huge carving knife. He stabbed piglet in the brain then cooked himself a delicious bacon sandwich, and suddenly Pooh felt much much better.
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 ...And THAT'S why we wear helmets kids!
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 i cant help but feel like even these helmets aren't going to stop things like concussions with some of these hits Frown
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 I’d rather be concussed than have my skull split in two
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 @nvranka: well duh, my point was that even these helmets still aren't enough. but athletes know and accept the risks.
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 I'd rather split skull in concussed than have my two.
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 @scott-townes: if I understand you correctly.... Father of the year award does not go to you!
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flag nvranka (Nov 1, 2019 at 18:37) (Below Threshold)
 @anchoricex: a lot of bmx guys don’t even wear helmets...

You said “even these helmets” as if he was wearing some sort of extra safe helmet...wut?

What helmet is enough? There is no helmet that will prevent concussions.

You had no point and still don’t.
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 @nvranka: Chill out man, my point was simply that it sucks. Jeez. Jees. Jeeth. Internet people always mildly upset
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 And replace after a crash...

How many helmets did you use, Fabio ?
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 @anchoricex: Helmets can reduce the effects of an impact like this but a concussion is when the brain hits the inside of the skull. An impact like he took is going to take a lot more than the helmet he had on to stop that from happening.
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 Honestly, some of the risks the stunts carry, just aren't worth it. You're an incredible rider Fabio - stay that way.
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 if people want to take risks to have fun on their bike then let them
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 Some of those crashes make me feel like I have never had a crash, and I have had a few whoppers!
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 Next time please post the behind scenes no later than a day after the edit, you could save us some scratches Just kidding, lot of pain and work in your videos, amazing
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 Kids. If you hit your head don't do what he did next. This kind of a blow in your head means concussion. Not severe but quite serious. If you hit your head again you may easily get a amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). If you get this illness it's the end of the story for you. From then on your brain will start to fall apart.

It's common for athletes in contact sports to get ALS. Football players, boxers ... The list is very long. Not long time ago there was a series of articles about Lorraine Truong. Read it again. DON'T ride your bike after crash like that for at least couple of weeks.
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 I would rather hand my body back in barely in one piece with multiple parts only just working and covered in scars than it be in perfect condition filled with regrets that I should have taken more risks.
He's wearing a helmet living the life 95% of us would love to, I don't get why so much hate on this
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 Selling Red Bull helmet. Barely used.
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 this guy has had too many head injuries. Even if he does not land on his head' a hard landing that shakes his brain up can lead to concussion like symptoms that could impair his ability to make good decisions to be safe . You don't need to land on your head to scramble the brain. Just hit the ground hard enough to hake up the brain..
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 I was listening to a radio programme this week where they were saying just this. It concerns me to think of the amount of times I've hit my head over the years, even before taking this into consideration. But f*ck it, I love riding my bike too much to stop.
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 Are you saying he's only doing what he's doing because he can't logically reason any more?
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 Dude, did you ask your wife to make kids before starting to film your last video ?

Hope you are okay !
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 note to self: when filming, plug sponsors, Red Bull can makes excellent ice pack
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 That truck below Death Gap didn't look like it would help much. Why not get an inflatable pad? They aren't expensive.
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 I love how even with those bad crashes he still doesn't bother to wear the helmet properly. If your strap is that loose, you're not doing yourself a favor.
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 Sounds bad but if id only watched the final edit where everything was successful, I wouldn't have been all that impressed. But seeing the close calls in this video made me really appreciate the risk involved He's lucky to be alive... But tremendous skill nonetheless
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 I like the guy. But he should practice some of those stunts before filming them. It was hard to watch the two guy and the pipe stunt. It's better to learn something like that beforehand. Not to try it in completely uncontrolled environment without any cushion.
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 I mean... that's a lot of risk and physical punishment for a video are going to forget about in a month.
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 Good thing the risk isn't yours then!
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 Bet he’s bringing in more dough than you
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 He crossed the border from being a biker to being a stuntman in this one.
And at 16:13 he burnt his bun Smile
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 The double back counts ? Insane , but counts as a make with both feet blown off and choda assisted e brake ?
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 If it were me, I'd say it counts.
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 @ssteve: Bavarian! Biased ! Wink
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 @DGWW: Canadian actually..
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 That's not what the flag says
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 Elbow pads? Spine protector? Wtf...
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 I wonder if this is what its like on Dude Perfect?
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 i dont think they know how american football is played. hehe.
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 How close was he to losing his head at 17:19?
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 I can do that
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 For sale, one trials bike , great condition, never ridden hard. Contact F Wibmer
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 Also, a few slightly scratched helmets included in the sale.
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 the process is gnarly. yeeew!
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 great video.... crazy stuff!!! Super fun to watch
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 hmmm I agree with all comments right away
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 Never Give Up!
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 Ouch ouch ouch ouch!!!
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 Not worth it. Chill out guy.
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