Video: Fast & Clean with Martin Maes at EWS Rotorua

Mar 27, 2019
by GT Bicycles  

Fast and Clean. Two words that perfectly sum up Martin's incredible performance at the EWS Rotorua. Total stage dominance, one massive win!



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 The pro purse is kind of a joke. $1,750 is a sad number for one of 8 of the biggest enduro races in the world and a Crankworx event.
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 other than people from New Zealand or Australia, that amount wouldn't even cover the trip
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 @tiagomano: Meanwhile Zwift is paying 5x that to amateurs competing on spin bikes
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 At first I thought that was $17,500 but I looked closely and its $1750, these are elite athletes that kind of money is a joke.think about the risk involved for that kind of purse, I know theirs lots of factors involved but still that is just mediocre.
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flag ryanandrewrogers (Mar 27, 2019 at 20:16) (Below Threshold)
 @tiagomano: I mean yeah... and I do agree that this is too little to be giving our guys but the trip cost really isn't the thing to bring up here these guys ain't paying the trips
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 That's just enough money to check one bag on Emirate. I think they charged Darren Berrecloth $1478 for his bag.
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flag jaame (Mar 28, 2019 at 2:07) (Below Threshold)
 Get over it! People aren't in this sport for the money. If you want to get paid, take up golf.
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 emirates / air new zealand charged bearclaw 1400 to fly his bike back
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 When the prize money is only $1750 they shouldnt use a giant novelty check(cheque). It makes a bad situation even worse. Maybe pay it in a bag of coins so it seems like a lot more.
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 @MRO1: Or make it rain with $1 bills.
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 @jaame: If you win you should be getting a decent pay out. Even if you are sponsored that doesn't cover everything. It should at least be amount you couldn't easily blow in a day replacing parts for a high quality bike like theirs.
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 Wait till you find out that taxes for winning prizes are about 50%.
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 @bvd453: Zwift has this thing called a "fee" which means people have to pay every month to use it. It's a way to get revenue into a company, which they can then use to promote the company. Unfortunately for the EWS, it does not have the 560,000 paying members that Zwift has, and therefore also lacks the financial clout.
There is no conspiracy against mountain bikers. It's just business.
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 @nickmatski: should? Who is to say how much of someone's money someone should pay to someone else for doing something voluntary?
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 Absolute beast. He obviously doesn't have an annoying girlfriend holding him back.
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 Who is the girlfriend comment referring to?
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 @marseer: probably rude?
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 probably TrailBaws himself, poor fella.
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 Someone's been living on the couch this weekSmile Best of luck TrailBaws.
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 @TrailBaws: I got 99 problems...
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 @Samuel-L-Jackson: but GF is not the only one!
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 CLEAN. #notonthesauce
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 Love the sauce
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 From Pinkbike predictions:

"and Martin Maes hasn't proven consistent enough to contend for the overall,"

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 he was injured 2 times last year, it's a fact and that's probably why they said that. but yeah they should have said "hasn't proven consistent enough to winning the overall even without 1 round(colombia) lol"
If he can stay injury free he gonna take the overall, probably no doubt with that.
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 Was Rude’s sweep of the stages in Finale voided? As far as I knew the race results still stand until some decision is made. Seems a bit disingenuous to claim “first” to sweep if that race still stands... Or was GT team just firing shots at Rude and Yeti?
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flag domster (Mar 27, 2019 at 13:39) (Below Threshold)
 Rude won a one day/4 stages event so I guess Maes has the first 2 days/8 stages clean sweep?
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 @domster: This was also a 1 day/5 stage race.
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 @domster: rotorua was a single day race. probably just a mistake by sven, or not haha
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 rude won 4 stages on one day out of a 7(or 6 memory doesn't stick that well) stage, 2 day race. Therefore rude did not clean sweep the race he clean swept a day. Maes clean swept the day but being a 1 day race he also clean swept the race I believe is what is going on
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 In a sport that can offer a winner less than 2k, surely the financial inertia is small enough for the EWS to get their shit together and make a effing decision on these doping cases.
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 @ryanandrewrogers: Finale Ligure was a one day race in 2018. There were 4 stages total, and Rude won all of them. Sven was mistaken.
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 @Iamwarthog: ah my bad then yes that does make ritchie the first to ever clean sweep a race and I presume Maes the second
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 Haha! Love the ‘clean’ double meaning!
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 I've just put a 27.5 on the back of my 29er hardtail for a laugh to try it out - wow really fun - so easy to manual too and corners amazing. Can see it catching on this season in WC! Wouldn't want it for xc but who cares.
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 reusing clips in the span of a two minute. step up the filming.
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 Is his bike a 29er with a 27.5 rear wheel or a 27.5 bike with a 29er front?
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 Some say, his bike has no rear end... and that he still runs 26" tires on his 29" rims...
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 So, someone please educate me on why he's running a 27.5 rear wheel. Is it for acceleration? Is it to slack his bike out more?
My first DH bike was a big hit back around 2002 and it had the 24" rear wheel. I wasn't experienced enough back then to know the difference between having a 26" rear wheel. I do remember having something around a 2.8 tire and it almost made the diameter the same as the 26" front.
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 He isnt running a 27.5 rear wheel, he is running a 29" front wheel.
The GT Force is stock 27.5 F/R but Martin has chosen the roll over benefits of 29" up front while keeping the stock 27.5 in the rear for faster acceleration and responsiveness
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 You get the roll over and traction of a 29er up front. Having a smaller wheel on the back should help with cornering, increase acceleration, especially out of corners, and decrease stopping distances (increase of braking power). This is without considering any geometery changes. PB should do some testing on this.
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 He is definitely the most allround and best MTB racer of the moment. He is in fact clean an fast. No parasite unnecessary move on the bike, no style effects for free. It's all about being fast an lose.
When I first saw him in Liège, Belgium, during an Enduro for the first time I was so impressed. He is the cleanest rider I saw since Nico Vouilloz. It's just incredible. The guys who want to beat him really need to be racers, no stylers. I absolutely like that.
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 I'm still not sure how anyone could win without a 79 degree seat angle though. Makes his victory all the more impressive!
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 where's this kid's redbull or monster helmet?

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 he said clean...
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 Cliff Bar helmet instead !
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 I bet the PM for the Trek 69'er is just lol'ing
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 "Total stage dominance, one maessive win!" FTFY Big Grin
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 So smooth he makes it look like he's on an XC cruise. Madness.
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 "Fast and clean".....
That's how I would describe my perfect morning dump.
"Loose and sketchy"......
Not so perfect dump.
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 Shots fired “clean”, lol
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